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Complaints & Reviews

at&t wireless poor customer service

During the past week I attempted to order service with AT&T Wireless. When their credit department was unable...

waiving early out fee is a fraud!

When I moved from Victor, Colorado, where I'd had no service for the entire two years I lived there, the...

massive overbilling by att

I opened my wireless bill to find that I had been charged for over $3000 dollars for wireless internet that no one in my family used. It was charged to my daughter's telephone which did not even have a functional viewing screen. This charge came to me 3 months after I had the internet service on my phone disabled. I have tried to work with the company to get the charges reversed and they refused to be of assistance at the risk of losing a long-term customer. Have always paid for serviced I bought and live up to my side of the contract. This is disappointing and encourage anyone who uses AT&T wireless service to disconnect. I also advise anyone who is considering purchasing wireless to not get it from AT&T.

  • Ma
    Marlene Jun 11, 2008

    I have similar story to the one posted. We were long timer customers of Cingular now AT&T. Recently got billed $2000 over the past 2 months for a charge listed as Xpress Internet usuage. Customer Service flat out said that the would give no credit for the charge, eventhough it was explained that the charges were impossible since some of the times (which can only be seen on the internet bill, not the shown and the paper bill of 10 pages sent to me) were either during my working hours of 9-5 or at 2, 3, or 4 am***when I don't know about you but my a** is sleeping because I work everyday. Oh, and they are all outgoing data. I have filed with the FCC but it seems that they are inundated with complaints. So if you want you bill to go from $50 a month to $800+ a month with no explanation. I highly recommend AT&T wireless.

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deficient & incompetence

It is really pitiful and unfortunate that one of the ex-best telephone companies in the usa has arrived to this point of inefficiency.

My husband and i spent more than 3 [three] hours in the telephone trying to talk to someone who may help us to transfer our telephone services to a new location. Besides that waste of our time and efforts, when getting to talk to a live person, –after repeated automatic answers-, we have been told that we had to pay for an advance deposit, even that i am a customer for more than 20 years with an excellent record of payment

When we objected that, the operator told us that this was due to a poor credit!! This was an insult -- again, inefficient company with inefficient personnel who are not trained to look into the proper records.. –not only that, but i received an anonymous-undated letter confirming that equifax was the informant

As per the above mistreatment and lack of ethics as well as disrepect towards us, i am cancelling telephone line [protected] as of april 18, 2008


  • Ci
    Cindy Jun 16, 2008

    The terrible excuse for customer service at AT&T has finally convinced me to take my phone service business elsewhere. I was a longtime customer but the service has deteriorated to a degree that I will no longer tolerate. AT&T is sending workers out to ready our city lines for their U-verse cable and the workers just hook up and don't know anything about repair. When the people left they had damaged my telephone line and left me with no phone service. I tried to deal with what AT&T laughingly refers to as customer service but the standard answer that someone will be out in five days and the remark "You aren't the only AT&T customer, " made my decision to cancel my AT&T service. These workers are rude and belligerent. I told them I certainly was not the only AT&T customer and very shortly I would not be an AT&T customer at all. Gail Terreano, President of AT&T, Michigan, and Randall Stephenson, CEO in New York, better wise up. Pretty soon they will be Chief Executive Officers in charge of two paper cups and a string, which is what I'll use before I'll stay with AT&T.

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fraudulent bill charges

The bill for $115.04 is not correct because aas was stated to me that the #[protected] has been in service...

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here is what I did - and I got some response

The following is a copy of the complaint that I filed with the public service commission, the bbb, and also...

afni collection for paid at&t bill!

I paid an AT&T Cell phone account in full for my son in 2005. Over $500 because he closed account before hi...

scam and fraud!

On Feb 16, 2008 a sales representative contracted out by AT&T was going door-to-door in my neighborhood. ...

rebate not received!

I'm just adding to the list of AT&T rebate complaints that are already online. Again just another...

never received rebate!

