Aspen Dental Managementreimbursement

J Aug 13, 2018

I took my daughter to Aspen because she had a bad toothache and needed emergency services. She was referred by her dental insurance that they were in network. When we got there we were told that her insurance wasn't effective and she had to pay out of pocket 1037.00 for 2 extractions. It was the weekend and instead of waiting for Monday I decided to pay the costs because she was in excruciating pain. She was finally able to get ahold of the manager after she called her dental insurance and was advised that her insurance was valid. The manager reluctantly took her insurance information and proceeded to file the claim. I was told once it processed and paid I would receive my refund. Well weeks went by and never heard anything so after numerous calls they finally released 412.00 out of the 1037 I paid. The problem is the insurance allotted amount was 512 and my daughter's patient responsibility was 139.00 so I'm still owed 400 something back and I keep getting the run around. I had no problem paying up front and now I'm being taking advantage of and being blown off this is not how you do business.

  • Updated by Jlawrence 84 · Aug 13, 2018

    Previous typo the insurance allowance was 412.80

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