AutoZonecustomer service

Im making a complaint about the commercial manager in store located on 4008 Boston rd bronx ny 10466, after an argument about the bill, at my mechanic shop located at 4028 Boston rd bronx ny 10475 .
The manager started cursing me out in front of my customers and workers .
This happened after i discovered that i have been paying a lot extra money on brakes and rotors . I was not getting the package discount .. even though the managers there used to tell me that you are getting the discount . However i need a regional manager to contact me asap [protected]
Im going to open the files and try to get all the discount that, that i was blinded on, also I'm requesting a transfer for the manager that disrespected me, . My company name is bruces car care center ; i currently spend over $2000 in parts from parts company other than autozone because i never got the treatment t wish from autozone at that location which is right next door to my shop .
Thank you

Sep 30, 2019

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