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On saturday sept. 16th 2017 I had a Bell field sales consultant : Brijesh Patel. He was asking me to purchase bell services. He promised me that I can have for $55 Fiber internet, unlimited download, 1gb/s speed of a minimum 300 Mb/s and app tv. No modem charge no connection fee and no activation fee. The product promotion is for 8 months but he was willing to give it to me for long term. He said he will do some adjustment and I will have all of this for $55 plus tax per month. I did like the price for this product so I sign up for it. On September 18th 2017 I had a technician installing the internet at my house and after he installed I ask him to check the speed, we received max 65 Mb/s. I was already dissapointed so I called Bell field sales consultant : Brijesh Patel to complaint about the product he sold me. He said the speed will increase to 1Gb/s in the next few hours, I waited till evening and was same thing. I felt that what I purchased was a bunch of lies, I called him to complain and he told me that 65 Mb/s is still good if I do not like it I can cancell it in 10 days. He've got commision and I did not receive the service that I supposed to get.. I was so upset and I called costumer service department to complaint about the service I received. I spoke to John #ez07973 conf#3538800. He appologised to me and I was advised that I will get what I originally purchased but I will have to wait 24 hours so my account will be totally set up and he will put a note to change my plan to original that I purchaseed fibe 1Gb speed. He promised me that he will call me in the next 24 hours to make sure that everything is done. He never did called me back. I called Bell on september 20th 2017 and I spoke with DARREL DZ20786 conf # M47Z93N9, he advised me that there is no notes in the system that I will have the product what I purchased from bell. There is nothing under my conversation with previous representative. He offered me the product that I want for $149 per month. I was so upset, Looks like Bell is sending bunch of not proffesional liars on the streets that they knock on the door selling you apple and you getting penuts when you received the product its all about their commision only. More costumers they will bring to bell than more $ they will get. Thats how Bell makes million stealing costumers from Rogers and other companies by offering products for cheap and when you get the service is not the one you purchased. its like buying Mercedes from Bell and when they deliver you will receive a Hyundai. Bell will say this is what you purchased and there is nothing we can do. Thank you Bell for huge dissapointment I received from you. I did cancel the services and I hope its cancelled. Now I will go to all Public Media and give you review on all possible review sites, so people will be aware who are you in REAL. I am really dissapointed.


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      Oct 28, 2018

    Can you send me any contact information of Brijesh patel. He has also conned me

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