Bata Indiapoor quality of shoes

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It has been just a month since I purchased the shoesfrom Bata store and sole of the right shoe has started detaching. Further, skin of the sole has also started detaching. I have reistered the complain verbally and asked for the replacement at the store as this seems to be a manufacturing defect. This is the reply I got from the store owner:

- Let the sole detach further then I would get it repaired.
- This happens regularly and the gum is still wet.
- You can submit the written complain and I would forward it to the company, but company will reply you in similar way.

I am a regular customer of Bata and the abovesaid shoes is in the December-03 20% discount scheme (caz I have purchased two pairs of shoes in Diwali). I am of the opinion that 'Bata never says tata'. But if the
customer is supposed to bare such poor quality and poor service on the shoes worth Rs 1000/- then i fear, I should change the slogen to 'Say tata to bata'.

I have communicated with bata regarding the incident using its website. I have received a reply from its managing director , which is as follows:

Dear Mr Desai

Thank for your email of 2nd February 2004, and a big THANK YOU for being a loyal customer of Bata.

I am so sorry and apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced while wearing our footwear.

Quality of the products we produce and sell is one of the most important factors within our Company. We pride ourselves in providing total customer satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve on quality and to improve the service to all of our valued customers. As a valued customer, it is our job to give you the highest level of quality and service. In your case, we have failed and I apologise once more.

Sir, I have instructed Mr.C C Ponnappa, our Store Operations Manager, who is based in Mumbai , to contact you through our field personnel, check the quality of the shoes you purchased, and settle your grievance as per merit.

Please do let me know when the matter has been resolved.

Yours very truly,



But nobody from Mumbai office contacted me or no progress has been done regarding this matter. I have even written a reminder letter to bata on 14/02/2004 but the result was same. I just want to convey to you all that 'SAY TATA TO BATA.'


  • Di
    Dipesh Mashruwala Jul 19, 2006

    Hello there, I have also experienced the same thing with the same "Pinnosso" shoes. I think Bata should discountinue the "Pinnosso" shoes. I doubt you could get replacement from such a lousy company. May god help you and all bata customer.

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  • Ra
    rajeev agrawal Aug 26, 2006

    I bought a Hush Puppy shoe last year and few months back noticed that sole of both shoes have cracked. Being a long term hush puppy loyalist I was shocked that these shoes which are used 3 days a week had this problem. I went to the company showroom where the manger on seeing the shoes kept shaking his head but expressed his inability to do anything since shoes are more than 3 months old. he accepted it is a manufacturing defect. being a busy person i had no time to argue but did sent a short mail to the company on their website with reminder but have got no response.

    This is a big disappointment for someone who has pain Rs 1800 for a high quality shoe for piece of mind and comfort would be grateful if you could help get justice and ensure that other customers are not cheated in similar manner.

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  • Ro
    roy abraham Feb 16, 2007

    I totally agree that the quality of bata shoes have deteriorated. I bought a pair of casuals shoes, from Bata showroom, Pullimood, MG Rd, Trivandrum, costing Rs.999/- on 27th,Sept, 2006. The payment was made through HDFC credit card.

    It has become practically impossible to wear the shoes due to the embarrassing stench of sweat emitting from the footwear. I have been wearing shoes since I started school way back in 1965 and never have I had such a revolting experience even with sports shoes.

    I had called the showroom regarding this issue & was advised by the sales executive that a special shoe deodorant (Fresh Force form Kiwi, Rs.125/-) would rectify this. This however made matters even deplorable.

    I have been a regular customer at Bata and I must say this is a big disappointment.

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  • Vi
    Vinayak Kamath Feb 25, 2007

    A copy of email to Bata India Ltd:

    I the undersigned have purchased from your mentioned Store a Hush Puppies Shoe on 18-11-2007.Copy of Bill attached for your ref. (Bill No.17518 dated 18-11-2006)

    I had visited your Shop in 25th February 2007 (Sunday) to show the Shoe with a Complaint pertaining to Soles of the both the Shoes have cracked and wanted immediate replacement / repair as per your Company procedure for the same

    I was surprised i was told to come on Wednesday ( 28-02-2007) since Audit was going on. The Concerned person Mr.Roy was mis-behaving with me Ordering me that once it was told to come on Wednesday we should come on that date .It was pointed to me that some favor is being done on the me for replacement / repair as per procedure.

