Belkmanager and cashier on 9/26 around 4:00

P Sep 26, 2019

My husband and I went to your store to buy Saddlebred suspenders. They were all originally $25 on sale buy one get two free. At first the cashier said yes 3 for $75. I said, "No, three for $25." She did not speak english very well and she got out a calculator and kept insisting. I said, "Just forget it and take them off". She called the manager he tried to tell me the sign didn't say mix and match so that was wrong. The sign actually said, "buy 1 get 2 free", and included belts and wallets. BUT what is most upsetting is we bought 3 of the SAME thing, in the SAME brand just different colors. The Manager would NOT admit that there was a glich in the computer HE was certain that WE were mentally deficient but he let us have them at the 3 for the price of 1. Then I produced a coupon and the cashier did not want to try it. I said, "You scan it and see". I bought almost $400 in merchendise today in your store. NOW I am contacting you because I am old enough to remember KMart. I am 54 and my husband is 60. This is the kind of CRAP that eventually bankrupts businesses. The only thing that a local store has going for them is customer service. It's too easy just to order on line from a different store or distributor. I know that my generation will not PUT UP WITH THAT DISRESPECT for very long and the younger generation can't afford to shop in your stores. So if you want to stay in business, you better fix this problem! Diane Reilly [protected]

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