AVG Technologiesunauthorised deduction of $109.95 from my bank account on 23/7/18

T Aug 01, 2018

I looked at my account and on 23/7/18 there is a deduction in favour of digitalriver ireland, sydney .
When I had a think about it I recalled that I had a virus protection that cost about $100 per year on my old machine, that I no longer use and I have cancelled the payment, or so I thought. If I recall correctly, last year this payment happened and I made contact, I thought with you and the money was refunded graciously due to a mistake being made. I was assured that no further monies would be taken, and now it has happened again!
I am not using the computer any more. I do not need the virus service. I cancelled the service and was assured that no more costs would be deducted. When a new cost was deducted I contacted, and was reimbursed. Now it has happened again!

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