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Complaints & Reviews

non manufacturers warranties

4/17/19 Window stickers on new 2017 Prius included ToyoGuard Platium, $699. and Appearence Protection, 3 yr...

AutoNation Toyota

“value added” products

On June 16, 2016, Amanda Marlene Bass (now Amanda Free) purchase a 2015 Dodge Durango Limited AWD from AutoNation CDJR South Columbus. We are currently in the process of looking to sell the vehicle and as I was looking through the purchase paperwork I became alarmed at some of the extra products she was sold at the time of purchase. In total an additional $4370 in charges were added on to her purchase price and we have deep concerns over many of these products/charges. See below for details;
1. Paintless Dent Protection $599 - Upon researching this product we found that it is worthless at best and snake oil at worst. It is described as an insurance in case the car gets a dent. However the fine print indicates that the dent must be less than 4 inches and whatever hits the car must not be moving. This pretty much limits what is covered to things like a shopping cart or car door. These things are incredibly unlikely and I have only experienced this once or twice in twenty years of owning cars. Talking to a local business who actually provides this type of service I was told that this product is "not worth the paper it is written on" and that the insurance company almost always finds a reason to deny coverage. Furthermore the minor damage that is generally covered only costs about $75 to fix. This means that just to break even on what was charged you may have to have this happen up to 8 times. As I stated before I have not had this happen more than twice in 20 years. What is also alarming is that this product is advertised as a form of insurance. This is misleading to say the least. Insurance typically implies protection against something catastrophic happening especially in the context of insurance related to a car. This product would more accurately and honestly be described as a prepaid service. But why would anybody prepay for something like this to happen 8 times when it is so incredibly unlikely.

2. Theft protection $599 - Why would anyone, in particular somebody who has gap insurance, need theft protection. If a car is stolen the insurance company typically covers the value of the car and the gap insurance would cover the remainder of the loan. When a car is stolen if you do get it back there is a good chance that there are things wrong with it that you may not want to deal with. People who steal cars are not typically worried about taking care of them. Either way a person who has gap insurance has literally no liability and this product only benefits the car insurance company because it ensures they will not have to pay out. Why would the consumer be sold a product that protects the insurance company and does them no good.

3. Gap insurance $410 - comparing the rate to what a typical insurance company would cover reveals that it is many times higher and could be described as predatory. Further Amanda probably would have had no need for this product if all these extra charges would not have been added on.

4. Dealer Service Fee $599 - The idea that Amanda was taken advantage of in this way and charged a "Service" fee is appalling and adds insult to injury.

While we acknowledge that Amanda made the decision to agree to these things we still believe that she was taken advantage of in a massive way. At the time she was a single mom who had no experience with this type of stuff and was convinced by the salesman that these products were invaluable to protecting her investment. Nothing could have been further from the truth and it was completely confirmed when the local professional stated one of the products was "not worth the paper it was written on". The sales process that she encountered was predatory and at points the description of the products are misleading. In speaking to the division of AutoNation that handles the cancellation of these products I was even informed that not everyone pays the same amount for the same product leading me to believe those that are more informed probably pay less. I can only imagine that this leads to a process that is discriminatory of single women.
We are requesting that $3920 be credited back (minus any amounts that may have been credited back from cancellations that have currently been requested. The only product that is of any real value is the vehicle care program which was $450 and that has been deducted from the initial amount listed. While we have not researched all products listed we have done enough research to feel comfortable in concluding that it is likely that the others are worthless also.


Tom and Amanda Free

repair service

The Auto Nation Collision Center has been a nightmare to work with. They've had my vehicle since 2/7/19 and it is now 3/18/19. I leased my vehicle from House of Imports on 12/31/18. On 2/2/19 a large tree branch fell on my car causing major damage to the hood, right rail, and right side mirror. I took my car in on 2/7/19 but before doing so I called to make sure they had the bandwidth to take on my car. I spoke to Jong Park and was assured that they had time for the repairs and asked how much the estimate was on my car. Approximately 2 weeks later I went to pick up my vehicle on 2/23/19 after speaking to Jong Park the day before. I arrive and the director Morris Lawrence greets me…he has no idea what was done to my car as we are going over the repairs he is flipping through the repairs report. I ask him to test out the right side mirror which was damaged by the tree and low and behold it does not fold inward. Apparently they had installed the incorrect mirror! A few weeks later I call to get an update and Morris tells me that it is the Mercedes manufacturer sending the wrong parts and that they would have to keep ordering as many mirror until the correct one arrived. I said to him that there had to be a more efficient way to solving this problem. A week later I call back and Morris tells me that they got another mirror that this time it was one with a camera that also didn't fit my car. He tells me that he has made the "executive decision" to rework the wrong mirror using the motor from my damaged mirror to function like my left side mirror. Keep in mind my insurance had already paid the collision center for all the repairs so the fact that they were trying to cut corners and give a wrong mirror only to expedite the process was totally unethical! Weeks pass by no communication unless I call yet never any answer besides there is nothing we can do it's up to the manufacturer to send in the right part. Morris kept pressuring me to take the car as is with the wrong part and I declined as they were already paid for the job and the car was not completely repaired. On 3/7/19 my boyfriend went to the collision center to get answers only to get the same answers as I got. As he is walking away he notices a dent on the side of the vehicle that they missed. Morris agrees to take care of it. I end up getting involved with the dealer at this point as I was not getting an ETA from the collision center. On 3/15 my car is finally complete with the correct mirror. As I inspect the car one last time I notice 2 dents on the frame where the vehicle was damaged by the tree! This area had been worked on yet the dents (very noticeable) were not fixed! This repair shop has failed to provide quality service on all levels especially in quality of repairs and decision making. I will never use them again for any of my vehicles. At this point they still have my car and all I need is for them restore my car to its original state. I need you Auto Nation to take the appropriate measures against this shop as they are also representing you!


