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did not use service-hasn't refunded

I received disc to install AT&T internet. When I called to register, AT&T rep said windows 98 wasn't...

customer service dept.

Att Uverse Bundle was offered to us..Sept. 5th, 08. We where scheduled for hookup on Sep. 20th. Had to reschedule. Next available date was Oct. 4th, 08. No problem..until ATT unhooked our phone line on Sept. 22nd. We called our current phone company "Charter". They said, Att took our phone number in their control. I called ATT, they said, yes we did, , and we are sorry for the mistake. After several calls and minutes to hours later on my limited cell phone, ATT agreed to come out Sept. 29th, 08. Between 8a-10a, I called they said, they would now be out between 10a-12p. I called them at 2pm..they said to be patient..a service agent would still be out today...(needless to say, I spent my whole Saturday...waiting.) I called them back at 8pm, the representative, said " well obviously Ms. the office is closed now, they won't be out tonite." Monday now is here...I'm desperately trying to get some info...and real true to our account. I got some information thru working with the neighborhood, who also had ATT problems, and a few of them, had a local sales rep. number and a U-Verse manager's number out of Lansing. They to, just blew smoke up my ###. It's now Saturday Oct. 4th...waiting on ATT because the ATT manager said, I promise our tech. will be out between 10a-12p. Well, you guessed, a no show. We are now getting new service with Charter..sometimes cheaper isn't always better. ATT SUCKS...

  • Mr
    MR. MRS. RODRIGUEZ Oct 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Am
    Amit Khurana Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had bought a Go phone last month and had activated the same on 13th October 2008, I got the phone + gophone card of 50$ value with 10$ bonus for the activations in that period. Eventually i got a nice deal with 60$ time.

    After I recharged the phone, I started noticing the problems while speaking on the refurbished Nokia 2610. It was a bad instrument as I was not able to hear the other person clearly on this phone ; and since here you usually buy the phone + connection together, by the time i realised the phone was bad i consumed 1.5$. To cover up for the business I spoke to Sprint mobile and ordered a new connection, as AT&T's poor connection causes me a loss in my business.

    I was pretty sure that this money was to be returned by AT&T (barring the 1.5$ which i had consumed so far); I called up customer care and they spoke so redely to me and said that the talktime cannot be returned.

    Reason why i had to go through the pain of ordering a new connection is due to the phone which was promoted by AT&T and evenually I could not use my talktime with this phone. Please suggest as I am searching for the appropriate consumer forum to help me here.
    All I paid was 40$ plus 3 $ taxes and I want this 43$ back., because of this bad instrument or whatever reason (may be the TA&T) connection at Arizona; I have still not been able to use the talktime which is valid till 11th January 2009.

    I am raising this concern with other consumer forums as well,
    All i want is my basic money to be returned.

    My AT&T no is : 480-399-5642
    Order Number: 5257093798

    Amit Khurana

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  • Wi
    Willie Darrett Nov 19, 2008

    I'm having the same probelms, but more... Had a 8-10am appt. no call, I called, they said someone will be coming that day. Finally at 3:30pm tech came to install the U-verse. That evening I notice that only one phone line in my home worked. I call and set-up an appointment for the next day at 11:00am, you guest it, a no-show, call three more times that day and finally was given another appointment for the very next day at 6-9pm, another no-show, was given another appointment for the next day 6-9pm... ANOTHER NO-SHOW. Some one needs to be fired and unemployed...

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rebate reward

I was inform after installation of my telephone service & internet service I would receive a rebate. wa...

terrible service

If you are considering att uverse, you may want to think about one of their competitors... Unless you enjoy...

customer service

***** STAY AWAY FROM AT&T DSL, The customer service is completely useless *****
I've just got of the phone with DSL customer service for the 8th time in 5 weeks (over 8 hours, with over 6 hours just on hold). After trying to get DSL installed, and finally (after 4 weeks) getting a DSL signal, I could not do the final log in (Error: ATM Link not found).

AT&T then installed, de-installed, re-installed, and de-installed my service. Then without notice cancelled the service. After I called this last time, they state DSL is not available (even though the DSL modem indicated I had a 4MB download speed, and a 640K upload speed).

The call in customer service for DSL is worthless. Average wait time to get to the first customer service rep if 5-10 minutes, then if you need to talk to Tech Support (normally always) the average wait time is 40-50 minutes. Even when you get through, they can't solve anything, and will just transfer you back to the main customer service line, or leave you on hold forever.

My recommendation is to STAY AWAY FROM AT&T DSL AT ALL COSTS (unless you like being on customer support forever!).

