Aspen Dental Managementdenture

K Aug 16, 2018

I had a mini implants lower denture procedure done at aspen dental (biggest mistake of my life) at a cost of $5000, they implanted 4 mini implants and had to wait 6 months for the implants to take before I could use the permanent denture, it was never comfortable in my mouth, after attempting a few adjustments the denture was never even in my mouth, one side was lower than the other side and it was rocking all the time. They came up with a lot of excuses why it's like that but never tried to solve the problem, and on top of that a few weeks ago while I was out of state on business for a few months, one of the implants came out in my asleep and lucky it didn't choke me. after getting back to Florida I made an appointment and faced with rudeness and unprofessional behavior because I was complaining about my situation.
Their solution was to charge me more money on my own upper teeth before making another denture for the lower jaw which I wasted $5000. This operation is a joke and it's all about how much money they can get you for, all their dentists are inexperienced and blame each other for not doing the job right, all I can say is save your money and anguish and go to a reputable dentist.

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