Today I visited AutoNation Toyota Fort Myers in order to purchase a2019 Toyota Landcruiser 6156 4dr. My...


I was very happy with my purchase even though there was a problem, it was covered under the factory warranty. I purchased my vehicle on 17 december 2018 and have not received my permanent plates yet (19 feb 2019 now) so I am driving around on expired temporary tags. I called a few times, in the past the dealership has issues new temp tags so I don't get pulled over (twice now for expired tags). Although I have not received a ticket yet, I don't feel hopeful about the next time. They said they don't do temp tag extensions. So what am I supposed to do? I don't have plates yet and the temp tag is expired. No one seems to know, or care. I bought a great car, good deal, good salesman, this is a very frustrating situation.

Edit: it has been three more weeks (mar 2019), having visited the secretary of state in michigan twice, they told us that michigan has no record of any taxes paid for my vehicle, so where did over $2k go? They only sent the bank (lien holder) a copy of the front of the title, which is fine for the bank but the sos will not accept that. So I still cannot register this vehicle, I still have expired temp tags on my car!!!

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customer service, staff, management

I went to buy a ca 2/23/2019 at auto nation kendall. I first asked for the sales man I have always bought my cars from but he "was not there" so carlos sales associate took care of me. We walked around looked at a 2 nissan rouge once I made my decision carlos and the manager stated I should take another rouge that have been there one a few days without test driving the car I was convinced by them that this would be the best deal for me. It was a used 2016, carlos had stated that the car would come with 7 years warranty but failed to mention that the warranty was from the date the car was originally purchased. I was mislead by the sales associate. Once I bought the car I left around 8:33 at 9:01 pm I texted carlos and mention the car was shaking a lot and making a weird noise. As a used car I was informed I had 5 days to return it or exchange it. He stated I should take the car back which I did. After 3 days they called and said the car was ready when I got there the car was not ready so they kept the car for another week almost, I was given a rental car meanwhile. I sent a tex message to carlos stating to cancel the contract that I no longer wanted the car and he said it as past the 5 days. When the car was "ready" I drove it and it was still in bad condition the general manager drove it and thought it was the tires and said he would change two of the tires, at this point I was still without my new car. When I went back once again the car was worse than the first time. The managers solution was to re-run my credit buy the car that I used for 30 minutes from me and sale me a new car, of courser they screw me over and they gain more sales. I was so frustrated of wasting so much time that I decided to go through with it at this point I bought a brand new 2019 nissan rouge, while test driving with the store manager he realized that the rear driver tire was low, he drove it in to service with me and my friend inside the car and had the service tech put air in the tire. I took the new car the next day as I was driving I almost killed myself because the tire blew up! I called road side assistance because they told me it came with the car. When I called road side assistance they stated that they could not find my vin and that they could not help me. Before all this I had called the manager prior to speak with him he never answered when I showed up at the store one of his staff members sated that the manager was "eating ass". This is aside from all the other unprofessional comments my friend and I received from another sales associate who spoke very poorly of the company. They finally sent a car in a regular van to put my spare tired he showed up more than 45 min after my call. When I took the brand new 2019 car back to the dealer to get the tired fixed they did not have the tire in stock. Once again I need it a rental car they lady at the rental stated that I already had a rental under my name, that rental she was speaking about I had returned more than 4 days prior so in the system my name was still legally attached to a rental that they had already given to someone else. I can keep this email on and on with the horrific experience I have had with auto nation nissan and as someone who work for a large organization I would never in my life recommend any one to auto nation and I will make sure to post reviews anywhere I can to save people from having the nightmare I have had for almost a month now. I tried to call corporate office I still haven't received any calls. Stephanie denooyer [protected]

2013 camry xle

AutoNationDodgeJeepFiat in North Phoenix, stay away! Far, far away! They are liars, cheats, sold us a damaged...