    I was told that i could do whatever I can , for the complaint , go to the police or whatever can be done by me but he would not budge over immediate redressal to my Complaint.

    Sir, my query is if New Sales is possible in the Stores during Audit, why complaint redressal is not possible during Audits..Also it can seen that the Present New Customer’s are assured of immediate guarantee upon fresh Sales,which is misleading the Customer as if the same Customer returning the next day after making complete payment will have to wait till 3-4 days as some Audit is going on.

    As written above want to register Strong Protest Complaint , which clearly shows that the Customer is being taken for granted after completion of the Sale. We request you to look into the matter and provide us immediate replacement (free of Cost ) as early as possible.

    I am also taking this matter to the Consumer forum as the above case looks to be a Prima-Facie case of cheating and harassment to the Customer who has to keep following up and visit again and again to your premise in spite of paying Rs.1,911/- (after Share-holders discount) as per the Bill attached.

    Awaiting your positive and early redressal of the above complaint. My complete contact details as below.

    Suggest all others do not buy buy Bata products!

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  • Sa
    Saurabh Kaushik Mar 04, 2007


    I recently bought a pair of Hush Puppies from your Cannaught Place store in Delhi along with my friend who also bought the same pair.

    Now both of our shoes have completely cracked up from the base within 1 month of purchasing them.

    And believe me, my shoes have the pleasure on walking on the finest surfaces - 5 star hotels and the kinds... they have not even touched the all, well except when I get off the car.

    I am extremely unhappy about how BATA is managing the hush puppies brand.

    I did not go to anybody or the bata store as I did not bother to preserve the BILL, as HUSH PUPPIES being a brand I have trusted since long (even before they came to INDIA, under your name).

    The purpose of buying such expensive shoes is completely defeated when you have to preserve a copy of the BILL..

    That is not how HUSH PUPPIES works, am sure....


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  • Vi
    Viswanatha N Mar 12, 2007

    I purchased a pair of shoes from Bata India show room at 9 block jayanagar, Bangalore in October 2006. The brand of shoe is "Hush Puppies" which cost me Rs. 2299/-.

    After few months of usage, in January end it was noticed the sole of the shoe ( on both the shoes, 3-4 locations )had cracked. Then returned the shoes to show and lodged the complaint. The store employee promptly took the shoes and ensured that he will get back to me as the warranty is only for 75 days. After that there was no communication from the Bata India. Later after one month gap, I again visited their show room and asked about the complaint. The store manager mentioned he can exchange the shoes with new pair provided I pay half the price. The surprising part is that he mentioned that it takes 3-4 months to get the reply and he is taking the personal risk!. Why a store manager should take a risk unless other wise it is proven beyond point it is defective product!. Also he started telling ### and bull story that the shoes will crack if it is kept unused. Since the shoe is only 3 months old, is Bata expecting people to use the shoe on 24X7 basis? When it was asked why is not mentioned, the store manager came with funny argument saying that it will told when customer inquire about how to use the shoes!

    My contention here is that Bata product is not meeting the minimum quality. Probably had i checked the soles on daily basis, would have noticed the defect with in their warranty period. ( which no body would do!) The customer service is pathetic and they come with crazy arguments to cover up the defective products. As the product is defective, Bata India should replace the shoes.

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  • Ww Oct 21, 2008

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  • An
    anil Oct 30, 2008

    i am also suffering from Bata Hush Puppies shoe.I have bought this shoe from connaught place in rs 2450.00 & i was very happy at the time of purchasing it but i was totally wrong, last month i have to go to london there i met with an accident with my expensive HUSH PUPPIES Shoes, my shoes has totally seprated upper to sole, I was taking enjoy London tower to seeing our Kohinoor Diamond & others were taking enjoy to see my shoe, i was very disappointed to buy the Hush puppies .When i lodged complaint in bata show room they they said me that

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  • Sa
    sanjeev kumar mallick Oct 31, 2008

    i reside in a small town, burdwan, w.b. our problems were also the same kind. we have to bata stores in our town their stocks are limited and their behavior to the customer is very bad.

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  • Mo
    mohd shoeb ansari Nov 04, 2008

    The manager,
    Bata shoes company

    Subject: complain for branded Bata product.

