Bank of the Philippine Islandschristian


Their customer service is sleeping. They are giving different instructions in different service request (SR). They are giving instruction and after you make it they will make you wait long time. Its hard for me to ask for service request because I am here outside country (K.S.A). in the start they told me to passed the signed form of my request and I did it. After that they received the form late because it is not easy to send documents here in Saudi Arabia to Philippines. After that they received my original signed form, they make me wait long time. And now the are asking me another signed form to send in Philippines.
I send all the copy of my available I.D and also my passport. but its useless. I know they have protocols and procedures but for me its hard to send again another documents. I ask them to compare the signature in my first signed form but they insist.

Anyways, BPI is a good bank but the team working in this company is sleeping.
I am so disappointed that we are OFW and asking for the service and doing anything just to avail this service but they are giving hard time for us.

anyways. Thank you for that BPI Philippines.

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