A&W Restaurantsrude & poor customer service

Dear Sir / Mdm,
I m writing in to feedback about a negative experience in the Ang Mo Kio branch (Singapore).
A & W staff Zul (possibly the Team Supervisor) was very rude towards a 70 year old elderly woman who is trying to look for a seat while the elderly's daughter & grandson was queueing up in the Long queue waiting for their turn to order.
Staff Zul could have better handle the situation by directing the elderly to the 3 empty seats at the waiting area, explain politely to the elderly customer or seek help from his colleagues to explain if there is any language barrier instead of raisIng his voice rudely at the elderly and sent the elderly customer out of the store.
The elderly was very upset and angry, thus the store Manager Florence was being invited to handle this negative experience.
When store manager Florence leave the elderly after understanding the situation from the elderly, Florence promised the elderly that she will return with an outcome.
For 15 minutes the elderly waited, still nil return of any staff or outcome. Thus the elderly's daughter approach one staff in the store to help look for Florence to tell her that the elderly is waiting for her return of an outcome. Meanwhile Staff Zul was notice hiding behind the line near the cashier.
The daughter and elderly waited for another 5 minutes for the return of store manager Florence without avail, thus approached a 2nd staff name Hafiz to locate Florence again telling her that the elderly is still waiting for her.
After a few minutes, the store manager Florence & staff Zul appear before the elderly talked it out and apologised to the elderly.
I am Joey, the daughter of this 70 years old elderly women.
I think this negative experience could be avoided and the service recovery is poorly handle.
Attached photo is the receipt consisting of the dine in date & time (6 Oct 2019, 18:19hrs) and my email is [protected]

A&W Restaurants

Oct 06, 2019

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