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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 2 8
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone) 3 4
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet) 30 34
Customer Service

Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
Check Order Status:
+1 877 782 8870
Support for Travel Outside the U.S.:

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Wireless / the customer service at at&t is one of the worst that I have ever experienced!

My phone has been giving me trouble since I've been with AT&T and the service is horrible. I first went into a store to "purchase" another phone. I wanted a refurb but the store clerk said I would have to go online for that. I went online and there the option to buy another phone kept...

AT&T - Rewards For Referrals / refusing to pay getting then customers

AT&T - Rewards For Referrals www.attreferrals.com I am a disabled senior that lives in a manufactured mobile home community and the assisted manager. I have been assisting the residents with getting ATT as ISP verses what we have here as a alternative Charter Communications. We have 420...

AT&T Dsl (Sbc Yahoo) / thinking about at&t or sbc yahoo dsl? don't do it!

Here's a good one! This guy comes to our door and says he can get us DSL as fast as our cable internet plus our phone for what we were paying for our cable internet. He calls in the order for their elite service and comparable phone service to what we had. He schedules the connection...

AT&T / billing for non-existing services!

Dropped AT&T services in favor of Verizon 1.5 years ago. Have been receiving intermittent bills from AT&T ever since. Company refuses to discontinue "service" and has fetched a collection agency (in India?) upon me. Fortunately I am a saver and not a borrower, so credit rating threats are unavailing. Never will AT&T receive another extorted cent from me!!!

AT&T Long Distance Usa / billing practices to extort customers!

The saga began when I received my Aug 11, 2007 billing statement and I saw a $62 charge for a 9 minute call to India. I found out I did not have any of their calling plans and I was told to add which I did the $5 world calling plan and that someone would call and make the rate retroactive...

AT&T / no one would listen to me at at&t

I got a call about 2 weeks ago from our Family Service Counselor at Sunrise Memorial Gardens. Now for everyone's information we are in the death care industry so it is very important for our main line to function properly. He told me that there was something wrong with the phone...

AT&T / this is really crappy service!

One of the things that is really annoying about AT&T a.k.a SBC a.k.a Pacific Bell etc... is that now when you bring up their web based email you have to sort though adds all over the screen. I could expect this from a free service like google but on that I am paying for and I still am forced to sort though adds. This is really crappy service.

AT&T Long Distance / they won't let me shut it off!

I called At&T to disconnect my long distance service (as my teenage stepdaughter was making many calls out-of-state- $80.35 worth in June.) I first spoke with Jack, who stated he could not disconnect this service but could block my long distance for $13. He transferred me to a young lady...

AT&T Internet Equipment Rebate / rebates never issued - just promised

Signed up for phone and high speed internet service 01/02/07. Mailed in rebate for the modem within days. Was billed for modem on first statement. Two months later I was billed for the modem again. Contacted AT&T. Error supposedly corrected and file marked so my next statement would...

At&t & Dish Network / free dish that is not free

I signet up for AT&T phone service, internet and free dish. The quote I was given for my total bill was $121.00 a month. However my bills are over &250.00 a month. I never received free dish. First Dish bill $167.00 dollars a month and att / dish refuses to fix the bill. My second dish...

AT&T DSL Equipment Rebate / rebate offer is a rip off!

AT&T High Speed DSL Equipment Rebate SCAM - Holland, Mich. Back in February 2007, I signed up for AT&T's High Speed DSL in answer to a promotion you were running. The deal was that you paid up front for the equipment and you would receive a rebate in the form of a $50 cash card or...

AT&T / switching carriers problem!

On or about April 11, I contacted AT&T long distance with a question about my bill, at which time their representative encouraged me to switch my local phone service to AT&T as well. He stated that the cost would be less than $25 per month and no mention was made of any other charge...

BCS Wireless / AT&T wireless / deceptive business practices!

In February of 2005, I received a promotional letter from "AT&T Wireless" offering a free phone when signing up for new service. I called and was offered a choice of phones and service packages. Within the next couple of hours I received two phone calls from AT&T Wireless, one to confirm...

AT&T Yellowpages / beware of this scam

Do not advertise with at&t yellowpages! Beware of scam. When deciding whether or not to purchase internet advertising service on yellowpages.com, I asked the sales representative how many calls per week I could expect to receive. The sales representative advised that I could expect to...

AT&T & Pacific Bell / charges on absolute calling card

Just received a bill from AT&T that includes a charge of $135.12 for calls made on our absolute calling card. I have checked with AT&T if I still have an existing calling card and told me that there is none. The calling card that I had under Pacific Bell is no longer good and i...

AT&T / dsl rebate is a rip off!

I sent out the rebate right after i received the item in a post office. Since I haven't received anything, I both checked the internet and called the rebate center. The agent is nice but she told me that it's expired. On my packing slip's rebate instruction, it never...

AT&T Worldnet / poor customer service

I have had this account with att for 6-7 years. I usually pay for one year at the time as it is only 10.00 per month.in effect I usually have a credit balance. I do not actually use their dial up service, I have roadrunner. Because I wanted to keep the email addresses and use their web...

AT&T Modem Rebate / disrespectful customer service!

I submitted a rebate request for my modem on February 13, 2007. When I checked on it at the end of March the AT&T agent said the check for $50.00 would be mailed on April 27, 2007. When I called yesterday I was treated with abuse by the rebate center and I asked to speak to a supervisor...

AT&T Home Telephone Service / poor customer service

Ever since SBC merged and became AT&T, I haven't been able to access my home phone bill detail over the phone. A recording answers the call and then in a most helpful sounding voice offers to direct my call. The problem here is: the voice wants me to speak, instead of choosing from...

AT&T / completely frustrated from at&t

I am writing in hopes that someone can help or point me in a direction that will help me find resolution. Thank you in advance. The details are listed below. On 1/16/07 at approx. 9am I called AT&T to inquire about calling plans offered to china. I was offered the Asia Saver feature which would...

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