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I was suspended from using this dating site without giving any warnings. I contacted customer service and let them know I thought I recognized what the issue was.

1. I changed my ZIP Code because I read tips after I signed up it said never to use your exact location or birthday because people can hunt you down

2. After receiving 360 messages in 48 hours, there's no way I had a chance to respond to all these. Once I learned that guys have to pay to send a message I felt bad and tried to filter people out by saying I wasn't going to open any emails that didn't have a photo and a personal message. I was going to assume it was just spam. Perhaps that was not the right word to use on my profile, but if AM had better filtering for receiving messages I wouldn't have felt the need to do that

3. I changed one of my photos to a cartoon version of myself. (ATTACHED) When the photo did not take right away I realized it probably was not within the terms of service so I deleted it and tried to change it right away. But the account still got suspended

4. The fourth option FYI I could have been suspended is it in my bio I made a joke about me being in the wine business. I spend a lot of time at fine dining restaurants and hotels restaurants because I sell wine. I didn't realize it was a word that was frowned upon, but I said hey I may spend a lot of time here, but lol, I'm not an escort I am a wine broker who meets with Chefs and Sommeliers. The operative word here is NOT. But obviously I bought will only pick up the offending word. Once I realize that, I changed it immediately

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