I ordered AT&T's high speed internet as part of a package on 8/31/07. As soon as I received my equipment I connected it and returned my rebate card with the sticker attached exactly as instructed. This was approximately September 7th. I began checking the status of the rebate in November because I had not received it. I was told at that time that it would be processed in December and to check back then. I called back in December and was told a check would be mailed on December 27th. After three weeks when I did not receive a check I called back in January. At that time I was told that because my service was ordered on the cusp of a change over it was "misplaced." Furthermore the representative told me that instead of a check of $79.00 check I would receive a $50 Visa gift card. I told them that was unacceptable and that I was promised a rebate for the equipment and that's what I wanted. He said he would resubmit the request for a check rebate and to check back in a week. I called back toward the end of January and spoke to another rep who told me the rebate would be processed the first part of February. It is 3/8/08 and I have still not received a check and when checking the website I received a message that they could find no record of my request. After holding for thirty minutes I spoke with a representative to who told me a check was mailed yesterday. I feel like I have been fed the line "the check's in the mail." If I do not receive the check I will call them back, but even if I do receive a check the way AT&T handle this matter was unacceptable. They lure people in by offering them rebates and deals that they fail to deliver. Then it is up to the consumer to try to straighten out a mess that they created -- presumably in hope that the customer will get tired and give up. This is not the only issue I had with AT&T regarding the service I ordered. They also misinformed me regarding service from the Dish Network that also took six months, repeated phone calls -- transferring from one rep to another and extreme frustration to straighten out. AT&T needs some lessons on customer satisfaction.

  • Ji
    Jimmy Mar 08, 2008

    I too ordered high speed interenet service from att. I oplaced my order at an att store here in town on October 7th, 2007. I was told to submit the rebate for that would come with my modem for my $50.00 rebate check. No form came with the modem. I went back to the att store and spoke with the sales associate who helped me. She gave me a new form to mail in along with coipes of all the documebtation I would need. I mailed it in on October 25th. I checked on line for my rebate status on November 11th, and it was not there. When I called the rebate centere they said that I had not ent one in. I said yes I did and sent them by fax copies of everything I had sent in. They said it would be researched and I would recieve a call back. I never recieved a call back but on January 17th I looked on line just for fun to see if my rebate status had been updated and it showed that I must claim my rebate reward by January 21st. I claimed it right then and there. So I thought that finally Im gettin my check. I checked back 2 days later and the rebate center site said my reward would be fullfilled by Febuary 7th. I called and asked what that meant and they said the day the check is scheduled to go out. It is now March 8th and I went to the mailbox and still no check. This is just getting redicuolous. When am I going to get my money becasue sure as heck if I owed att $50.00 they wouldnt wait around 4 months to collect from me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ju
    Judy Dean Mar 11, 2008

    I too am getting shafted by AT&T over the high speed internet rebate. I ordered my service in August 2007. It was activated on Sept. 4, 2007. I immediately sent back the required Rebate Activation Sticker as directed. When I tried to follow up online, I got the message that my rebate request had not entered the system so I called and was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks. The first week of November 2007 I called and was told that they had no record of my request so I gave the rep all the information and she said it would be processed in 6 to 8 weeks. No check arrived, so I called on January 2, 2008, and was told by "Laurie" (ID #22032) that my claim had been denied, but that she would escalate my claim and it would take 6 to 8 weeks. I waited for a check, which never came, and called again today, March 11, 2008, only to be told by "Pauline" (ext. # 20859) that my claim had been denied on January 6 because I had never paid for a modem. I read to her from my bill the line item HSI Modem Package Charge Service date 9-4-07 for $49.99 which I most certainly paid. Pauline said she was submitting my claim for reprocessing and it would take 4 to 6 weeks. I am not going to wait 6 to 8 weeks again. I am going to wait one week and call back to see whether it has been denied again and if it is not resolved immediately, call back every single day until I get my rebate. I want to know how many people are getting shafted in this way. Just think - if AT&T does this to, say, 10,000 people across the country, that gives them $500,000 that they get to "borrow" from their customers for months and months absolutely interest free. What a racket!!! There ought to be a law. If I were more legally savvy, I would file a class action suit!

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billing issues!