  • Le
    Leslie Lyons May 25, 2011

    Contacted AT&T today about service interruption. The customer support rep told me that I would need to pay the past due balance was $76 and then they would be able to restore services. After going and making an $80 deposit I called them back on the direct line to the department that the rep works. I was then advised that they could not restore services for the $76, instead I would need to pay $135. Come on AT&T! I know that you are a large company and it is hard for everyone to get on the same page but where is the line drawn? When do you hold your reps accountable for what they advise customers? Valued customer? That is definitely not what I felt like today. Instead I felt like someone you guys could do with or without. I guess that is the truth of it. After all I'm just one account of many, right?

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  • Fl
    FLAPAULG Jun 04, 2011

    Get ready to receive a bill in the mail. I went through 3 phone numbers to try and get a DSL installed at my house and it took 7 weeks. Each time they gave me a number they said there was a problem and they would close out the account and start a new one. Now I keep getting bills for the other 2 lines that never worked and can not get anyone to help me. It was such a horrible experience and now to add insuld to injury they are billing me for something I never got and when I call and try to talk to someone they tell me my service will be turned off if I do not pay the bills that are in error.

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When I bought my house I had a phone service through Bellsouth. I never had to think about them unless I paid my bill. Everything was great... Until they sold out to AT&T.

I have my internet and cable through COMCAST because when I bought the house DSL was not available in my neighborhood so I switched over to Cable connectivity. But I left my phone through Bellsouth. When AT&T took over Bellsouth they obviously took note that I didn't have their wonderful bundle scam and they could offer DSL so I became a target if you will. Calling myself their target sounds ludicrous as it should... who ever heard of a long standing popular company targeting people? I hadn't. Here's what transpired in the course of a year.

The phone calls began. I was kind and patient but immediately stated I wasn't interested. A few days later another call, then another... Every call after the first I told them to never consider calling me again. This went on week after week. One day I get a call from AT&T and I am flustered. I asked if they had me on a list and were intentionally tormenting me. I hung up the phone and my doorbell rang. There standign at the door was an AT&T rep asking me how much I paid for my phone, internet and cable service. I began to laugh like a lunatic. And then the next expletives fell from my lady like lips... I said "You've got to be F'n kidding me. You're truly here standing at my door after I have said no every week for the past year? You would dare come to my home to harass me further". You think he would have turned tail and walked off. That fool stood there and started his questions again. I had a newborn in my home so the phone ringing and doorbell were almost unacceptable at one point. Not to mention, they were truly harassing me.

I switched phone providers. And I am on the do not call list. Now that AT&T is not on my services menu..they are not allowed to call me.

And they had better not. I am itching to report them. I've got my guns loaded and waiting. Bring it on AT&T.

  • Be
    Betty Beeman Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a phone call on my cell phone them leaving me a voice mail calling me foul names...I have the phone number of the person who left me the message and i am 99% sure I know the person. Her phone number left on my caller ID on my cell is
    304-374-2371 she lives in New Cumberland Wv what can i do about her?
    Thanks for taking the time to review my email and hope to hear from you soon. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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harassing phone calls

After the customer service rep refused to return my calls about overbilling and reception dissatisfaction, I...

Resolved harassment

On 4/15/08, I moved my office from city in California to a location in another city. To accommodate the move I made the following calls to AT&T.

4/18/08 01:01pm duration of call 00:10:28 number called [protected]

7/03/08 12:58pm duration of call 00:10:22 number called [protected]

7/09/08 05:13pm duration of call 00:47:30 number called [protected]

7/09/08 06:01pm duration of call 00:12:23 number called [protected]

7/10/08 09:43am duration of call 00:14:48 number called [protected]

7/10/08 03:57pm duration of call 00:27:04 number called [protected]

7/11/08 03:40pm duration of call 01:00:49 number called [protected]

7/14/08 02:59pm duration of call 00:18:53 number called [protected]

7/24/08 10:13pm duration of call 00:00:08 number called [protected]

7/31/08 08:33am duration of call 00:15:02 number called [protected]

8/01/08 05:38pm duration of call 00:02:41 number called [protected]

8/06/08 02:33pm duration of call 00:23:33 number called [protected]

8/13/08 01:14pm duration of call 00:57:32 number called [protected]

9/02/08 04:47pm duration of call 00:26:08 number called [protected]

The duration of calls made to AT&T were for a total of 5 hours 27 minutes and 21 seconds not counting any calls to AT&T made from my cell phone or home phone.

