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Aspen Dental review: Local provider harassment and breach of contract

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I received services from Aspen Dental and had a lower denture made a few years ago and paid my contracted cost off completely and then some and this left me with a 7-year warranty on my denture. Recently, my denture broke and I went to an Aspen dental in the new state in which I had moved to try to get it repaired or replaced under warranty. When I brought it in the office had determined that it meet the warranty requirements for replacement at no cost to me and began the process of getting it replaced. The replacement was not an immediate decision, and I was told on several occasions I had to go back to Texas to get it replaced at the office I had originally purchased the denture at. I was pretty annoyed with this process and verbalized the fact that this was a warranty set by aspen dental that I had already paid off and at no time did it state I was required to be limited to only the one Aspen Dental office for repairs or replacement needs, and nor had I been told that somehow the dentist was individuals who operated independent of aspen dental therefore the cost had to be reimbursed in order to get an appointment for this warranty to be honored. I was very upset because this was the only reason, I chose aspen dental because I knew it was nation-wide and I could go to any location for appointments, review and continuity of care. I had dental insurance and specifically went out of network to ensure my availability for this. I chose the top-of-the-line denture and financed the rest. Anyway, they wanted me at first to set up the payment and reimbursement to ensure that Texas was going to pay this dentist and I threw a fit because how you get paid. They finally sat this up and began working on new denture. It took 3 days to get my original denture and 3 months to just get to fitting stage. Next on the fitting stage appointment I was hand a denture and asked how it felt. It was huge, pushed out my lower lips, I was gaging on it, it was a poor fit, bulky and gave me a huge overbite that never existed before. In addition, it was not the proper or same high-quality material I had initially paid for to ensure it looked at as close to real as possible. This sub-par material was a horrible low quality material that did not at all look like the previous material or fit of the first replacement. I asked if this was the denture and was told yes this was the final product once we adjusted and trimmed it up. I asked to have the dentist to come in because this would not work. I hurt, it was too bulky, it was ill fitted and looked like something you would get out of a Childs candy.

Claimed loss: Harassment and intimidation, lack of contractual obligations. False advertising and delayed services with hardship and medical implications.

Desired outcome: Full and timely refund. The complete and full return and cost of my Dental plan for the denture placement. A public apology from the local dentist and review of his practices by the Board of Dentistry for Unethical practices.

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