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Belk - "heil hitler" mannequin display

While shopping in the boys section at your Cary Towne Center location in Cary, North Carolina, I immediately noticed three mannequins with their arms in the exact position (see picture). Before leaving the store, I put the arms down. This is not a complaint, but a plea to take action. Please find out who grotesquely altered your mannequins to represent the exact evil that threatens America's core values. Particularly in light of the devastating recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, no act of hate should be ignored.

You are probably the one that did it!

Belk - customer service/intimidation

I was in your Florence, AL Belk store on the evening of August 9, 2017. It was after 8:00 p.m. I came in to the children's department to purchase some back to school items for my children. The lady at the register was great, very hospitable. However, there was a gentleman standing behind the register. He had no name tag to identify who he was. He stared intently at me or the cash register the entire time that I was checking out. I do not know if he thought I stealing or if I was receiving an undeserved discount. I have no idea. I felt it was an attempt to intimidate me but I am not sure why. My email address is [protected]

Belk - not allowed to purchase with visa gift card

My mother shopped in your New Bern store today, Aug. 9. She was attempting to make a purchase with a Visa gift debit card. She was told she was not allowed to purchase merchandise with the gift card...

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Belk - condition of store and clothing

Your Sebring, Florida store is a pig sty. I've been a customer since 1983 and lived in Florida since birth. I have many friends here and for those who don't know or haven't shopped there in a while I'll tell them how bad it is.
They obviously don't have enough help or they just don't care. Clothes are thrown everywhere, even on the floor and no one straightens anything up.
The quality of the clothes now is very poor...and I think that what doesn't sell in other stores they send to the Sebring Belks store. I will be cutting up my credit card. I called the Sebring Customer Service and all I got was "I'm sorry you feel that way" Wonderful customer relations! SO LONG!!!

Belk - belk, magnolia mall, florence sc

I went to belk in the magnolia mall in Florence, SC on Saturday, July 22 around 8pm. My intentions were to just go in and purchase the certain items I wanted and be on my way since I knew the store...

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Belk - the condition of the store and the quality of the clothes since selling out!

I went to the Southpoint Mall Durham, NC store Monday July 17th around noon and was shocked at the condition of the store. Clothes were piled up everywhere and the clearance took over 1/3rd of the store with clothes that must have been hauled in or pulled out of storage from several years. There were very few sales clerks and the few that were there could not possibly clean up the mess. I will not be returning to ANY Belk any time soon.
The new clothes are shabby, not good quality and WAY too faddish. I have always loved Belk because they had good quality classic women's clothes and brands you knew were consistent, but no more! Whoever bought the Belk stores should go back to the original buyers. This junk will close the stores faster than the online ordering trend.


Belk - online purchase was canceled without notification / false advertisement

I placed an order online for 4 items on Monday and applied for a belks credit card to received the 20% discount. I also paid the extra $25 for 2 day delivery fee since I need the items for Friday. My order of $309.00 was canceled without any notification. I only found out it was canceled because I logged on to my belks account to check the status. Once I saw the status stated canceled I called customer service and was advised my order was canceled because they didn't have the items in stock even though she confirmed that the website stated items were available. I am very disappointed with this situation since I do not have my items nor will I be able to take advantage of my 20% discount and all I am left with is a credit card that created an inquiry on my credit report. Belks is advertising false products on their website.

Belk - Return

I walked into my local belk to make a return of clothes unworn with tags due to incorrect size. When I walked in I went to the nearest customer service desk(this was the first return I have done at...

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Belk - payment issues and rude behavior

I ordered two products on belk on friday, june 9th (Total of $138). The only reason I ordered these products from belk and not another retailer is they were offering 20% off for opening a belk credit...

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Belk - cosmetics dept

When you walk in the store, and walk to the makeup counter, the girls look at you like you don't have the class to be in their space. They say, can I help you with an attitude . It made me feel so...

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Belk - penalized for making payment early

I was charged a late fee for paying my bill to early 5/2/17 on Belk's website. They did remove the late fee when I called them but are making me pay $40 more on this months billing cycle which is crazy because they said they could not adjust that. I will never shop at Belk's again once I pay off this credit card. Who ever heard of a company penalizing you for making a payment early? If this shows up on my credit, I will be seeking an attorney.

