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rebate scam

Lets see. I signed up for U-Verse back in July and it was installed 8/2/2008. I thought I was getting some...

at&t wireless employee harrassing customer

I have a friend, a woman, who went to an AT&T Wireless store last Saturday for some assistance transfering service to a new phone. Later that day she started getting harrassing text messages on her phone from a number she didn't recognize: "You're Hot!" "Hey Beautiful" "Hey Gorgeous." She ignored them, but they continued Saturday into Sunday. On Sunday she went to a different store and the clerk looked up the number that had been sending her the messages.

Turns out THE HARRASSING TEXT MESSAGES WERE FROM THE AT&T WIRELESS EMPLOYEE WHO HAD WORKED WITH HER THE DAY BEFORE. A guy who apparently thought it was alright for him to take her confidential client information and use it to harrass her. It was reported to the regional manager. That was Sunday. Today is Friday, and the guy who was harrassing her is STILL EMPLOYED BY AT&T WIRELESS. The regional manager wants to "give him a break" because the kid says he didn't do it (he claims his friends did it as a joke, though he can't quite explain how THEY got a hold of her confidential client information). Regional manager says he's a "good kid."

I've worked for Fortune 500 companies in the past. Personal use of confidential client information is grounds for termination. Apparently not at AT&T Wireless.


  • Mo
    mountainrailroad Oct 17, 2008

    I would talk to a contract lawyer in your area to file a suit on the employee as well as his manager. A breach of confidentiality contract. He broke it he should pay. You have a good suit. I would persue this matter with a lawyer.

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  • Di
    disbelieving Jan 11, 2009

    Something similar happened to me while using ATT Wireless. I received a email that changes had been made to my account but I did not make any changes so I called and told them that. They told me that they couldnt explain it because whoever made the changes would have to know my personal information (last 4 of social security number and my zip code). I was in disbelief, they told me they "couldnt" even locate the rep that took the call and made the changes!! So I canceled my service on one line and resumed using a secondary line I had. The day I canceled the service it happened to me again.

    How can this happen? Att should not allow employees to access client information without their consent and they should have security measures in place that can track who accesses it. I have to figure out what to do next.

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  • Fl
    fllnktt Jul 20, 2010

    You keep saying "confidential information" when referring to her phone number...I mean..really?...some dick just thought a girl was cute and texted her...If nothing else it's an understandably annoyance...but to act like its some sort of supreme court case is a little ridiculous.

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  • Valemmons Jul 20, 2010

    This post is scarry and two years old??? And yes it is a supreme court issue... There are privacy laws idiot! Why they won't even let me change my husbands account but an employee can get you personal info and possibly come and rape someone or anything else... Good lord whts wrong with you. You must be the kind of person who has done something similar to this.

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  • Vi
    VictorEspinoza Dec 17, 2010

    thank you, uverse technicians are too busy as it is, the less customers the better!

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  • Vi
    VictorEspinoza Dec 17, 2010

    Really? Can we stop being babies, oh my hes going to find youuu its called flirting, your probably the same person who is also scared to walk outside because you think everyone is going to turn into demons and snatch you up, wow get a life and def take a chill pill

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charged for operator assisted call

Run! Do not walk from AT&T's services. There Customer service is completely incompetent Zombies. AT&T's new slogan should be "if it wasn’t for the customers, this telecommunications business would be a lot easier".

I am convinced that AT&T is SCAMMING folks for millions of dollars, just by forcing people to use 'Operator Assisted' calls caused by there own faulty phone service lines.

I was an AT&T customer for 20+ years but not anymore. Why bother? I recently had an issue with getting charged for 2 Operator Assisted phone calls to a legitimate phone number that I was able to dial prior, using the same exact phone just minutes before. The next time, I tried to dial the valid number, I got a message saying that the phone number was not valid and an AT&T operator came on the line to apologize and patch me through. This happened twice. I was thinking, Gee, How nice of AT&T, such great customer service... until I got the bill!

AT&T charged me over $50 for a call that lasted less than 10 minutes because it was an "operator assisted" call. This call would have normally been less than $1 according to my calling plan. Never mind that I was basically forced into using an operator, because a valid number all of a sudden became an invalid, that I could not dial with out there assistance! How insane!

When I tried to explain that I was forced to use the operator to make the call, the customer service folks all just read off the same script like zombies " this is an operator assisted call", "we can not do anything about the charges", "you made the call”, "you can not escalate the complaint”, "you must write in; here's the PO box address".

