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I visit ASDA several times a week for various items of shopping, but they always seem to run out of things, such as lager, condiments and food items.
The ASDA cooked meals that are cooked at the main Poole store are largely disgusting and are not fit for those on a low fat diet.
They have received numerious complaints about dirty cutlery in the cutlery compartments
I have found some staff here rude as well as in the main store in Poole, and have now boycotted ASDA.
I have previously complained to them by phone and in person, but to no avail, they simply do not care less, the managers at both stores are useless.
ASDA forgets that the customers pay for goods with hard earned money, which in turn pays for their wages.
It is also worth noting that the few good staff that they had working for them have since left.
In conclusion bad service, rude staff, poor food, dangerously dirty cutlery.
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      Dec 15, 2014

    I agree the restaurant is disgusting. They forget about your food and have to go and ask for it with no apologies forthcoming. They bring you burnt food too, again no apologies and a couple of the cafe staff could certainly do with some hygiene lessons for themselves and the food! I had no problems with the store itself until I was overcharged for an item, the customer services online were quite nice and told in an answerphone message to take the receipt back to the store and they would refund the money. I went back to customer services and got the rudest customer services assistant ever. She said I did not get a call from services, they had no one from CS called Gary (the name the guy on the message gave me) and the phone number he called from was not any of their's!! Then, to cap it all she said she would refund it this time but"I must not let it happen again" !!! Cheek!! When it was their checkout operator that overcharged me!! Will not be shopping there again!

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