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+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 6 13
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone) 3 4
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet) 33 43
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Mon12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Customer Service

Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
Check Order Status:
+1 877 782 8870
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At&t Complaints & Reviews

AT&T / customer service stinks

My phone service and DSL internet through AT&T keep getting disconnected for no reason. This is now the second time it has happened in 2 weeks. Each time, AT&T told me they would restore my phone service within 24 HOURS. How ridiculous is that? I have no phone service and no one seems to...

AT&T Wireless/Blackberry Curve / warranty

I purchased a Blackberry Curve at an AT&T store in Santa Rosa, CA in January 2008. In May, within the warranty period, I was plugging in the charging cable (carefully as always) and it didn't feel right. I looked in the charging port and noticed a couple of the connecting pin...

AT&T / phone repair charges

i received my phone bill for june for 308.88. my computer service was in and out several times. i called at least 8 times with varying degrees of success. the first time they came out they said it was my surge protector andthat would cost me 85 dollars, but if iwould add the inside wire...

AT&T / outrageous rates on int'l long distance calls

We signed up with AT&T for their bundle on my voice and dsl internet & dish network (which i already have) around nov/2007. I made international phone calls on Christmas day (cut-off day was dec 28). When the bill came sometime on the second week of january, my bill was over $500. I had...

AT&T Wireless / error with contract and phone upgrade

I hibernated my account back in March 2008. I was in the process of canceling the account when I was advised that I had 4000+ rollover minutes and that the new iphone would be out sometime in the summer. My phone number at the time was 850.910.3949. I was placed on a suspended reduced rate...

AT&T / overcharge for found raising calls

I have had numerous conversations with A T & T, the phone company and am absolutely livid. My focus is on fund raising and like many other people I know I use my home phone to make these calls. No one is paying me for my efforts. But A T & T has turned off my phone because I refuse to pay...

AT&T / dishonest companies

My parents are older and live on a fixed income... there phone bill had climbed to 80$ a month so i advised to have it removed... due to rising prices and there set income... so me and my mother disconnected our house phones and i gave her a cell phone to use in its place... my phone...

AT&T DSL / terrible tech support

Ever since my family signed up for AT&T DSL service, it has been one problem after another. Modems that need constant resetting; service interruptions; and a total inability to help give my second computer wireless access to my main one. And their tech support is virtually no help. For one...

AT&T Wireless / scam and cheating

On April 04, 2008 I have called AT&T Customer Service with voice plan modifications. No wireless data plan for text messaging and internet modifications have been requested. At that time my data plan for had 400 text messages with unlimited mobile-to-mobile and 1MB of internet for $15 per...

AT&T / roll over minutes

Yesterday 7/8/08 I called AT&T to change my cell phone calling plan because my husband and I are not using all of our 1400 anytime minutes each month and they are going into roll over minutes each month. Our roll over minutes calculated to almost 7000 minutes so I wanted to take advantage...

AT&T / unauthorized charges on my phone bill

Unauthorized charges on my phone bill from at & t. When i called my local phone company and complained they redirected me to another phone number and when i called them all i got was a message. It has been a year and the charges are still being made. I unfortunately cannot afford an...

AT&T Wireless / they buy out local service, charge higher rates to captive audience

We are stuck as customers in Juneau, AK, and have no choice now but to use AT&T, who charges us higher rates than our previous providers, and for services that were previously free. Our previous providers, Dobson Cellular One (who were bought out by AT&T), provided free text messaging from their...

AT&T / scam and cheating

I signed up for AT&T U-Verse package (Cable, Internet, and Telephone in March 2008 and I'm still waiting for my $100.00 rebate. Each time I called, the representative could not find my information and we have to set up everything again. I've already spoken with over 10...

At&t Advertising / advertising fraud

I entered a one year contract with AT&T Advertising for a prominent listing in Yellowpages.com and AT&T didn't get our listing operating for almost a year. When I refused to continue paying for nothing they turned over the past due amount for collection and also refused to let me...

AT&T / bundle package deals

I have had phone service with AT&T since April 2005 I added AT&T yahoo internet service at rate of $19.99 a month. Had number change or new account set up not sure In June 2007 I called to add bundle service which would include cable TV, phone and internet all in one bill. Biggest mistake...

AT&T / their staff are idiots

I've had a few poor customer service experiences with AT&T Wireless. The latest frustration with AT&T Wireless staff occurred when I was trying to return a Bluetooth headset I had purchased from the store. I walked into the AT&T store during lunch and there were a couple customer...

AT&T / at&t bundle, does not work, being defrauded

Last October, I signed up for a bundled service from AT and T and Dishnetwork for phone, DSL, and TV. I have been defrauded from day one. Here is what happened. October through November. - Signed up for the service, and it never worked. Phone consistently dropped calls. DSL NEVER worked...

Sbc / AT&T / horrible customer service and tech support

Started on 2/6/2008 just wanted to Add a fax line, that's all??? Said would cost approx $62.xx monthly fee would be $13.75 + tax. The first technician came on 2/6/2008 worthless, totally. Did not want to install the fax line on the 2nd floor where the customer wanted it, said cannot?...

BellSouth / AT&T / identity theft

I used Bellsouth for my home phone service for several years. At this time I had T-Mobile for my cellular services because their "family plan" was better at the time. Little did I know, that if you are a Bellsouth home services customer you can easily purchase a cell phone and plan over...

AT&T Customer Service / another screwed customer from at&t

My problems began with AT&T about 2 months ago. I admit I had gotten behind on the bill due to sickness. But I called them and told them the problem I was having and that I was trying to get it all caught up. I first started calling them to ask them to please remove me from the bundle...

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