Bank Of America Corporationaccount was closed for no reason

B Nov 04, 2019 Review updated:

Bank of america sent notice that account is closed and also not allowing to be cosigner on other accounts. I have been customer of BOA for 20 years with lot of funds in bank and also excellent credit history. when I call they simply say business decision.

very worse bank after long business - I bet if I go to any bank in the world, they will welcome with red carpet.

No business ethics at bank of america. fraudulent bank


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    Carolinapd Jan 17, 2020

    @bank of america victim.. Same just happens to me. Worse because mi mom was authorized on my account they will closer her personal account she has with my dad, where they get their pension deposit, very bad way to do business after 20 years of banking with them is the least i deserve

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