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Ashley's Furniturepromotional item fraud

I was persuaded to buy furniture because of promotional item for free 50"TV. My sale date on contact is 2/26/19. My delivery got held back because of issues in the new apartment a couple of times. But they knew it and worked with me. So I got my furniture in September. Not ONCE not even during all the calls about deliver, not even on the day of my purchase was I told that if my delivery falls after promotion date ends, I will loose the promotion item. So who kept my TV? On my receipt of sale date 2/26/19 my TV is listed. No fine print or anything in reference to this. So where is it. This is bull. What should I do people? Had I've known this I would have just asked for the TV. I could fit a TV anywhere in the meantime. Had I known this I would not have ordered my furniture on that day.

promotional item fraud

  • Updated by La_Nelly_2019 · Oct 09, 2019

    I just sent a fax and mail to corporate . I will keep you posted