I own a company that uses AT&T business line services, from the conception of the company until now I have made every payment on time and usually a few weeks before it is physically due. I have not received a bill from AT&T since the beginning of January when I paid them yet another $150+ (rip off) funny my plan is supposed to be 59.99 and yet I'm paying 3 times that every month. Back to the point, They never issued me a bill for February and I've been patiently waiting for 3 weeks now, Today I get my bill that says I am about to be disconnected and I will incur cancellation fees and so forth.

THESE IDIOTS NEVER SENT ME A DAMN BILL! How is a business supposed to pay it's bills on time if they can not send the bill before it is due!!!

The rep swears that all the billing is sent out 3 days after it is printed, so I asked her to show me proof that it was sent and the [censored] told me I would need to contact my postal service to find out that info...

How is the postal service going to know when AT&T sent out a bill? So I asked again, when was this bill sent out, she could not give me an answer/.


  • To
    Tom Jensen Apr 12, 2008

    I really have been bragging about the u-verse system. Now if I could only have it fixed!!!

    Day 1, Tech #1 comes out at 9:15 am. He calls tech # 2 1.5 hours later #2 shows up. They then call tech # 3, 2 hours later he shows up. 2 hours later he tells be he'll be back tommorrow. I said I can not miss another day of work. He tells me "we will work around your schedule". the next day I get a message that they have fixed the external problems and "I am 100% all set". I call te reschedule and they give me a date of 1.5 weeks later. Saturday the tech shows up at 11:50 am and departs at 8:45 pm. 9 HOURS!!!
    While he is in my condo he calls a superviser to schedule an appointment to be at my location on Wednesday. HE NEVER SHOWS! I miss another day of work. I call and they send someone out Saturday to figure out why I am not getting proper signal. He spends that day for 45 minutes and tells me I keep loosing the signal.REALLY!!! I DO??? I SHOULD OF BEEN A TECH! I call again . A superviser named Tom in the Addison Illinois Area tells me he will send someone out Saturday. Again I am wasting my valuable time. HE NVER SHOWS! I call Tom back on Monday and he says " nobody showed Really, I'll find out what happened and call you right back...never to be heard from again. 3 days later I call explain my long story and when I was done the "customer service rep" said "What would you like me to do."??Yes I blew up. I then talked to Kimberly a supervisor that was very nice and professional and called me back 3 times to make an appoint for Wednesday at 6 pm. The tech called me at 7pm to say he would be finishing up a job and would be at my location in a few minutes. 2 minutes later Kimberly called to confirm this. I then got a call at 8:30 that they would not be able to make it.LOOK AT THE MANPOWER THEY HAVE WASTED. LOOK AT MY PERSONAL TIME I HAVE WASTED. IF THEY COULDN'T HOOK ME UP THEY SHOULD OF SAID THAT AND KNOWN THAT BEFORE THEY EVER ENTERED MY HOME. THEY ARE DUE HERE TODAY BETWEEN 12 & 2PM. IT IS NOW12:30 AND I HAVE NOT HEARD A THING. WILL THEY SHOW? IF THEY SHOW WILL THEY FIX IT? DO I SAY PULL YOUR CRAP OUT OF HERE. OR DO I TELL THEM TO GET IT MONDAY BETWEEN 4& 9 AND I WON'T BE HOME.

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  • Sh
    sheri wright Feb 22, 2009

    I have the ultimate night mare experience with at& t and am about to explode but a friend who is a former worker told me to complain to my state publice utlities board they hate it, it causes them not to be able to get rate hikes so i down loaded the forms,
    I have argued with them since nov 15 when i tried to move my office and they screwed me out of 6 days phone service, for a business THAT WAS CRIPPLING TO ME. I guess they cancelled my dsl contract instead of delaying it til i did move on 1-5-09. they keep biling me 790$ for cancelling service that i never cancelled I have it now. i have wrote letters, one was 9 pages long, i have called and got tons of notes, was assured every time by business office just pay this "amt" and the credit takes time to go thru. Then i get collection notices so again I call business office, i call acct receivebales they tell me its fixed and then here comes another call and they always insist there are no notes on my acct! HOW CAN THAT BE ? I WROTE LETTERS, I HAVE SENT EMAIL FROM THE WEB SITE CONTACT US, I HAVE 2 INCH THICK FILE OF NOTES.
    so last friday they CUT MY PHONES OFF IN MIDDLE OF DAY. so again i am on the phone with 9 people, each one wants to hear the story only to tell me they cant help, they transfer me. I had told the lady in collections the other day HELLO I AM THE CUSTOMER IT IS THERE JOB TO FIX THEIR INTERNAL ISSUES ON THIS NOT MINE I AM SICK OF CALLING, WRITING ETC.. so she cut my phone off and after hours of arguing with them i had no choice but to pay the $ 790 THAT I DONT OWE. then they assured me they will work on a credit,

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terrible company!