At one point, I asked to speak to a manager, I got a fake- manager du jour, who read off the same script as above, when I then asked him for his manager, I was told that he has "an OFF-line Manager"... Gee! I gotta get one of those!

AT&T is scamming people for millions using a shut-out client service tactic, with little recourse for the customer. Good-BYE and good riddance to AT&T!

  • Un
    unhappy with at&t May 12, 2009

    I am not even an AT&T customer and I just got a bill for $46 dollars for an operator assisted call. I have no idea why or how I could have received such a bill. I called customer service and they basically said too bad, you have to pay the bill. This is crazy!!!

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website not accessible

A web site is not working whenever attempting to access through their LaptopConnect. This was attempted at 9/16/2007 and 9/17/2007. Not working means that the browser returns with an error message stating that the server is not available.
However, I am able to see the website on a PC next to me using a direct LAN connection, or when I connect my same laptop through WiFi (non ATT).
Also all other websites work just fine.
Customer service is refusing to open a tier-1 ticket with techs to resolve and/or research this problem. They state that they can not open because it is not a problem on their side, and also they can not help me further because I have a Mac. They refer me to Apple Customer Service, and suggest me to contact the owners of the website.
The website affected is www.pepsicustomerservice.com.
I tried to suggest that I have proof that it is blocking on an ATT owned server/router by providing a traceroute. They bluntly refuse to help me any further.

my bill

Wow! I am so glad I left AT&T. My bill was reduced by about 30% with a company called Bullseye Telecom. This cute rep came in my office talking how she could make an improvement with our telecommunications. She did and we no longer throw our money out the window with AT&T whom I hate calling. I would wait on hold forever to talk to a live person then being transfered around from department to .

Bullseye actually has a live person answering their phone-HOW REFRESHING! She said what she said she would and followed thru. I would recommend Bullseye to any company fed up with AT&T. I had a company called McleodUSA now some stupid name called Paetec give me some song and dance. I told them to take their pony ride and go on their merry way. Their billing was always wrong every month. I never got credits, customer support was the worse and some girl name Julie give me references to contact and 2 of them didn't have anything good to say except forwarned me that this Julie is full of lies!!

Bullseye is the best and I wouldn't have any desire to switch -Ever now!

Todd Walters

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    On 24 September 2008, service order was placed on the ATT website for package for residential service and DSL Elite. Installation was scheduled for 29 September 2008 before 8P and a confirming order number was provided and telephone number assigned. No installation was performed under the installation service contract and, upon notifying ATT, the first call center handler was incompetent and refused to refer to supervision, dropping the call to a national call center with someone who had no idea of why the call was referred, with the national call center dropping the call back to Michigan (when the original call was routed from California). The Michigan call center proceeded to give an incorrect number for the CA/NV customer complaint center, where another incompetent entry level call handler refused to refer to a supervisor. The order was re-placed in another name with consent on 30 September 2008 with a totally different set of web pages accessed for the same package. The order, placed, was accepted, and generated a confirmation number and no specific installation date (only a response within 3-5 business days). The web site failed to honor the waiver of activation charge (installation fee) which is and was clearly stated on the website and on other websites. An email response indicated that ATT does not service the service address (when it is the California regulated phone monopoly for dial tone access) when ATT was contracted to the same address 2 weeks earlier for the same or similar services under a different number. In addition, the cell phone under contract to ATT began messaging that 'this is not a working number' when the account is and was current, causing significant damages to the consumer. $10 was also assessed in fees on the cell phone to call the business office when these calls were and are supposed to be free. This is now subject to CA PUC complaint and legal action against ATT in the local jurisdiction for breach of contract and unfair trade practices/fraud.

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mail fraud, wire fraud, bait and switch

The rebate card came with a $100.00 credit on it supposedly I say supposedly because the card has been declined at every retailer except the first one a Chinese resturant. It you go to the web site however for the rebate program they say the card is good and still has $78.00 on it. I read the instructions completely that came with the card (highly restrictive) and figured well mabe the merchants are doing something wrong. So I went back to the same resturant a week later and charged a meal for the same ammount $21.40 with a $78. balance still showing on the card at the rebate web site and no holds, and guess what not it will not go through. I have read complaint after complaint essencially the same. This Wirefraud! and every one affected should complain to the United States Postal Service because these people are using the U.S. Mail to defraud us. You should also complain to the Federal Trade Commission you can do it online and it is easy, also visa and mastercard because their logos are being used. This is definately a scam to keep your money that they promissed and is a clear breach of contract they signed with you.

