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Plato's Closet Complaints & Reviews

Plato's Closet / customer service

Ashleynicoleexx3 on Jan 23, 2019

Im originally from Orlando but I am visiting from Texas and I absolutely love shopping with Plato's! When we walked into the OBT location we were not greeted not even with a friendly smile. The girls working seemed to have an attitude, but that's me basing it off of their body language...

Plato's Closet / manager customer service

Ira pickard on Oct 10, 2018

As I was walking around the store I could here him saying things about not taking anything, so I get a POA. So I asked wat they was taking I get a list, and on it says long sleeve b/u. I had a ton of long sleeve b/u and wen I showed them they could not give me a answer on y they didn't...

Plato's Closet / two notch location

Jenniferroberts on Sep 17, 2018

I was in there Thursday and was going to purchase a jacket for my friend and I purchase it and the lady said she would change the price from 35.00$ to 20.00$ cause she thought it wasn't worth that much well the manager at this location told her to stop because this was a new purchase from...

Plato's Closet / customer service

Bayleef on Sep 11, 2018

So today I took in my clothes to be looked at to exchange for cash. And then when they called my name she said she can give me $3.30 for 2 items and so I declined and she saw a item in my hand and asked if I was still shopping so I said yes. And then when I checked out and bought my item...

Plato's Closet / purse

Ashley L Johnson on Aug 26, 2018

I bought a purse for $60 today and my husband was so mad I paid that much so I called the store in Mechanicsburg PA and was told by the associate Bri that I can bring it in for a store credit I drove 20 mins to get there just to be told she told me wrong information. And all they can do i...

Plato's Closet / unethical behavior and lost my items

Frade Jenkins on Aug 19, 2018

The employees are awful. The problems are: I have been plato's closet on August 18 this Saturday. I dropped off my items include five clothes, one pair of shoes, one pair of boots. Then the employee responded I can check estimate prices or pick on August 19 this Sunday, but employees entered my...

Plato's Closet Mesquite / manager alicia was being racist

EJ💗 on Aug 14, 2018

Came into the store to exchanged pants for shorts for 8.00.when she didn't see pants on that receipt I told her it's ok I have the other receipt at home and can come back if I couldn't exchange it and pay the difference.she said it will be a minute because she had to run the...

Plato's Closet / your buyers/buying rules

Mariamaly on Jul 24, 2018

I just went to sell clothes at your Matthews NC location that still had the price tag on half of them and other clothes that I have never wore, they have been taking up space in my closet. The reasoning they only picked one pair of jeans for $3.50, which is an unfair price because you guy...

Plato's Closet / selling my clothes

Summer123456790! on Jul 17, 2018

I went in to sale my clothes around 8, I was told by Ashlyn it would be an hour wait to come back before 9. I came back in and watched them go through my box of clothes. Ashlyn dumped out the box and pointed to them and then the other worker who said she was the manager swiped her hand for...

Plato's Closet / service

Amy McMillan on Jul 15, 2018

I arrived at 1pm when the store first open. I wanted to sell my things. I was first in line. I told both workers I was waiting in store and they still put drop off on my items. I live over an hour away. Everyone who has came in after me has gotten finished and I am still waiting. I have...

Plato's Closet / everything

Hailey Brown on Jul 11, 2018

The Tacoma washington store is the worst platos closet I have been to. Not only do they carry nasty discolored items as well as dirty beat down shoes that are virtually unsellable, I called to talk to their manager Kat, and she was down right rude to me over the phone. She told me never to...

Plato's Closet / employee

saileybinner on Jun 10, 2018

Brought in an entire bag full of jeans, dresses, shorts, and shirts from name brand clothing stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, and JCrew only two items from my bag were excepted. When I waited to get my bag back from them they lost the entire bag because they gave it to someone...

Plato's Closet / employee

Ashley98 on Jun 4, 2018

At the Plato's on sublett and cooper an employee named Sydney was beyond rude. She gave dirty looks and just had the worst tone in her voice. I am never returning to this Plato's again while she works here. I cannot believe an employee would treat customers that way. The...

Plato's Closet / buying clothes

Pendaless on Jun 1, 2018

I came back to your lynnwood location for the 3rd time now and am leaving again without even being able to attempt to sell my clothes! I'm feeling very ugly inside about this place I can't describe my level of irritation to you in words! The first time before I came I checked the website and...

Plato's Closet / unfair treatment and behavior

ThinkingBig on May 18, 2018

Date: 05/14/2018 They buy junk and then tell you your things are not worth selling. If the people working don't like you they won't take your things but if you take the same stuff back and other people are working they will take it. Lateefah has a very nasty attitude, a young female had...

Plato's Closet / their clothing policy

Mhillman on May 17, 2018

I went to the one in Escondido, California and it was the worst experience ever. The supposed certified buyer/manager with super tight curls had such an additude when we walked in with 6 bags of clothing. You could tell she didn't want to look through any of it. She ended up only taking 3...

Plato's Closet / false advertisement/ website/ selling

nlmaxwell6 on May 11, 2018

I am literally in tears right now. I have a hundreds dollars worth of clothes in here and the employee with the blonde hair shaved funny he's a gay guy, said they were open til nine I don't know if this was by accident or what and I've came here late as then before so no problem. I went to...

Plato's Closet / instagram “hold” program

Streck01 on May 11, 2018

Yesterday (5/10/18) platos closet coon Rapids posted a pair of hunter boots for sale. They closed at 9, so I commented under the picture asking them to hold them for me for today (5/11/18). Hoping to get a reply as soon as they opened the next day, because I had commented after they...

Plato's Closet / age discrimination, west windsor, nj

Momof2NJboys on Apr 10, 2018

Three times I have brought in items to sell. Three times everything was declined. Which is fine, except for the excuses as to why. The first time...we want athletic clothing. OK, I brought in like new Ryka sneakers. Then I'm told I'm too stuff is too old, and that we don't take...

Plato's Closet / employees & returns

Vmber on Apr 7, 2018

I walked into the Mansfield/Ontario location looking to return a pair of pants that didn't fit, I had the original receipt, the tag, and it was within the week return window. The employee that dealt with the return (the store manager) had informed me that because the tag wasn't attached to...