For several months we have gotten the enhanced services on our phone bill. We have questioned it, and asked that it be removed from our bill. but it has fallen on deaf ears. we never signed up this. my father spent 27 minutes on the phone last month with [protected]@t to no avail. Also they are charging us for internet which we do not have with them. We have aol. Every month I go through the same thing with them. They say they will take it off, but never do. That is a total $32.94 extra each month for nothing. And now because of the so- enhanced services, I can not get any of my messages off my phone. [protected]@t has somehow tied them up. We have tried to resolve this matter ourselves, but to no avail.

  • Jo
    Josh Jul 31, 2008

    Sir, try contacting us during or normal business hours of M-F 8am-10pm EST at 1800-866-1514.
    We will glad to assist you. Instead of overdoing yourself and airing out lies here, try giving us a call first.
    Catch my drift, Sir?

    Thank you for choosing AT&T as your service provider. We want you to know you made the right choose and we will assist you on any open issues you have and try to resolve them in a timely manner.

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service sucks!

Well i was supposed to have what you call dry loop dsl service, which is just dsl no voice, about 4 weeks ago. Their coustomer service is so slow and nobody acts like they really want to help you.

the techs kept saying that they went to my hose and nobody was there when i had people sitting there, and the customer service reps act like you are lying and their tech's are angles.

basically after a month of waiting for my service to be turned on, i ended up with an outstanding phone bill, no internet service, a very bad headach, a pissy attitude, pure hatred for at&t, and no internet service.........

so i ask you.........................is it worth it?????????????????

  • Ge
    GERHARDT STEINKE Nov 30, 2008

    Any UPDATE on above 26 February 2008 complaint?

    Did anyone ever apologize or remedy the problem(s)?

    I welcome exchanging notes with others on AT&T.



    Nearly impossible to reach a non-automated human without wasting hours. No practical way to present highly focused very specific E-Mails to anyone at AT&T. The AT&T left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. HORRIBLE frustrating procrustean voice menus (with numbers such as 877-722-3755). Worst of all: "Your call is very important to us" surrealism.

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  • Jh
    jhadie Apr 29, 2010

    for you to reach an agent..after dialing the dsl account number or the phone number...just say agent and it will direct you over to tech support

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call to india - $7.00/minute

When I joined with AT&T, they told me the rates to call to India, which was less than $0.40/minute. We made some calls and when the bill came, the rate was $7.00/minute. The same day I called the customer service and complained. The guy who was answering the phone, assured me that the rate will be adjusted as he put the information in the computer, while I was talking with him.

The next month bill also came with the same amount, in addition to the late fees. Again I called the customer service to find out the reason. At that time she told me that I didn't call the customer service to activate the connection, before making the calls. I never knew that you have to call the phone company before you make calls. But, according to AT&T, we have to get their approval before we do anything, including making a phone call. The final call to AT&T made it clear that I have to pay that money, if I want to keep the phone line, which I ended up doing.

Here the big companies eat up the small ones to make their own rules under a monopoly and the government doesn't do anything to cover the consumers. There should be at least 3 companies to compete and they shouldn't be allowed to merge or do business together. That's the only way the American people are going to enjoy the freedom they have in this country.

at&t-will not honor agreement

I am writing to inform others of how bad AT&T has treated me as a customer. I will start at the beginning. I...

yellowpages & internet advertising

For those of you who have entered into any agreements with Bell South / AT & T for advertising or web site services, I feel your pain. Ever feel like you made a huge mistake? So do I. We entered into an agreement for yellow pages ads and website design. Not only did the yellow pages ads come out wrong, after we faxed the corrections, but also found out after we made the agreement that we needed to provide the pictures for our website! I am still in the process of trying to get some type of resolution with the situation but seem to just get stall tactics, delays and no response until I call again. They have not accepted any responsibility. It seems they have deceitful sales practices and are very misleading with their representation. Beware of any promises, as they will not be honored!!!!