  • Ry
    RyanO2151 Feb 26, 2009

    Consider yourself lucky for having even received the rebate card! I purchased a Blackberry 8310 on 7/25/08. At that time, the $100.00 rebate was being offered. Naturally, I completed the rebate form, attached the original purchased equipment receipt and also included the proof of purchase from the equipment box. Lo and behold, SEVEN months later, I have yet to receive said rebate. I have had about 20 different conversations with different "supervisors", customer service reps and collections reps regarding this issue and NONE have stepped up to help a customer with an obvious issue that would be easily remedied by crediting my account for the amount in question. As of this afternoon, I have been told that regardless of the status of my previously sent rebate forms, the rebate is now EXPIRED! As of January, I purposely left a balance of $100.00 on my account and I am refusing payment to AT&T until they rectify the rebate situation. I have been told two stories on the rebate, one story says that the rebate company is not even AT&T which would be a clear case of false advertising on a national level. The other says, that the rebate department is in another location from any of the other departments and that they are working on a completely separate platform and no one is able to credit my account. I have repeatedly addressed this issue with AT&T and offered the following under the assumption that they have any and all necessary information on file to help a customer.
    1. Locate my receipt for proof of purchase of the equipment in question.
    2. Verify that the equipment was, in fact, eligible fora rebate at the time of purchase.
    3. Cross check my account payments for any credit being applied from the card.
    4. WHEN they see I have not applied this credit, they should then apply a little common sense (near impossible for AT&T reps) and see that the right thing to do here would be to credit my account.
    As of today, I have been threatened with interruption of service if I do not immediately make payment for the outstanding amount on my account, DESPITE the fact that I have paid every other part of my bill since taking this step.

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service disconnection

I am Customer of ATT since July 2008. The main reason to select ATT Internet services because in my community there is no other Internet Service provider and only ATT services are availble. In these three months of service I have got three Account Numbers 9Don't know why ) and above all my services was disconnected three times by ATT ( Don't know why) . But Third time I came to know it was because of their Orders Department came to know that their billing address was missing my APT # in their records, just for this small reason my Internet service got disconnected and now I will be given new account number and as per policy new service will be established after 7-10 business working days. Other than this I have never received my bills for usage and I have asked them to send me bills for usage and they said there are some system errors on their side so it will take some time to receive bills. I can expect a huge bill amount in one bill but don'tt know when. And this time my Internet service has got disconnected. I ma more frestrated now because I am Senior Working Professional currently working from home and this gap of 10 days would cost me more than my job, but who cares, ATT- No way. Atleast I was expecting that ATT will inform me in advance that why they are disconnectig my services just because of not having APT # my billing address in their records. They disconnected the services without my knowledge and Intention. The horrible thing is I have Order receipt and ATT Confirmation Letter where they have mentioned my Activation Details and that have my APT # mentioned. So its really very funny that when ATT Technical Dept, ATT Sales Dept have my detail address but this Ordr and Billing department doesn't have my Details address. In my Community I am bound to get only ATT services so I have get this worst service anyhow as I can't afford individual satellite to have Inetrnet Services and this Big Companies get advantage of Customer problems. I would never ever recommend ATT services to anybody. You better get hold of some other providers or atleast go to area where you have option to choose other one.

bad service

Be very careful when accepting sales pitches from AT&T customer/internet service representatives in respect...

return not processed

It been two months since I returned a bluetooth device purchased on the AT&T Premier website. I was given a return label and asked to ship it, which I did. I even found that AT&T received it at their facility in Fort Worth Texas.

Ever since then, I've been on the phone with AT&T representatives for no less than an hour each time. They take forever to come on the line, then they take forever to find the order number, and each time, they give me a different story on how returns are processed in this company. First, I heard that I need to call and tell AT&T that they've received my return so they can credit it to my account. Then, I am told that I need to wait for two billing cycles for the credit to show up automatically and I don't need to do anything. Then, when I call back again, I am told that they can't locate the order. After several such calls, I am finally told that they've found it and its noted on my account, and they will go ahead and credit it right then and there.

And then, the credit does not show up anywhere! So I call again, and no one has a clue about the credit or the order. The Premier Support rep tells me this is a customer service issue and transfers me there. The customer service rep says this is a support issue, and tries to contact the support people. Then the call drops!! Aaarghh.. I have to start all over again.