Service department

I purchased a used car form the Autonation in Pembroke Pines in October. The experience was good until my son went to get an oil change and tires rotated at Jiffy lube and was unable to get tires rotated because his wheels are locked. We searched in the car for the key but we were not provided that key. I contacted the sales representative who sold the car to us and he directed me to the service department for them to order the key. This was in early part of December 2018. I have called and left messages and no one has returned my call. This particular Autonation is about 30 to 40 minutes away from where we live so its not that convenient to just show up. I would appreciate it if someone can give me a call so I can get the key ordered. Since we were not provided the key the key should not be an expense of mine.

Thank You
Latema King
[protected] or

misled/ mistreated

Scott Johnson General Manager AutoNation Honda East Las Vegas ‪1700 East Sahara Ave.‬ ‪Las Vegas, NV...

vehicle purchased

We recently purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano from the AutoNation located at 2999 W 104th Avenue Westminster CO...

new demo I purchased

I went into the Land Rover facility in Encino Ca with intentions to buy a ‘brand new' 2017 Range Rover...

service department in pembroke lines auto nation

I took my Buick Enclave to this dealer for one simple issue. Then I get told that my car has some other issue...


Purchased a new vehicle with additional protection plans. Those plans were cancelled within proper amount of...

customer service/service manager

To Whom it may concern: I am writing to express the poor service I received when I called your customer...

customer service / service department

I recently (November 27th) attempted to have a recall issue resolved at this location. I've had work done at...


My name is Anthony Palmieri. My telephone number is . I was interested in a 2010 Ford Focus, whicjh I saw on sale at your Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership in Littleton Colorado, from Car Gurus.
I inquired about the vehicle and got an email response from a guy name Revere, who asked me if I wanted to take it for a test drive this week- which was good, but it went down from here!
I called the next day and reached the receptionist at the dealership in Littleton, who could hardly speak because of a cold.She said she was transferring me over to Revere, but dropped the call. Later, I sent a reply email to Revere to tell him that the call had been dropped and to contact me himself. Instead, Mallory, a sales manager sent me an email apologizing. In her email she said that she would be happy to help me. This is when it gets bad..
I left a voice message with Mallory, which she never returned. I then called her directly and she answered. Mallory said she forgot about sending me the email and really had a hard time establishing a good phone relationship. I remember everytime I asked her a question about the vehicle I wanted to buy, she seemed nervous and in a rush. Worst thing bout our conversation was that she couldn't answer even the simplest question about the Ford Focus hybrid. Finally, Mallory brushed me aside and said she would get the answers and call me back. She never did, but I did get a text from a guy named Tyler? He said he probably didn't know either! Boy I am pissed!

gap insurance

DO NOT purchase Autonation gap insurance!! When I purchased my vehicle (2010 Lincoln MKT), I purchsed the...

piston rings in 2014

I think it's ridiculous that you be cold all the way up to 2013 Honda Odyssey‘s for the piston rings this is an expensive recall gosh you all the way up to $3800 and my 2014 is having the same problem we called all the other on this floor and sitting there saying on the 14th don't have a problem yes the 14th does have a [censored]ing problem and have been so you know what I could care less if you were off warranty I could care less how many miles you have on your car the 2014 Honda should be taken care of and I think it's ridiculous that you just telling customers your problem and saying oh well you got to go pay three grand for your 2014 I will never buy another Honda again and if I have to take this all the way to court I will !

dealer sold a lemon/lied about carfax

I bought a car from AutoNation in [protected]. it is a 2010 Audi Q5 prestige, it is supposed to be the...

service department

On 10/26 I picked up the vehicle from the service department. The same vehicle that according the the mechanic has no issues. Within miles of leaving the dealership. The clutch started slipping and making squealing sounds. On 10/16 the car was dropped off with 53, 842 miles running perfectly fine beside the ac not blowing cold and a minor oil leak. On 10/24 I was notified the car was complete and I came to pick up the vehicle. Upon picking it up I noticed the car had 53, 853 miles on it. As I was leaving the dealership. Right away I noticed issues with the cars rpms spiking when in gear. The car was left on e with 8 miles till Empty, so I drove to the gas station and right back to the dealer. I asked to speak to the mechanic and was turned away saying to run the car more that is what the smell is. The next day I returned with the car due to the issue as well as the coolant that was all over the engine bay,  I explained the issue they took the car in to be checked. Today 10/26 I was notified the car was complete and had no issues, just to find out otherwise upon pickup. The dealership in the service director Shansi have been absolutely no help and are trying to push the blame upon me. The issue is plain and simple the car came in working fine and left with clutch issues and 11 additional miles that they cannot explain. There is no documentation by them that the car came with this issue.

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