  • Fi
    fistilynn Sep 19, 2013

    I see your a florist. I just received a call asking why we cancelled our advertising in 2012. You mean they do not have my 100 complaints, mailed and online, of being completely ripped off? So, ATT YP advertising rep, you are agreeing that $400 a month for YP advertising for a family owned florist in a town of 800 people is " a little much" ?! You know he ripped me off! you said you're "glad he didn't work there anymore, but would love my business again"? I was very calm and nice and I think she knew to never call here again. The "support" I got for $400 a month was an add on YP.com and a call every 4 months saying maybe if I added more advertising I would see better results. She was right, I have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to this company having no morals.

    0 Votes

at&t service sucks! billing me for cancellation when I am within my 30 days to switch.

Just got a bill from at&t where they are billing me for cancellation of service. I got line from at&t on...

billing rip-off

We made a payment to Cingular just as or before they changed over to At&t. They said it did not go through...

automatic renewal of contract

At&T renewed my advertising after I told their sales rep that I no longer wanted their service. They told me...

rude customer service in store!

I went into the AT&T Wireless store to have a simple question answered. I was "greeted" by one of the customer service people standing behind a desk, a middle aged man whose name was "Amir" (though I cannot recall his last name.) His greeting was unfriendly; he sounded as if he was bored with his job and had better things to do. During the transaction, I mentioned my decision to leave AT&T next month in favor of Sprint. This is a decision I'd made after nearly a year of researching other companies, getting feedback from others, and generally growing displeasure (since the "name change") with the lowered quality of nationwide coverage I am able to obtain while traveling the interstates (I am a truck driver, I travel throughout the lower 48).

Amir asked me why I was cancelling AT&T. I expressed a few of my reasons. While I was speaking, Amir did not look me in the eyes. In fact, he was literally staring out the window, over my shoulder. He continued to do this while I briefly explained my dissatisfaction with my service. When I finished... he actually turned his head, LOOKED MY HUSBAND IN THE EYE... AND BEGAN EXPLAINING *TO HIM* WHY I WAS "WRONG" FOR LEAVING AT&T. My husband just stood there looking dumbfounded, as he had not engaged in the conversation prior to this.

Yet Amir refused to speak directly to me, preferring instead to speak to my husband as if my husband were making my decisions for me. He offered no advice, no help... none of the typical "salesman stuff" I'm used to hearing. I was expecting something along the lines of "I'm sorry you're dissatisfied, let me see if there's anything I can offer you to get you to change your mind and keep your service?" None of that. Just arguments... Sprint was bad, Sprint had no coverage, Sprint laid off employees, I would certainly end up unhappy with Sprint, my *phone* was the cause of all of my problems, if I'd just renew my contract for another 2 years and buy a new phone it'd all be better (I'd heard that line before).

Mind you, I've had my wireless broadband (air card) through Sprint for 8 months now, and it offers me high-speed in the most unbelievably rural places. Meanwhile, a friend of mine (another trucker) uses AT&T's air card and can't send emails in metro St. Louis. I have no fewer than 3 fellow truck driver friends who use Sprint and on occasions where we have traveled together, I dropped more calls and had less service than they do. This is not a decision I took lightly after 3 years as a (happy!) Cingular customer. I found that in my experience, the name isn't all that changed when Cingular turned to AT&T, and I chose to leave.

I've honestly never been so disrespected by a sales associate in my life. To be blatantly ignored, talked over, and treated as if I were an impudent child, left me reeling with anger. After that experience, I don't care if every other cell phone provider in the country goes out of business leaving only AT&T... I will resort to smoke signals and Pony Express as a means of communication before I ever go back.

I spoke to the manager and will be writing a letter to AT&T directly; a customer service rep at the call center gave me the address. I just figured I'd spread the word.

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