I am trying hard to figure out how to sue them over this in a small claims court. If you know of a better place to sue, please let me know. Thank you so much.

  • Ma
    Madan Dec 02, 2008

    Same issue i am facing nowe. I returned Iphone in september30 its been 2months i didnt received my refund. I called for return almost 10 times to get my refund.
    i called support they are forwarding to order management what they used to call, After giving all the details to ordermanagement the call will get dropped in last phase. i asked them to call back but there policies won't agree.

    I been like ATT customer for more than 2 years. This is how they are treating there customers.

    Where i can file these complaints?

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they lie about rates then charge what they want

I am very upset and outraged about the way I have been treated in recent months by AT&T.

A while ago an AT&T rep asked me if I would like to upgrade to the highest DSL speed at no extra cost. I agreed. Instead, he added a 2nd DSL line to my account! Every time I get a bill I am charged twice for DSL service and have spent a great deal of time sorting this out. Each time, I’m assured it won’t happen again, but it does.

About a month ago, because of this and other issues, I arranged to switch my service to Vonage. I was sent to AT&T’s “Save” department where I was offered the following for $80, permanently, including taxes: Two lines, unlimited long distance, DSL and Complete Choice.

When that deal did not show up on my most recent bill (but the extra DSL charge did), I called and was told there was no way I could get such a rate; that the best rate would be $94.95 for six months, and then I will have to call back.

My husband got on the phone and asked to speak with a supervisor. When she came on the line he told her that he was going to record the call, and she terminated the call! It’s OK for them to record me but it’s not OK for me to record them? Therefore, nothing was resolved after spending more than an hour on the phone with the person she was supervising.

This is absolutely outrageous and I do not appreciate all the time and aggravation I have been subjected to.

AT&T employees have either been downright incompetent or outright liars. I’m not sure which. This is no way to treat customers.

  • La
    Larry Roberts Sep 05, 2008

    Let us start off by stating the AT&T is like Nightmare on Elm Street. I got the at&t U-verse on 8/05/08 because I felt my DSL was little slow and decided to change services to U-verse because of what I was told would happen if I did change my service to U-verse. First of all they got my order wrong and if I had called the day before I would have the wrong service and only one stream of HD TV. I had ordered for HD TV's. This is only the beginning of things yet to come. I was also promised (2) $100 rebates because of the expense to cancel Dish Network service. When I inquired about it, a $100 rebate was all I was going to get. They installed the U-verse and incorrectly. For the first technition was confuse as what to do. Another came and still installed wrong. Had bad TV reception and picture freeze constantly!

    The problem according to the majority of the technitions is cross talk at the telephone cable box, regarding wiring twist. I was advice that engineering knew about the problem over a month now and still has not fix it. I have called them every other day for over a month now with the problems unresolved. Promised several times will be out to replace block in box. Still has not happen. Sent it to Escalations department twice and once in department above it. Still not resolved. Several neighbors drop their service completely with AT&T because of U-verse. I would advice not getting this service because of all the technical problems and no service at all.

    Found out that most people in the service department been with company only a few weeks. And in Fort Worth they are checking in their trucks and quiting as fast as they hire new ones. Problems from company from top to bottom!!! People promised to be there at certain times. Never once they ever showed up on time. Other times said they would get back. Never Happens. Three times have been promised problem at box will be repaired by such and such time. Three times it never happen. When one calls back the number there is never a reply back. This is AT&T at its best. Had Service with this company for over 10 years. Will start getting rid of all service with them. I am in Crime Watch and Code Enforcement and I never saw such a gross neglect service as AT&T!!!

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Sep 05, 2008

    Sue in small claims for "failure to perform"; esentially, they did not fulfill their contract with you. They probabl;y will not show and you'll win by default.

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  • Ro
    Rocket Man May 20, 2009

    I suffered a similar experience. In September, I received an offer from AT&T to bundle wireless, internet and land line for $100 a month. I won't go through all the sordid details, but instead of lowering my monthly payments of ~$150/mo they increased to $200/mo. When I finally sorted these problems out, the AT&T rep offered to upgrade my DSL line for only $5/mo to $35/mo. Instead of $35/mo they charged me $70/mo for a service the next rep said he didn't even recognize. I lost my job in October and asked in January to change my residential service to a California life line for $6.11 on month. By March, the new rate did not appear on my bill, so I asked what was going on. The next AT&T rep told me it would take a few billing cycles for the new rate and credit to appear and confirmed the $6.11 rate. I received my latest bill yesterday with the charges still not changed. The next AT&T rep told me that I received a life line "discount" of ~$5/mo to my residential service and the residential service was never changed because I never requested it!!! Please tell me why I would request a life line and still want residential service when I am unemployed and only need the phone for internet (to help in my job search), which I explained to each AT&T rep on the phone. Now they say the best they can do is to rebate me two months of the difference in charges and the only thing I can do is to file a complaint!!! I have a better idea--cancel my service with AT&T and never use them again!!!