On 4/18/08, I requested that Business number go to another carrier. The transfer did not take place until 5/03/08. On 7/03, I requested static IP address at my new address to accommodate my server to move from my old address DSL line to my new address on a DSL line. By 07/11/08 (after 3 hours 3 minutes and 24 seconds on the phone) with AT&T, I realized that they were not going to provide me with a static IP address. I told them I was going to seek the services of an alternative company. On 7/14/08, I acquired the services of another company and informed AT&T. On 7/16/08, my server was in place with my new static IP address provided by an alternate company. On 7/24/08 I called AT&T to confirm that I was not on there service and I would never be on there service again. During this period ‘customer service’ informed me on at least five occasions that only a supervisor could resolve my issues and none were available to speak to me but would call me within two days. No supervisor ever called and has not called to date. I, to the best of my ability, informed the customer service personnel that were willing to talk to me that my telephone service is from an alternative company and not from AT&T. To date AT&T is still harassing me with the claim that I have service with them.

I have contacted the California Public Utilities commission, KCRA - Call3, and posted my concerns on a number of internet blogs to attempt to resolve the issue. To date the issue is still unresolved.

  • Valerie Sep 05, 2008

    I was in Vietnam from July 6th-July 22nd. I arrived at the hotel and the last I saw of my phone was just after I arrived at the hotel. I remember putting it in my bag in the hotel room. I had no reason to look for the phone during my stay as I had no intention to use it. Instead I used Skype etc. for my calls.

    On July 22nd, I was packing and noticed my phone was not there. I thought there could be a possibility it could be deep in the over packed luggage so I decided to wait until the next day when I got home.

    On the 23rd, I went to an Apple Store and purchased and iPhone and told them to cancel my previous phone. The clerk said there was no problem. Then I discovered that there were charges during the period my phone was missing. I tried to explain my circumstances to the agent. She was extremely rude and accusatory. She kept me and my friend on hold for over 30 minutes.

    I re-contacted AT&T several times. Finally I was called by Ms. Barbara G. in the payment disputes area. She said that the charge would be over $2000. She understood the problem and reviewed my entire account history: the phone bill was always exactly the same every month. I paid with auto-pay and was never late. I had never called with international roaming ever in the history of the account, which was previously singular except for last May when I had the international calling plan for that purpose. Aside from that, I made ZERO international calls, ZERO data transfers etc. when I was abroad. In fact, I had been explicitly told I could NOT call internationally until the international roaming had been activated from the US. Ms. G. worked for 3-4 hours on the problem.

    She called and said that the issue had been taken care of, but that the bill had not come up yet, so the charges would appear but then be waved. I asked her if she was sure that the issue was resolved. She said, "I will pay it myself if it is not...I am that sure". She said that certain people "did not get it" - people were making claims like, "But he was using the phone July 23rd" - Yes, indeed I was, that was the period I restarted my phone and there was no dispute with that.

    On August 7th(?) I called AT&T on the billing date to make sure everything was ok. The agent said that the regular charge of $108 had appeared but not the disputed charges. He said MS. G. had done everything right. He asked if I wanted to disable autopay to avoid the disputed charges from being debited if they should occur. I said that I'd wait and check the next month. Basically, I had no dispute with the charges to the time I left LAX on July 4th and after July 23rd when I got the new iPhone.

    In the last days of August, I checked my account statement, it was now $3500. Again, my account has been pretty much exactly the same amount - previously $35 etc. every month. I called customer service. They acted like they were hearing all of this for the first time. When I referred to Ms. G., the new person said, "These notes are not that clear..." After being kept on hold 30+ minutes several times, I was told another high level review would occur.

    I mentioned that Ms. G. had taken very extensive notes and assured me all was taken care of. They made me go through the whole issue again. Each time I call, the agent reads a different version of what was written - so the disputed period starts on July 6th? July 8th? All of the extensive notes taken by Ms. G. and all of the hours spent were wasted.

    It took one week for them to call me back. I was told that the claim was denied. I asked why. First, the agent said because I did not report the phone missing. I explained to her that I did not know the phone was missing as I did not plan to use it in Vietnam, I had no reason to take it out. She then said that allegedly there was a phone charge made on July 11th which had been made on another statement. I went through the charges on that date point by point, she could not point out the disputed charge to me. Then she claimed there was a text message sent that was sent in previous months. I said I would check out what this was.

    I asked the agent why the claim was denied without calling me. The agent said, "Well it was denied, maybe that's why..." The agent apologized and said the issue would be reviewed again. I paid the portion of my bill that was not disputed.

