Bank of The Philippine Islands [BPI]delayed release of loan collateral (2 titled lots) - from cancellation of loan

C Aug 06, 2018

I am complaining for a very delayed return of our collateral submitted to BPI Lapasan branch, Loan Department. We cancelled our company loan, Ultra Marketing of Valencia City Inc., due to unapproved amount of P5 million pesos. They only approved us at P3 million. We are very disappointed because we are not a new client of the Bank in fact we are already a depositor and a loan repeater of BPI Valencia City branch since 1980's and having maintained a good record from the bank.

We already submitted the requirements last month to the person in-charge needed for the cancellation of our loan and they gave us twenty (20) banking days for them to release the Lot Titles that we used as collateral.

I am complaining for their customer service because until now it's already a month of waiting and we badly need it for a purpose. They gave us contact numbers but they don't even reply on our messages. We need to travel 3 hours just to follow-up our concern because there's no response from anyone of them. It's very frustrating knowing that banks should put their customers/clients service at the top and yet they cannot even give a simple call or response from their clients.

I am hoping that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Christopher Castillo
Ultra Marketing Of Valencia City Inc.

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