Aspen Dental ManagementThe entire experience

L Jul 02, 2019

After my experience up and down the line, would not use Aspen Dental if my life depended on it and will write as many reviews as I can find about the experience.
I am new to this area, Aspen just opened in Walgreens. Called and made appointment, provided insurance coverage at that time.
During the week of the appointment started getting "urgent that I respond" text messages. Called the number indicated. After going through an IVR menagerie, spoke with someone and explained bad text message and IVR experience. The person cold transferred me to the office. Whereby I explained same thing. Was told I had to confirm the appointment with the office, which I explained I had already done through previous text messages. Was told I had to provide insurance information to office, which I explained I had already done when I made the appointment. Women in the Palatka office explained I made reservation through call center and that information provided previously did not convey. Then asked me "are you going to give me the insurance information or not", rude. And told me she was sorry I am unhappy. That is NO apology. And I have good reason to be unhappy. If this is going to be the experience before I even get to an appointment, then forget it. Nor does it convey the problem between the reservation desk and your automated processes to the back office dentist. Fix your processes Aspen dental!!! I work in an industry with this type of technology day in and day out. This is the worst implementation I have ever seen. After the rudeness of whoever took my call in the office and the fact the information I am giving you will never reach corporate, I will find another dentist. And I will be submitting this same review and experience on as many sites as I can find. Shame on you Walgreen's to be associated with these people in the same building and advertising on their behalf.

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