    Several minutes later I checked out the issue of the text message. They were all of the series 101-010. These text messages are from AT&T itself and are sent when certain emails are received. I had several alerts set up so when the person in Vietnam began using my phone, this text message indeed came in. It was automated from my email account. This same text message also came in this month and almost every month. Thus, when the person who stole my phone started talking, a text message was sent to the phone. It was still automated and this same automated text message occurred that month and almost every month for that reason.

    I called back AT&T and asked the agent to note this in my record. She kept me on hold for a very long time, said she didn't know what to do. I asked for a supervisor. He at least listened and wrote down my explanation regarding the incoming text message.

    I was also told by Ms G. that I could contact her if there was a problem but assured me all was fine. But when I did call and asked for her, I was told by numerous people, "I can't contact her directly, I can only send an email..." Other agents have said, "I can't contact her.." So someone has been lying to me.

    I am extremely upset about this issue because

    1) Ms G. spent 3-4 hours on it and assured me in no uncertain terms the situation was ok and told me I could contact her if there were problems

    2) I pointed out there was never any irregularity in my account ever. It was always exactly the same amount and paid by auto-pay every month. I never called internationally or had international roaming on the phone ever except for last May when I called from Mexico using the international calling plan.

    3) I have to re-explain the whole case each time I call, everyone ignoring the previous comments made. The dates that I have disputed change each time, showing the sloppy state of their record keeping

    4) The disputed charges did not appear in the next billing period but in the one after that

    5) The person denied my claim on the flimsiest of reasons - a call that allegedly was made and appeared in other statements - they cannot tell me which call that is when I look at the online statement. The text messages that came in were from AT&T itself. But the person reviewing my case did not bother to take this into account

    6) I have no certainty that the charges will not reappear at any time. I was assured once the problem would be resolved. The charges reappeared. I am unable to contact the people making the decision on the case, they contact me only when a decision has been made. Their record keeping is extremely sloppy and they make assumptions that should have been explained in the extensive notes taken by Ms. G.

    The alleged charges are approx $3, 040.00

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  • Po
    P. One Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have been charged for international calls that was NEVER made from my phone. When I found out and spoke with AT&T representative, said they couldn't do anything about it and that they would give international rate, but still had to pay even though calls were NOT made by me! I did not want to mess up my credit, so unfortunately paid the bill. Shortly thereafter, I had international calling restricted on my account, but in May, August, and again in September 2008, there again are international calls being charged on my account. I have written numerous letters regarding these charges, and still have not received a response from my last correspondence! I will be happy when my contract ends at the end of this month and will be able to end my account!

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  • Ho
    Hollis TV Inc Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT&T has been harrassing us here at the shop for over a year. We get approximately 3 calls per week. Every time we tell them to remove our number, they "comply" but mention that the call lists are all different since AT&T owns several branches of marketing, advertising, phones, cell networks, and other businesses.

    At this point, I no longer care what kind of businesses they own, nor do I want anything to do with any of them.

    They have cornered the market on harrassment and it has to stop!!!

    This has also happened to most of our individual employees as well as our business!!!

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  • Do
    Donnie Wishard Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an even better issue. I signed up and activated the Mexico calling plan. I was told that I had to pay $4.95 per month pro-rated, and my rate would be $0.49 a minute whilst I was on this plan. I told them I was going to call back and cancel when I got home, as I do not call Mexico, and just wanted the cheaper rates while I was on my trip. They said no problem, but I would have to make sure that my regular international plan was re-activated so that I could make other international calls. No problem. When I returned, I called in to cancel, and I was told that I had to wait 60 days, or else my calls would be rated at the regular rate, as the Mexico service was not active. So to be straight, I paid for Mexico service, made calls during the period it was active, and I am not charged at the rate that was active when I made the calls. SO BEWARE, it will cost you $4.95 x 2 or roughly $10 to have Mexico plan, and they do not tell you this. I do not see how this could hold up if the issue is pushed...

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  • Mad as Well Oct 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT&T needs to be broken up again. It "should" become socialized like all essential services. Defense, education, health, and communication/transportation. They over charge...do a horrible job of supplying service and are the rudest most arrogant people I have ever dealt with. Because they missed two scheduled service calls to my house, with no notification or apology...I called and complained about it. The next night as I was sleeping, the phone rang and they asked me if I wanted service! Is this blatant harassment, or is it just "stupid is as stupid does"? Either way, this pathetic excuse for a business needs to be broken up, now! I am strongly leaning towards legal action along with probably millions of other people for their humiliating treatment of their clients and their inferior service and products! Anyone know a good lawyer?