    Sir, This is to inform you that I myself Mohd Shoeb Ansari is the regular consumer of your product, but now my confidence is loosing on your product. Because on 27th sep 2008, I purchased a pair of shoes worth Rs 999- from BATA SHOE STORE VINAYAK TOWER, 124E/20, M.G.MARG, CIVIL LINES, ALLAHABAD U.P.S.T.NO. LKOOO7628 dt. 1-9-85 .
    The stitches open from many places on the shoes.
    So this is my kind request in your honour to change my shoes and make my confidence on your product again .

    Your sincerely
    Mohd Shoeb Ansari
    1413, dondipur, patthergali, Allahabad
    U.P, India
    E-Mail – [email protected]
    Mobile- 09235668115

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  • Vg
    v.ganesan Nov 25, 2008

    dear sir, i agreed.evenafter sending 3e-mails to your customer service depatmentreg-defective sandak shoes, i have not recd any reply from you.if i havenot recd reply i have to say NEVERBATA toeverybody. no-04424798696chennai-92

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  • Fa
    factsReality Jan 13, 2009

    Corruption is killing India.
    Join the drive to weed out the mostly corrupt lot of administration in India which is more than 98%.

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  • Ma
    mangesh Jun 10, 2009

    Name: Joshi Mangesh
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Address: a-19, bhakti paradise, near yashopuram, link road, chinchwad, Pune 411033
    Zip: 411033
    City: Chinchwad pune

    I have purchased 8016829-2 leather shoes from -

    Bata shoe store, (557/02109) s no. 2552, babasaheb ambedkar chowk, opp deluxe cinema, lt road, pimpri-411017 tel no 020-27413191 -

    against cash memo no.16/6/08/1/0045 02109 dated 16/6/08 20.08 Hrs,

    However within single trial after started using the strip at bottom collects beneath the foot & starts pinching from bottom side. It is due to poor gumming, gum wet, ...& related reasons.

    I went to the store to return the pair back & asked for refund as 100% compensation.

    However the storekeeper / Manager upfront refused for repayment & wanted to settle with repair only. However I need repayment as I don't want to use that model of shoes& will prefer to buy another set of different model. But this was not accepted.

    I feel that poor gumming & pinching due to accumulation of strip inside the shoe is a major Quality failure & needs to be addressed urgently. These kinds of goods should not reach Bata outlet since it damages the brand name of such famous shoe brand. Though it is economy class shoe still the required quality should be maintained in the goods sent into the market.

    What is a minor failure in the product & what not is to be decided by the customer since it affects the body parts of customer. How to address it in the mfg. process whether major rework or minor rework that is not a question for the customer.

    Hence I request 100% refund in this case. The shoes are given back to the store without any receipt obtained. Since they wanted to offer only rework receipt.

    Kindly look into the matter & arrange for refund from the same Bata outlet.

    I'm using Bata shoes & Chappals since childhood & very fond of. I'm surprised to get such poor quality goods from Bata shop, please keep the quality up & improve the service to customers.


    Joshi Mangesh S.
    a-19, bhakti paradise, near yashopuram, link road, chinchwad Pune-411033

    Tel no 020-2748 3466

    mobile 99227 38164

    after 2 months...

    I have already bought another pair of Bata shoes for me & started using since long.I cannot wait so long without appropriate shoes to wear.

    I repeat that whether the defect is " MINOR" depends on the feeling / experience to the customer.Though the defects seems to be minor to the supplier it may cause quite a good pains to the end user.

    I still remember, what was the pinching at my foot while wearing the defective pair of shoes.It was unmanageable, That's why I decided to go back to the Bata stores at Pimpri.Else I would have repaired it any where in my nearby surrounding.

    This was my stand since the first time I went to the Bata stores at Pimpri, for replacement of that pair of shoe.& I, m still continuing the same.I dont require any repair of the shoe mentioned in below mail. I want only refund as mentioned in the conditions overleaf the invoice received while purchasing the shoe.

    Even after 2 visits continuously the store manager was not able to give me the replacement stating various causes& reasons, I, m very much displeased due to his arguements & the way he denied to identify & acknowledge the earlier events.

    In the first visit for replacement I was requesting him again again that I want a replacement of this pair of shoe & he even denied to take it in his custody saying that he can receive it & offer a slip only for repair not for replacement. So I, ve no choice but to drop it on his table & move out of the stores.

    Even during my subsequent 2 visits he didn't acknowledged the event clearly, & maintained that I was behaving wrongly with him. In fact when I requested him to give his stand in writing he directed me to the website of Bata for complaining.