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bogus rewards center

ATT representative said that after I ordered high speed internet service I could log in to ATT reward center...


Cingular merged or was taken over by AT&T and subsquently during the transformation their customers were left...

they lied to get contract

May 2008 - Purchase an air card from AT&T wireless. May 2008 - Receive air card. Doesn't work. Call...

billing errors

30+ year 'veteran' of AT&T/SBC/Illinois Bell as customer. Was on calling plan for local, longdistance, grandfathered, added AT&T Internet (via SBCGlobal before buyout) Router problems, went to use Dial Up to resolve issues, Dial up number was given by AT&T Rep to use. Got notice of non-compliance with unlimited domestic plan as the Dial Up numbers were more than 8 miles from my home. Notified AT&T that their rep gave me the phone numbers... was then told they can't put me back on the 'package' as it is not longer available.. went to another unlimited package.. more money. June 9th, 2008 Storms took out my router again... called AT&T Cust service, they gave me LOCAL dial up number to connect/test my router... that number would not 'go thru'.. due to storms apparently... sourced via the library additional dial up number and used it for 7 minutes.. TO TEST THE ROUTER/LINE with AT&T and 2WIRE.com. Router toasted so 3rd one Purchased thru AT&T. AT&T Internet Services DID credit replacement cost.. however as I used a dial up number that was working but fell under "local long distance" as more than 8 miles from the house.. (again, I was not able to get THRU on the LOCAL dial up number).. they sent me a 2nd Offense Notification... recieved on June 13th, 2008.. that effective June 9th, 2008.. all long distance calls were billed at a standard rate of $.25 - $.35 per minute. When a new plan would be put in place, billing would be put at $.10/per minute.
I called AT&T Long Distance on June 13th the moment I got the letter of infraction and was told "too bad"... either I sign up for another long distance program that was far more expensive or 'deal with it'.
I called back and said "cancel ALL of my AT&T Long Distance" was told I had fees to pay "your state governor" to remove long distance from my home line. I contacted Vonage and found what seems a worthwhile option... set up porting of number and was in a 30 cancellation option with them. Recieved a phonecall/ automated/ from AT&T regarding change in service.. message was that ALL AT&T services would be disconnected... if that is NOT the case.. call 800-blah blah... which I did. Call taken by male rep who was told what was to be cancelled... what was to remain (Internet / Local calling) and he said after all facts were told.. he'd with my permission.. pass me on up the line to Michalyn, Account Retention Services. Micahlyn, offered credits to offset the long distance calls, put me on a plan all inclusive for $40/month.. gave service discount on the internet portion and told me 'wait for 2 billing cycles.. as we are in the middle of one now, all credits will show up on the 2nd bill so don't worry about the next bill.. just pay it and the credits will be on the following." I was thrilled to the point that I increased now to a 3 pack bundle... dropped Direct Tv and had her add Dish TV to my AT&T Bundle as a thank you / reward for outstanding customer service. Installation was great.. I was happy and the man that needs the longdistance in my house was not so happy as he LOVED DirectTV but ya take what ya get. Just recieved the "2nd bill" that is to have the credits to offset the $140+ plus longdistance bill from the "intermediate" billing cycle... no credits.. hust higher rate of "per minute" long distance. Almost $400. Called AT&T several times only to be put on hold or dance thru the maze of "make yer choice".. and "I'm sorry.. I didn't understand what you said" computer generated "directory". Total time on the phone with AT&T to get NOWHERE was 2 hour 18 minutes. ONE which lasted on HOLD with 2 interuptions to 'hang in there" was 1 hour 28 minutes.. precisely ending 20 minutes AFTER the Michelyn I worked with had 'gone home". I don't work... I am living off my savings as I have to give respite/hospice care to the man who is living with me. HE uses the long distance to talk to his family in FAR away states. North Dakota, California, Florida... and one ex-trucker buddy that keeps him company thru this now 2 1/2 year battle with metastatic cancer and chemo. It's his lifline literally. I can't pay the $400 phone bill.. hard enough to pay the high previous bill.. Need some RESOLVE here...
same issues here with promises to "call back"... just GOT a call back.. and was told the person that needs to review "your problem" isn't in until Monday and Monday we're busy.. so maybe Tuesday... in the mean time.. don't make any long distance calls as I can't say if we can help you with the (now) $.35 / per minute rate... The $400 bill will sit unpaid as I WAS sucker enough to "go ahead and pay the NEXT bill and BELIEVE it when I was told "all will be credited on the FOLLOWING bill..."

