Belkunlawful credit apps/elder abuse


Tonight at the Belk in Kill Devil Hills, NC my mother and I were at the register waiting for the cashier with her purchases. She asked my elderly mother if she had a Belk credit card. My mother told her that she did, but she wished to make the purchase with the credit card that she was holding.

The clerk continued to ask about her Belk card, and I told her, "She wants to use a different card today." The clerk didn't acknowledge me at all. She convinced my mother to give out her phone number and show her driver's license, so that she could look up her Belk card. She then turned the pinpad around so that we couldn't see it, teling my mother that her Belk card had been cancelled. Then she said, "Let me try looking it up another way.." and told my mother to key in her SSN twice. I spoke up again, asking if she's trying to sign her up for an additional credit card. She said no.

Finally after a few minutes, the clerk says, "There, I've given you a new card number, and handed her a new card brochure. Then she preceeded to tell my mother that she used her new Belk account for the purchase! I was floored.

Is this how business is run at this location? My mother is 72 years old and not in the best of health. I drove 2 hours just to take her shopping, only to have some "clerk" purposely confuse, lie to, and take advantage of her!

My mother and I had planned to purchase most of our holiday shopping from this location-but I can guarantee that we will NOT being returning again-especially if this cashier is allowed to remain and continue this practice towards the elderly.

The actions of this cashier were unethical to say the absolute least.

Upon seeing all of the current complaints regarding the same issue, I feel that a legal action is becoming increasingly necessary.


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