    I have complained in most parliamentary manner in all this issue & now totally frustrated on this point.
    So please dont tell me to visit that shop again.

    Anyway sincere request to you for refund please at my below mentioned address-

    Joshi Mangesh S.,
    A-19, Bhakti Paradise, Near Yashopuram,
    Pimpri Chinchwad link road,
    Chinchwad, Pune-411033.

    Mobile 99227 38164,

    Resi: 020-2748 3466.

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  • Su
    sudeep kumar mu Dec 14, 2009

    i m a regular consumer of bata shoes last 2 year the shoes not performing well yes the hush puppies is better then bata and the size problem i m facing in agra my size is 11.5 and its not avilavle here and quality is not good now days plz improve it.

    sudeep kumar

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  • Di
    Dipesh Mashruwala Apr 21, 2011

    Bata is no longer the brand. They are going the Kinetic way, remember what happened to their Luna moped.

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  • Am
    amitkapoor65 Dec 03, 2011

    Bata has always been synonymous with quality. Remember growing up wearing Bata shoes, they would last and last and the only reason you would change them is because you needed a bigger size.
    Lately the quality of your shoes has gone from bad to worse, I bought a pair of Power (Adventure) shoes and they lasted me only 4 months before the glue on the sole started coming off and the threading / inside lining came apart. Now in March (24th) this year I bought another pair Bata shoes (Reebok Aviators blue size 7) and the same issue, The inside lining is so flimsy, I have sparsely used this pair and it has lining started to tear. I have written to bata customer customer service twice but no has responded yet

    [email protected]

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  • Ce
    CECIL1 Aug 17, 2013

    The consistency of BATA's product is a mirage.I myself got the worst experience of purchasing power shoes from Bata's authorized dealer from our town( Nagercoil) which lasted for only 3 months after nominal usage.There is no use in complaining. I shifted to other brand.

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  • Pr
    preeti gusain Jun 20, 2014

    This is Preeti and I bought a pair of shoes from Bata shoes(men)
    store, 11-B, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, UK on 3-6 -2014.The article number is
    8214947-3(charger) for a price of 1399, but the shoes leather developed
    a crack only after wearing it for a few hours .

    We went to the same store to return it back but the store
    manager(Mr.Ashwini Gupta)told us that we can exchange it in any store
    throughout India.I am based in Bangalore so I want to exchange it in
    Bangalore in Bata shoe store Salarpuria, annex num-35/10, lLaskar Hosur
    road Adugudi, bangalore 30.I was asked by the store manager in
    Bangalore to get in touch with the customer care so I am writing this
    mail to you.

    Kindly d the needful.

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  • Ga
    gauravd1984 Oct 27, 2014

    Hello Bata Care, I want to inform you that i have purchased a pair of Bata shoes (Hush Puppies) from amazon during online shopping on 18th of Oct. They are hardly been used for a week because of holiday season and the sole is broken. It cost me around Rs 3000.00, You provide the warranty against the quality of the product for year. Please let me know what can i do, and get my shoe replaced. I am living in Delhi and my contact number 9910800671 Regards, Gaurav

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  • Va
    varun dhiman Nov 21, 2014

    I purchased a Gas brand shoes are making no much noise...i always thought of Gas brand as a one of leading i got so much disappointed as the dealers who are selling such brand not helping customers at all..such a pathetic worth Rs..6000 making so much noise ...Really if this brand worth and wanted there customers to be happy..than i want a best possible solution..

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  • Sh
    shikha1233 May 26, 2015

    Worst customer service.
    THey even donot reply to the mails. I have wasted my money. Stay away of this brands online shopping.

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  • Pr
    Prashanth Arer Jul 14, 2016


    I bought a Bata Shoe with sl no 881-6822 7 two weeks back at an Bata Showroom, Malleshwaram, Bangalore. I find the stink of the leather is too much, but still i continued to use the same thinking that this would reduce after few days usage. But i find that the stink of the leather inside has been increasing & i have been changing my socks every day.
    This does not happen in my shoes with other brands, hence kindly give me the solution for the same. I have paid the full amount for this shoes trusting the BATA brand name, But i am disappointed & have doubt on the quality.
    Another issue is that my leg size is 8 for all other brands but found size 7 of bata in this model is still loose.

    Thanks & expect early response on this..