  • Fr
    frustrated and confused Sep 21, 2009

    We received a $1300. phone bill from att after being supplied with the numbers by their partner, yahoo. No one ever told us we would incur long distance charges @ $.40 per minute when we signed up for the "unlimited long distance" and dialup internet service which ran at less than a snail's pace. What a scam!

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  • Ju
    Juana Cotto Jul 13, 2015

    I connected my service with AT&T a month ago. I kept calling asking for my first bill and nobody told me the truth. They kept telling me that my bill will be almost $50.00 per month. When my bill came it was $2, 060.00. I have just Internet plus home phone with unlimited national calls, plus a tech service per 12 months, plus they charge us $10.00 per their modern to become us . Why we want to have a modem ? But they charge us in order to have they service in a our homes !!...Its incredible the way they are doing business today and Government are not controlling all this abuses to consumers !...I want to disconnect all my services with At & T and nobody show up to solve this problem. I want to put a big claim against AT&T.

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refusal to apply promised credit

I was considering buying an iPhone 3G and when I ran into some unclear information on their website about eligibility, I called to clarify. What happened next was five/six conversations over the next few days, whereby several AT&T care reps provided conflicting information relating to eligibility, pricing, where I could buy the iPhone, etc.

I finally spoke to someone the day the iPhone was released and was advised that all other information provided was premature. He stated AT&T had only just made available the detailed pricing and eligibility requirements that all care reps should use in their conversations with customers. He was sorry that I had been misinformed, and when I announced that AT&T's service, or lack thereof, has proven the deciding factor in my decision not to renew my contract when it's due. (This is where the story gets good.)

At this point, the care rep offered me a credit on my AT&T account of $100 that would be applied if and when I purchased and activated an iPhone. I advised him that I appreciated the offer, but that AT&T had lost my confidence. He then offered to credit my account $200 should I purchase and activate an iPhone. I thanked him again, but still wasn't interested. He stated that he would note my account either way and if I should change my mind, the account would be credited.

A few weeks passed, and while shopping at an AT&T store with a friend, I decided to verify that my account did in fact state the credit. The retail care rep confirmed the note regarding the $200 credit. I still was hesitant about making the purchase until a few weeks later. My existing cell phone's battery was malfunctioning and I decided to purchase the iPhone, going against my prior decision to leave AT&T.
That $200 credit would certainly offset the $499 iPhone price to a reasonable extent.

August 9, at the Apple store, I had to speak with an AT&T care rep to disengage my corporate discount before Apple could activate my iPhone. While speaking with AT&T to take care of this, I asked once more about the note about the credit. The note's existence was confirmed once again, and I went forward with the purchase of the iPhone.

August 21, I called to speak with AT&T to set up the voice mail on the iPhone. Once this was resolved, I asked whether the credit had been applied to my account. The care rep stated that no credits would be applied to the account related to the purchase and activation of an iPhone. I nearly lost it. I spoke with several supervisors since that initial conversation, and all stood firm that AT&T would not honor their word.I've returned the iPhone and luckily didn't have to pay any restocking fees (No thanks to AT&T).

Today, I am back to using my crappy old defective phone, held together with scotch tape and a Popsicle stick splint. But as I look at that sad phone, I know as each day passes, I am one day closer to being free of AT&T.

  • Pr
    Princess Pittman Mar 29, 2009

    Good morning att,
    Hello my name is Princess Pittman and I recieved a letter stating that a reciept was missing or misplaced but I sent everything on the list, in order to recieve a rebate. But any who I went to att to get another reciept for both of my phones but I lost the letter so how do I go by sending the reciepts. My mailing adress is [email protected]

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bad business practice

My phone has been giving me trouble since I've been with AT&T and the service is horrible. I first went...