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website/unfair pratices

My exwife who has mental issues and bipolar called just to change my business ad from bold to regular type and to have them omit address from listing and after talking to her for about 10 minutes started talking about things she didn't understand and talked her into agreeing to a 1 year contract for my company(which she isn't authorized to do).She ended up with 2 website ads and owing an extra $138.00 per month instead of the $25.00 yellowpage ad she called about.
When I called to complain and told them of her medical condition and that she STILL doesn't know what is going on due to her condition I was told they would not remove the website ad even though it hasn't started yet!
Avoid AT&T they take advantage of the ill and weak and all they are concerned about is money and not you as a customer!

  • Be
    Beth Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had similar problems with AT&T Yellow Pages. I work for a small doctors office and we get calls all the time from phone book company's confirming our information. I received such a call, or so I thought, the sales person spoke very little English and had a thick accent. I was very busy and wasn't paying much attention and agreed to what they were saying like I do with everyone else. They transferred me to another sales rep who spoke better English but spoke quickly. Again I agreed, not paying attention. Two weeks later I received a bill for almost $500.00!!! I called to cancel the order that I didn't realize I had made, and they told me that they could not cancel the order because it had already gone to print and that I had agreed to a two year contract with them, which I don't have authorization to do! So I threatened to go to the CT state Attorney General, and they are going to be putting me through to a customer service manager "within a few days". Hopefully they will resolve this problem for me. But beware!!! They will trick you!!!

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  • Ye
    yellowpagesexpert Dec 15, 2008

    Did you actually read what you wrote?

    " I was very busy and wasn't paying much attention and agreed to what they were saying like I do with everyone else. They transferred me to another sales rep who spoke better English but spoke quickly. Again I agreed, not paying attention."

    You always agree? Why would you do that?

    Your doctor is so cheap that he does not have a marketing advisor for his business? I bet he's got an attorney and accountant!

    He should not have his receptionist/office manager make marketing decisions or you need a huge raise.

    He should pay this bill for being so cheap in how he runs his practice.

    As a yellow pages industry expert, I think he is stuck with the bill.

    I do have a possible option but I doubt your doctor would pay for a media consultant/claim advocate.

    Bottom line is that this was not the yellow pages fault. Your complaint should be toward the doctor and putting marketing decisions in your lap.

    Hope you do get your resolution.

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  • Ye
    yellowpagesexpert Dec 15, 2008

    For Gator Productions-

    You ex-wife was skilled enough to make changes but not increase the ad?

    She cannot be the authorizing agent for one and not the other. How silly is that?

    You took advantage of her to try and pawn off some task that you thought was menial but was actually vital to your business. Now who should you be mad at?

    You should pay her bill for making her do something you were too lazy to do.

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  • Te
    Terri Lynn Jun 01, 2009

    I have the same probelm, I ended with an add I told them I did not want because I couldn't afford it. They had a second person call me a few days later and this person continued to just hound away at me. I still said no and yet 6 months later I get a bill for advertising that I didn't want nor can I afford. They never told me I was under contract and now It can't be broken?! Very unprofessional and bullying as far as I'm concerned. I do not have extra money to pay for this and yet I will be forced to let something else go every month. I can barely afford my electric bill!

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  • Jc
    jcdfde5 Sep 18, 2009

    I agreed to a PLL advertisement and signed the contract only to find out that it was not available. Yellow pages downgraded my account and placed me under 30 other contractors. No one returns my telephone calls and it has been a horrible experience. If you are considering advertising steer clear of att / yellow pages. Im making it my personal mission to tell as many people as possible and post as many places as I can.

    If anyone can help with any information please contact me [email protected]

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at&t worldnet dsl is not at&t dsl

Called AT&T Worldnet DSL service as DSL stopped working. Was told DSL didn't exist on my number, even though provisioned 1/30/04 till 9/08 and charged on my credit card.

AT&T DSL migrated me from AT&T Worldnet to AT&T Yahoo/Verizon without approval or request.

Latonia @ [protected] (pick option #3) and ask for Exec Offices of DSL, was told to roll a truck to get this resolved by 5 pm after 2 weeks of support calls or my 27 years of client relationship with AT&T for all services, residential, business, DSL and cellular would migrate to the competition.

AT&T cannot resolve this issue, charging back 4 years of DSL service and filing suit.


The worst decision I have made in years was to change over from Dish Network through ATT to the bundle of...

rebate scam

Lets see. I signed up for U-Verse back in July and it was installed 8/2/2008. I thought I was getting some...