    PRASHANTH ([email protected])

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  • As
    ashish0510 Jul 14, 2016

    I have purchased one pair of chappals for my father from Bata, it was packed for some time, as I was out of station, today I took out to give it to my father from the pack, I saw that it’s sole was crack and damaged I took it to my near by Bata shop - ( chowk Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh), they advised me to take it to the shop from where it is been purchased, as I do not remember from where I have purchased the same.
    I request the company to please exchange the same as according to me Bata is a trustworthy company who cares for its customers
    Chappal Number( product code)- 6431 Y 10

    408/1- Khet Gali, chaupatiyan
    Luck now
    Uttar Pradesh
    Ph- 9450906878

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  • Su
    Suresh Burra Jul 14, 2016

    I have purchased a pair of shoes from BATA, N.M. ROAD Chennai on 4-4-2007. The shoes got totally broken and the gum that they have used to stick the top to the sole got completely removed, just with in two months...and I approached the show room manager with the same.The show room manager calculated the no of days after the purchase and rounded it to 60 days...

    Now comes the real story... He told me to pay 300 rupees to change the sole of the shoe that got damaged...and he even gave me the address where i can complain about the BATA shoes... that of the haryana... wow what a support...

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  • So
    soumya_saha2003 Jul 14, 2016

    Dear Sir,

    I have purchase two pair of shoes 'Power' shoes from BATA showroom J.L.Neheru Road counter (Below Grand Hotel, Kolkata) on 13.05.2009 one for me and another for my wife. The sole of my shoe has been broken and the pasting of the shoe has also been broken. Unfortunately I have mispalced the bill. I went to showroom and meet manager, but he refused to take any complaint in this regard and also refused to talk without any bill, while I remind him the date of purchaes and the bill amount and the time of purchase.

    In this connection, I would request you to forwrad my complaint to the Director of the company and give me a proper solution.

    Thanking you,

    Soumya Saha

    My Mail ID: [email protected]
    My Contact no. 9674273281/9231656356

    My address : 29.Prasanna Kumar Tagore Street

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  • Vi
    VISHNU TEJA Jul 14, 2016

    We have been using Bata products for the past 15 years and we never found any problem. Last night (18-06-2007, Monday) at about 8.55 pm myself along with my father had gone to Bata Showroom in Chikkadpally, near Chandana Bros, Hyderabad to purchase a pair of shoes. The staff there were too irresponsible and they did allow us to go inside and the reason given by them was that the show room closes at 8.30pm sharp. There are more than 15 customers in the showroom at that time and we requested the staff that we will complete our purchase in 5 min as we had already selected the model. The staff told us to do what we can do and used very harsh words. This is not proper on your part to employ such type of people. I asked for the in charge but one person told his name was MUKUND RAO and he was the in charge there and asked me to do what i can.

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  • Sa
    Saravana dorai Aug 15, 2018

    I was waiting for the bill to be paid for5 minutes no body attended, suddenly one employee came with shoes and kept in front of the bill counter after one minute the lady attended him instead of attending me she billed other person i was waiting patiently, when I asked her about the situation no response and ignored me

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  • Fa
    Farini Oct 22, 2018

    My shoes defect less than 24 hours of using it... So dissappointed.. The most annoyingly, I want use it for raya celebration but wore it for a few hours only so terrible.. Now how??.. I bought a new brand of bata in order to support bata but... Emm...
    Please do something.. Don juz make a doll wihout a head.

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  • Ab
    Abhishek Ghosh Jun 02, 2019

    Trying to call helpline but No response. I have purchased a product for 1599/- (Size 6). I need to exchange the same for Size 7. The store at Katihar is not supportive & saying the size is not available. Please return the money or exchange or issue Credit note for the amount.

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  • Ca
    calvin kamal Jun 23, 2019

    I bought chappals from bata store chandra Layout. They very poor in quality too heavy resulted in ankle pain! Disappointed with bata which is trusted by customers for its top notch quality.

    Request you to change product

    Sending you bill for your consideration


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  • Vi
    Vipin Joseph Jul 28, 2019

    Bought a shoe from Bata Store number: 9091. Got opened up within one month. Complaint number BM 23935, registered on 9-Jul-19. No update till date. When i contact customer care, they are having an auto saved reply 'Will be cleared in 24 Hrs'
    Mob. 9388794000

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  • Sa
    Sanjiv chandrakant lohar Feb 03, 2020

    11/9/19 order but refund not received I have given all my bank account number and statements

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