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D Nov 18, 2018
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Hi. My name is Peyton Smith. I was hired at your Crabtree Valley Mall store in Raleigh, NC, on the second level, almost a month ago. After several attempts trying to contact the manager on when I was to start my training, they finally called and scheduled me for a day to train. When I got to work, the two employees I worked with did not realize I was training and no attempts were made to properly train me that evening. I waited to hear from someone for my schedule and when i would have my training, I never got a call or anything. After 3 weeks went by and several attempts on my part to speak to someone, nobody called to schedule or train me and anything of the sort. They always said to call the manager at a certain time but when I tried she was never available. I assumed I was no longer wanted for employment there. Yesterday, almost a month later, a manager texted me to work ONE day. This Friday, for 5 hours. After not hearing from ANYONE for almost a month, I am scheduled to work for ONE DAY, and I've had ZERO training days at this store. I proceeded to text the manager about the situation. I have another job, that has me scheduled that day to work. The manager was very rude and not understanding at all. She said if I quit now it would be job abandonment and I needed to put my 2 week notice in. I am very irritated at this time. I was excited about working at one of my favorite stores, before this I was a loyal customer, I absolutely love Bath & Body Works. I do not know if you realize how this store is run and managed, but it is very unprofessional and disorganized. My mother said she has never seen a store hire someone, then completely forget to train them for a month then expect them to come and work when they will not know what they are doing. I am not "abandoning this job". As far as I am concerned they have had my 3 week notice done . I hope you address how this store is managed, I am very disappointed and was looking forward to my employment there. Thank you and have a nice holiday.


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    Sharon1167 Dec 07, 2018
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    Rude Manager at the store in Gateway, Brooklyn, New York by the name of Jenny.

    My mom, sis and I visited this store on December 6, 2018. We purchased items, when combined, total over $300.00. There was a promotion on, $10 off every purchase of $30 dollars. We asked her that since it is a large order would she be able to apply the promotion more than once. She promptly said "No. One per customer". We further stated that at another location last week, we again purchased a large amount (over $200.00) and the store Manager (Kings Plaza location in Brooklyn) was very courteous. We did receive a discount. Her response was, "well this is not Kings Plaza and if she wanted to go against protocol then that's her" further, "I'm not going to go against policy". We stated that we don't want you to go against you policy but can anything else be done? Her response was " No, I've already said this twice so at this point its being redundant - I'm not going to say it again. Now my mom who is in a wheelchair and could not really hear what was being said, was asking my sister and I what did she say. We then began to repeat it to mom and the rude manager interrupted and kept saying "I'm not going to repeat it again" We said, we're not talking to you we are informing mom what you said. Her rude remark was, " well I'm still hearing it and I do not want to hear it". My sister said to her as a professional, you need to learn how to deal with customers better. We're not speaking with you. At that point she remained silent.

    Clearly she needs to attend customer service classes and learn how to speak to people as well as have a more professional dress appearance. Having your clothes too small with everything hanging out at this sides is really not a good reflection for the store.

    I hope upper management looks into this individual and that some disciplinary action is taken. Totally RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL person.

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