[Resolved] uverse equipment returns

Disconnected our U-verse account 0n May 26, AT&T required to send boxes for the return of receivers and...

at&t service rep lied and lied again

I just signed up over the phone for dsl on Friday. My friends have it for about $24 a month. Justin, the At&t rep, said it would be $35/mo. I questioned him on it because it was higher than expected. He said that was the price. I asked about discounts. He said I would be getting a $200 rebate. I said I wanted a phone...he said it would be $7 per month and would be good for the entire metroplex. He then asked for a credit card number to secure the modem. I protested saying I used to have AT&T before and that I usually don't even have to pay a deposit because my credit is good. So I signed up, the phone was turned on and I was to receive the modem in a few days.

Then I got a call from the AT&T credit department...they had the wrong account number on my account. I was transferred back to the sales department. Turned out Justin lied and lied again to me about my options. There are 3 tiers of internet service based on the speed. (Actually on line there is an even cheaper version making 4 tiers) The amount ranged from $25/$30/$35 which I was only given the choice of the premium $$$ service. The rebate is incorrect, $150 max. Also I'm being charged for the modem and shipping, something that Justin didn't bother to inform me of. Also the basic phone line only can have 25 outgoing calls. Something Justin forgot to mention. And he didn't mention I was being signed up for automatic monthly bill pay. I do not want monthly bill pay. I would have backed out of the "deal" if I had known that. Now I have to wait for the dsl to be turned on (according to the new rep) and then cancel it and change it over to a regular account. This new account will be based on my actual credit score which Justin didn't bother to run. My instinct was not to go thru with the "deal" when he asked for a credit card, but he assured me "that is the way we are doing it now". Evidently, NOT.

Trust your instincts. Hang up and call again and see if the next new rep says anything different. Do it 2 or 3 times. Perhaps you can eventually get the real truth about their range of services.

Because of the lies I was told, my instincts tell me not to do business with AT&T, however, as far as getting telephone or higher speed internet, I'm stuck with them.

I have a message into the supervisor to file a complaint against Justin formally. He needs to be repremanded and reinstructed on how to sell the service. If he cannot improve, let him find other work

  • De
    debbie Sep 22, 2008


    I have received my $50 modem rebate in the mail. The internet service is great. Much more reliable than TimeWarner or the Sprint pc card and service.

    However, the revised $100 rebate never materialized. I called and the AT&T rep said it would be added. I checked today...it's there but I would have to ADD 2 ADDITIONAL services to get it. This is not was was told me by the second AT&T rep. I was told I had a refund because I had switched from a different provider (in this case Sprint) and for signing up for the DSL Pro. (Which is the ONLY service I was offered by the first liar representative.) So now I have to call again. I checked the website and I am definitely suppose to get at least an additional $50 rebate for signing up for DSL Pro and should have wireless at various hotspots from what seems to be available on http://www.att.com/rewardcenter see the disclaimers. Don't agree to anything unless you check out their website. Don't trust anything they tell you. AT&T customer service representatives make promises they have no authority to offer and no intention of keeping.

    I have still not had a return phone call by a supervisor to make a formal complaint against their sales person, Justin. I left another message on the supervisory phone and still have not had a return call.

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  • Ev
    Eva Elizabeth Wood Sep 25, 2008

    I have Frontier high speed DSL internets service. Frontier won't let me cancel when It is time to conetact them a few days befor renewal date. They did not tell me how many days ahead to call them. Renewal date is the 22ed of September I called them on the 18th of September. The lady said on the phone that she will checked to see if I am renewed then to call me within 24 hours. I did not hear from them. Then my sister called them. Very angrly and rudly my sister yell at costumer service personal about my situation. The ledy told my sisiter that she will give me a call. She has my call noted and forgot to call me back. That she will call me. I have a feeling they kept me on. My money situation is tight and looking for ways to work it to pay my bills. Canceling my DSL service is one of the ways to get extra money to help pay the bills
    I think these serviese are not being honist with us. They are greedy. And force us to keep the service we do not want. Or cancel to pay$200-$500 cancelation fee that I can not afford to pay. You are in for a battle in canceling the DSL pro. Do not be surprise that they renewal your service way befor you call a few days befor the duedate to call them to renewal or cancel your internet service.

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  • An
    Anna Mar 11, 2009

    I've tended to find that AT&T products prices are better online and it's better to order online with AT&T. You can purchase the specific products you'd like online.

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  • An
    Anna Mar 11, 2009

    I was informed by two AT&T representatives that DSL service was not able in my area when it was available however I was able to place in order online for it. I was able to receive the DSL service.