Resolved at&t wireless employee harrassing customer

I have a friend, a woman, who went to an AT&T Wireless store last Saturday for some assistance transfering service to a new phone. Later that day she started getting harrassing text messages on her phone from a number she didn't recognize: "You're Hot!" "Hey Beautiful" "Hey Gorgeous." She ignored them, but they continued Saturday into Sunday. On Sunday she went to a different store and the clerk looked up the number that had been sending her the messages.

Turns out THE HARRASSING TEXT MESSAGES WERE FROM THE AT&T WIRELESS EMPLOYEE WHO HAD WORKED WITH HER THE DAY BEFORE. A guy who apparently thought it was alright for him to take her confidential client information and use it to harrass her. It was reported to the regional manager. That was Sunday. Today is Friday, and the guy who was harrassing her is STILL EMPLOYED BY AT&T WIRELESS. The regional manager wants to "give him a break" because the kid says he didn't do it (he claims his friends did it as a joke, though he can't quite explain how THEY got a hold of her confidential client information). Regional manager says he's a "good kid."

I've worked for Fortune 500 companies in the past. Personal use of confidential client information is grounds for termination. Apparently not at AT&T Wireless.


  • Mo
    mountainrailroad Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would talk to a contract lawyer in your area to file a suit on the employee as well as his manager. A breach of confidentiality contract. He broke it he should pay. You have a good suit. I would persue this matter with a lawyer.

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  • Di
    disbelieving Jan 11, 2009

    Something similar happened to me while using ATT Wireless. I received a email that changes had been made to my account but I did not make any changes so I called and told them that. They told me that they couldnt explain it because whoever made the changes would have to know my personal information (last 4 of social security number and my zip code). I was in disbelief, they told me they "couldnt" even locate the rep that took the call and made the changes!! So I canceled my service on one line and resumed using a secondary line I had. The day I canceled the service it happened to me again.

    How can this happen? Att should not allow employees to access client information without their consent and they should have security measures in place that can track who accesses it. I have to figure out what to do next.

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  • Fl
    fllnktt Jul 20, 2010

    You keep saying "confidential information" when referring to her phone number...I mean..really?...some dick just thought a girl was cute and texted her...If nothing else it's an understandably annoyance...but to act like its some sort of supreme court case is a little ridiculous.

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  • Valemmons Jul 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This post is scarry and two years old??? And yes it is a supreme court issue... There are privacy laws idiot! Why they won't even let me change my husbands account but an employee can get you personal info and possibly come and rape someone or anything else... Good lord whts wrong with you. You must be the kind of person who has done something similar to this.

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  • Vi
    VictorEspinoza Dec 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    thank you, uverse technicians are too busy as it is, the less customers the better!

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  • Vi
    VictorEspinoza Dec 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Really? Can we stop being babies, oh my hes going to find youuu its called flirting, your probably the same person who is also scared to walk outside because you think everyone is going to turn into demons and snatch you up, wow get a life and def take a chill pill

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charged for operator assisted call

Run! Do not walk from AT&T's services. There Customer service is completely incompetent Zombies. AT&T's new slogan should be "if it wasn’t for the customers, this telecommunications business would be a lot easier".

I am convinced that AT&T is SCAMMING folks for millions of dollars, just by forcing people to use 'Operator Assisted' calls caused by there own faulty phone service lines.

I was an AT&T customer for 20+ years but not anymore. Why bother? I recently had an issue with getting charged for 2 Operator Assisted phone calls to a legitimate phone number that I was able to dial prior, using the same exact phone just minutes before. The next time, I tried to dial the valid number, I got a message saying that the phone number was not valid and an AT&T operator came on the line to apologize and patch me through. This happened twice. I was thinking, Gee, How nice of AT&T, such great customer service... until I got the bill!

AT&T charged me over $50 for a call that lasted less than 10 minutes because it was an "operator assisted" call. This call would have normally been less than $1 according to my calling plan. Never mind that I was basically forced into using an operator, because a valid number all of a sudden became an invalid, that I could not dial with out there assistance! How insane!

When I tried to explain that I was forced to use the operator to make the call, the customer service folks all just read off the same script like zombies " this is an operator assisted call", "we can not do anything about the charges", "you made the call”, "you can not escalate the complaint”, "you must write in; here's the PO box address".

At one point, I asked to speak to a manager, I got a fake- manager du jour, who read off the same script as above, when I then asked him for his manager, I was told that he has "an OFF-line Manager"... Gee! I gotta get one of those!

AT&T is scamming people for millions using a shut-out client service tactic, with little recourse for the customer. Good-BYE and good riddance to AT&T!