Belk - service

I was in store 0106 Lagrange Georgia on the petite section sale associate Tracy walked by several times she even put items on the rack beside me and NEVER said a word I picked up two pair of shorts to try on I went toward the fitting room and stood but Tracy and the other young lady working with her we're having a personal conversation so I went into the fitting so I was in line to check out the other young lady had a customer and Tracy was on the phone I could hear her Conversation about her bills so finally she gets off the phone and rings me up still not speaking or asking if I found everything so when she gave me my total I questioned the price of one pair of shorts that rung up 29.99 and the other12.59. She immediately asked me what price are they supposed to be I said 12.59 like the other pair she said oh no. I left the Petite counter and went over to the juniors were Diadre was nice I had picked up another pair that I thought was on sale but wasn't and it came off of the same rack and it had several there so I just got a refund on one pair of shorts.I called the store and spoke with the manager on duty and this is Why I am Complaining he gave me nothing but Excuses as to why the shorts were not priced right WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE.I ask for his name twice and I didn't catch it but he was on duty last night at 8 .I had to travel from Columbus to Belk because we don't have one in our city just to get treated badly .

Belk - order cancelled & customer service problem

I had placed an order on May 20th on the belk website for 3 items and received an email stating that my order was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I called the customer service agent right...

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Belk - store condition

I am a huge Belk fan and shop in the Durham location the most. I went to shop today and could not believe the condition of the store. Clothes are in piles on many diplay tables, on the floor under...

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Belk - coupons

On Sunday, April 30th I shopped at the store in Orangeburg, SC. I had a $30 off $100 purchase. I spent well over an hour finding items that met the coupon criteria. I checked the prices on the...

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Belk - mk purses

Hi, 1st i would like to say, me and wife shop here regular ok for us and our boys.And on special occasions i shop here for my wife.last year for her birthday i bought herr a MK pruse.well on the...

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Belk - men's department - kerrville tx

Today I went into Belk with my fiancé to look for some clothes to him. He chose two pair of shorts to go try on so we entered the 'Fitting Room'. He went into one of the changing bays and I sat by the mirror that is for people to come out and use. After deciding that we were going to get the shorts we both walked out of the 'Fitting Room' where another customer yelled to the employees, "is this the males changing room" and they replied "yes!". So I turned around and looked up at the sign which said, "Fitting Room"... not women or men's. No gender specification was anywhere to be found. So I explained that I was just sitting outside of the door so my fiancé can show me what he tries on. An older lady who was an employee then made a scene by calling me out and saying "some men feel uncomfortable with other women in there! That's why we don't allow women to be in there." At this point people were gathered around listening to this employee raise her voice at me because I walked into the fitting room and sat there for two minutes. I was extremely humiliated. The lady went on to say more things so we just put our item on the table and left. I will never shop her again.

Belk - store manager not giving me gift card

I quit working as a part time associate at Belk before Christmas in 2016. I continue to shop at Belk. I got up this morning to go to the Charity sale to buy some Lily Pulitzer items since they would...

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Belk - clinique makeup

I bought 186 dollars worth make up from clinique inside your store that sale went great so I returned to buy a concealer & mascara the lady was extremely rude I didn't know what color to buy I ask...

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Belk - treatment of a customer

4/15/2017 @ Gaffney Belk Store, Gaffney SC

Witnessed a confrontation between two customers. One customer evidently thought she had preferential treatment from store mgr Mr. Tyler. She physically tore through a dressing room cubicle after the other customer because she overheard her say a curse word.She physically pushed the other customer's door open and begin screaming at her. This woman went out into the store screaming for Tyler and demanding the other customer be removed from Belk because she was a frequent shopper that spent LOTS of money. Guess what? Belk staff handled this so poorly! Police called. Belk Asst Manager had Police escort the attacked customer out of store. This woman had another woman and a child with her. The "frequent customer" caused a unbelievable scene demanding the other customer be forced out. The customer she attacked stayed in the dressing room and continued with her child. Other customer that was attacked needs to sue ALL of Belk!!! I'll testify! I really hope you guys rectify this mess. PS after that, we didn't buy anything but the woman they escorted out did.

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