Bank Of America Corporationchecking account

C Aug 02, 2018

Bank of America is crooks. My balance was $1605.84 on 07/31/18. I withdraw $1210.00 at the bank and had a transaction come in for $390. Now my balance is $5.84. After 8pm I withdrew $200.00 from the atm and it said I would have to pay a $35 fee which I accepted. On 07/31/18 they charged me a $35 overdraft fee and on 08/01/18 they charged me another overdraft fee. I called customer service spoke with a representative who transferred me to her supervisor who transferred me to her manager. They are all stating when I withdraw the $200 from the atm, they put a $200 hold on my balance so It brought it to $1405.84 and after they posted the transaction for $1210.00 and $390.00 my balance was negative $194.14 so they charged me a fee. Then they charged me a fee for the $200.00 that was on hold from me taking out the $200.00 same day that did not clear the bank. Now if you do the math $1605.84 - $200.00 - $1210.00 - $390.00 = -$194.16. So no matter which way you do it I should have only been charged one fee. These crooks settled in a lawsuit with similar cases like this one. I have nothing good to say about Bank of America and will never refer anyone to this company.

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