  • Un
    unhappy with at&t May 12, 2009

    I am not even an AT&T customer and I just got a bill for $46 dollars for an operator assisted call. I have no idea why or how I could have received such a bill. I called customer service and they basically said too bad, you have to pay the bill. This is crazy!!!

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website not accessible

A web site is not working whenever attempting to access through their LaptopConnect. This was attempted at 9/16/2007 and 9/17/2007. Not working means that the browser returns with an error message stating that the server is not available.
However, I am able to see the website on a PC next to me using a direct LAN connection, or when I connect my same laptop through WiFi (non ATT).
Also all other websites work just fine.
Customer service is refusing to open a tier-1 ticket with techs to resolve and/or research this problem. They state that they can not open because it is not a problem on their side, and also they can not help me further because I have a Mac. They refer me to Apple Customer Service, and suggest me to contact the owners of the website.
The website affected is www.pepsicustomerservice.com.
I tried to suggest that I have proof that it is blocking on an ATT owned server/router by providing a traceroute. They bluntly refuse to help me any further.

my bill

Wow! I am so glad I left AT&T. My bill was reduced by about 30% with a company called Bullseye Telecom. This cute rep came in my office talking how she could make an improvement with our telecommunications. She did and we no longer throw our money out the window with AT&T whom I hate calling. I would wait on hold forever to talk to a live person then being transfered around from department to .

Bullseye actually has a live person answering their phone-HOW REFRESHING! She said what she said she would and followed thru. I would recommend Bullseye to any company fed up with AT&T. I had a company called McleodUSA now some stupid name called Paetec give me some song and dance. I told them to take their pony ride and go on their merry way. Their billing was always wrong every month. I never got credits, customer support was the worse and some girl name Julie give me references to contact and 2 of them didn't have anything good to say except forwarned me that this Julie is full of lies!!

Bullseye is the best and I wouldn't have any desire to switch -Ever now!

Todd Walters

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    On 24 September 2008, service order was placed on the ATT website for package for residential service and DSL Elite. Installation was scheduled for 29 September 2008 before 8P and a confirming order number was provided and telephone number assigned. No installation was performed under the installation service contract and, upon notifying ATT, the first call center handler was incompetent and refused to refer to supervision, dropping the call to a national call center with someone who had no idea of why the call was referred, with the national call center dropping the call back to Michigan (when the original call was routed from California). The Michigan call center proceeded to give an incorrect number for the CA/NV customer complaint center, where another incompetent entry level call handler refused to refer to a supervisor. The order was re-placed in another name with consent on 30 September 2008 with a totally different set of web pages accessed for the same package. The order, placed, was accepted, and generated a confirmation number and no specific installation date (only a response within 3-5 business days). The web site failed to honor the waiver of activation charge (installation fee) which is and was clearly stated on the website and on other websites. An email response indicated that ATT does not service the service address (when it is the California regulated phone monopoly for dial tone access) when ATT was contracted to the same address 2 weeks earlier for the same or similar services under a different number. In addition, the cell phone under contract to ATT began messaging that 'this is not a working number' when the account is and was current, causing significant damages to the consumer. $10 was also assessed in fees on the cell phone to call the business office when these calls were and are supposed to be free. This is now subject to CA PUC complaint and legal action against ATT in the local jurisdiction for breach of contract and unfair trade practices/fraud.

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mail fraud, wire fraud, bait and switch

The rebate card came with a $100.00 credit on it supposedly I say supposedly because the card has been declined at every retailer except the first one a Chinese resturant. It you go to the web site however for the rebate program they say the card is good and still has $78.00 on it. I read the instructions completely that came with the card (highly restrictive) and figured well mabe the merchants are doing something wrong. So I went back to the same resturant a week later and charged a meal for the same ammount $21.40 with a $78. balance still showing on the card at the rebate web site and no holds, and guess what not it will not go through. I have read complaint after complaint essencially the same. This Wirefraud! and every one affected should complain to the United States Postal Service because these people are using the U.S. Mail to defraud us. You should also complain to the Federal Trade Commission you can do it online and it is easy, also visa and mastercard because their logos are being used. This is definately a scam to keep your money that they promissed and is a clear breach of contract they signed with you.