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at&t cannot correct their own incorrect billing

Since I moved and started new phone and internet services, I have been billed incorrectly every single month...

extra charges

I checked with at&t a year ago, when I began to get everything together to open a new business. They quoted pricing for a business phone. I could get a 1 year contract (because of not knowing how successful this venture would be), rather than a 3 year contract. Then at the end of that year, of course, I could continue with another year, if I was making it o.k. When I received my first bill, it was larger than we discussed, so I called the co. and was told that the person that I set my account up with, did not tell me all I needed to know about the charges, but this new person would give me a rebate, plus a discount each month, to help me out as a new business. They sent me a new contract to sign and everything was good.
About 8 months later I had reason to call the co. and asked them when my contract was up. The rep. told me it was not up for over 2 more years.??? I explained the past conversations, and he said fine, but you should know that if you make this a 1 year contract, we will charge you an ending contract fee, plus charge you back the discount you have been getting.!!!

Well needless to say I was upset, and said, "I know you can't be for real, when your office is the one that set all of this up?" "Well m'am, I just want you to know before hand, that you will be charged, if you end this contract before the 3 years is up". Well guess what? I received a bill the next month for over $400.00.
I called and asked for a supervisor, and they told me they would return my call within 48 hrs. 3 weeks later I have heard from no-one.

I called again, and was told that the super. would have to call me back. "No I'll just hold on while you get her", I told them, after my past experience with supervisors calling back. An hour later, I'm told by the super., that there is nothing they can do, even though she agreed that it was their office's fault. I told them I could not pay the bill, nor did I think it was my place to have to pay the bill. And I didn't. When I received my next bill, with the charges still on there, I finally got another super. and after telling my story for the 5th time, she said she would remove the charges, except for a small portion, and I would need to call them when I got ready to end the service, before the year's contract was up. Several months later, as we decide our economy will not allow us to stay in business, I call to find out when my contract is up, and they tell me, the following day, and they will see to it, that the contract is stopped. I had the phone disconnected when we closed, at the end of June.

The NEXT month, I receive a bill for $202.00. I have already paid my last phone bill, after having paid my bill every month since I talked to the last supervisor, which helped me out. I call them and they tell me this is because I did not send them in writing, 60 days before I ended the contract, that I was ending it. So they charged me $202.00.

What in the HECK, kind of scam is this. Nearly every person I talked to at at&t, gave me some kind of bologna story, and never panned out what they said they were going to do, except for the supervisor whom took the $300.00 and something, off of my bill. If that office told me something, and they tape every conversation, then why don't they follow through? I was a small business owner, trying to make it (and didn't), and they weren't true to their word right from the start.

My store is closed, I have a large debt for the year that I was in business, I have excellent credit, and can not pay this $202.00, nor do I think, because of the incompetence of these people whom don't know their jobs, that I should have to pay it. Something needs to be done.

  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    Two year ago, I got a contract with Cingular today the new AT&t., I am a US ARMY member., for this reason I moved from Florida to North Carolina., I have almost 22 months as a at&t customer. But today this company that is supposes to support the troop, was negligent and made in my point of view something dishonest.

    I tried to upgrade my cell phone I was sure that I can do this because in July and two weeks ago I called to customer service to be sure if I was eligible to do it. And the representative told to me that I was eligible. Still toning when I check online my account appears as eligible (Sep -25-2008)

    But last weekend I received in my mail a offer from Radio Shack with better prices so I tried to do the upgrade ., but when the salesmen in radio shack called at&t to get the approval, they block my account and they said that I was not eligible . so I took the phone I told with the representative from at&t and he told me that I was not eligible because �I talk too much with my cell phone� I was disappointed I said what kind of excuses is that and he told me that at&t don�t have antennas in the area where I live so they have to pay for this service to another provider.

    When I got the contract nobody told me about antennas., networks and all this kind of bulls�� sorry the only thing that I know is that I paid my bill on time every month and I have ways to probe .i don�t care if at&t have to paid for use antennas or other network. We have a contract and they have to give me good services that include signal and accessories. Anyways I pay for that.

    But the bad thing about this is that when I asked how I can remove the block from my account, they said that the only way was if I bought the cell phone from them paying more expensive and waiting for a rebate for 13 weeks. This is a dishonest way to obligated me to buy a cell phone from at&t.

    I have copies of the notes that they put on my account with the ridiculous excuses .like, you talk too much and at&t have to pay to somebody else. If the business is not good for them just let me know and let me get out of the contract and I looking for an honest provider.

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