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Reviews and Complaints

AutoZone verified

foul smelling drunk employee

Me and my husband visit this Autozone location for all of our automobile needs and have came in numerous times to a Caucasian male with the name tag Derrick drunk and smelling horribly bad of body odor and alcohol.. Yesterday July 20, 2019 around 5:15pm we entered the store and upon entering this location the smell of alcohol slapped you in the face of opening the door there where two other gentlemen and a female present helping other customers I walk in d to the area that this character Derrick was at and upon approaching the counter top he was drooling a lil bit could barely hold his eyes open could barely stand the whole time assisting us with a belt look up he kept slurring and swaying he smelled horribly bad of a foul odor amongst a strong alcohol smell, when he went to retrieve the belt he staggered so he bad he grabbed the shelving to hold him up the female employee had to bring him back home he was so drunk this is not the first time I have came into this store with this employee like this I did not know AUTOZONE HIRES ALCOHOLICS AND KETS THEM COME AND GET TO WORK AND BE ON THE CLOCK WHILE DELIBERATELY INTOXICATED i will not return I do not want to receive no feed back from AUTOZONE this is a disgrace I was disgusted hearing ither customers complain of his drunken state of mind.