  • Ry
    RyanO2151 Feb 26, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Consider yourself lucky for having even received the rebate card! I purchased a Blackberry 8310 on 7/25/08. At that time, the $100.00 rebate was being offered. Naturally, I completed the rebate form, attached the original purchased equipment receipt and also included the proof of purchase from the equipment box. Lo and behold, SEVEN months later, I have yet to receive said rebate. I have had about 20 different conversations with different "supervisors", customer service reps and collections reps regarding this issue and NONE have stepped up to help a customer with an obvious issue that would be easily remedied by crediting my account for the amount in question. As of this afternoon, I have been told that regardless of the status of my previously sent rebate forms, the rebate is now EXPIRED! As of January, I purposely left a balance of $100.00 on my account and I am refusing payment to AT&T until they rectify the rebate situation. I have been told two stories on the rebate, one story says that the rebate company is not even AT&T which would be a clear case of false advertising on a national level. The other says, that the rebate department is in another location from any of the other departments and that they are working on a completely separate platform and no one is able to credit my account. I have repeatedly addressed this issue with AT&T and offered the following under the assumption that they have any and all necessary information on file to help a customer.
    1. Locate my receipt for proof of purchase of the equipment in question.
    2. Verify that the equipment was, in fact, eligible fora rebate at the time of purchase.
    3. Cross check my account payments for any credit being applied from the card.
    4. WHEN they see I have not applied this credit, they should then apply a little common sense (near impossible for AT&T reps) and see that the right thing to do here would be to credit my account.
    As of today, I have been threatened with interruption of service if I do not immediately make payment for the outstanding amount on my account, DESPITE the fact that I have paid every other part of my bill since taking this step.

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service disconnection

I am Customer of ATT since July 2008. The main reason to select ATT Internet services because in my community there is no other Internet Service provider and only ATT services are availble. In these three months of service I have got three Account Numbers 9Don't know why ) and above all my services was disconnected three times by ATT ( Don't know why) . But Third time I came to know it was because of their Orders Department came to know that their billing address was missing my APT # in their records, just for this small reason my Internet service got disconnected and now I will be given new account number and as per policy new service will be established after 7-10 business working days. Other than this I have never received my bills for usage and I have asked them to send me bills for usage and they said there are some system errors on their side so it will take some time to receive bills. I can expect a huge bill amount in one bill but don'tt know when. And this time my Internet service has got disconnected. I ma more frestrated now because I am Senior Working Professional currently working from home and this gap of 10 days would cost me more than my job, but who cares, ATT- No way. Atleast I was expecting that ATT will inform me in advance that why they are disconnectig my services just because of not having APT # my billing address in their records. They disconnected the services without my knowledge and Intention. The horrible thing is I have Order receipt and ATT Confirmation Letter where they have mentioned my Activation Details and that have my APT # mentioned. So its really very funny that when ATT Technical Dept, ATT Sales Dept have my detail address but this Ordr and Billing department doesn't have my Details address. In my Community I am bound to get only ATT services so I have get this worst service anyhow as I can't afford individual satellite to have Inetrnet Services and this Big Companies get advantage of Customer problems. I would never ever recommend ATT services to anybody. You better get hold of some other providers or atleast go to area where you have option to choose other one.

Resolved bad service

Be very careful when accepting sales pitches from AT&T customer/internet service representatives in respect...

return not processed

It been two months since I returned a bluetooth device purchased on the AT&T Premier website. I was given a return label and asked to ship it, which I did. I even found that AT&T received it at their facility in Fort Worth Texas.

Ever since then, I've been on the phone with AT&T representatives for no less than an hour each time. They take forever to come on the line, then they take forever to find the order number, and each time, they give me a different story on how returns are processed in this company. First, I heard that I need to call and tell AT&T that they've received my return so they can credit it to my account. Then, I am told that I need to wait for two billing cycles for the credit to show up automatically and I don't need to do anything. Then, when I call back again, I am told that they can't locate the order. After several such calls, I am finally told that they've found it and its noted on my account, and they will go ahead and credit it right then and there.

And then, the credit does not show up anywhere! So I call again, and no one has a clue about the credit or the order. The Premier Support rep tells me this is a customer service issue and transfers me there. The customer service rep says this is a support issue, and tries to contact the support people. Then the call drops!! Aaarghh.. I have to start all over again.

I am trying hard to figure out how to sue them over this in a small claims court. If you know of a better place to sue, please let me know. Thank you so much.

  • Ma
    Madan Dec 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same issue i am facing nowe. I returned Iphone in september30 its been 2months i didnt received my refund. I called for return almost 10 times to get my refund.
    i called support they are forwarding to order management what they used to call, After giving all the details to ordermanagement the call will get dropped in last phase. i asked them to call back but there policies won't agree.

    I been like ATT customer for more than 2 years. This is how they are treating there customers.

    Where i can file these complaints?

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