ATT Wirelessdeceptive practices


Where do I start...20 yr customer that has experienced dishonest and deceptive sales practice. I was on the phone for hours to try and get some fraudulent charges off my bill and kept getting different people and finally got someone to help me and take car of the charges. The manager said for my trouble he would send me out 2 free samsung tablets. I asked if any hidden fees and they said no. I asked if there were any data chagres at all, they said no. They sent them and I used them for a little bit and got my bill today for $50. They charged me for the tax on the tablets of $23 and also charged me $10 per tablet for data! I called and talked to at least 6 people and they can't do anything. They said i'm over the 14 day return and if I cancel I will be charged $150 cancellation fee!! I am beyond frustrated and pissed off at the level of incompetence from att. They lie and are deceitful in their practices and expect you to pay for it. I was promised free and get charged for it. Can't wait to switch to any other provider

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