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late delivery

Never order flowers via asda, I order some flowers to be deliverd on Tuesday 17th August and they didnt when ringing up I was informed they may not arrive till thursday19th, this is just no good they where suppose to be a birthday present what use are they 2 days late and what state are they going to be in after 4 days of beeing in parcel forces hands? I have been informed there is nothing I can do and basically its unlucky. apolling never ever use asda flowers

  • Co
    ColinBrown13 Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I use Asda for all my deliveries and they have always been good (on time, and friendly), including flowers. It's just bad luck that this particular delivery didnt work out for you. It happens. If you trust your special birthday delivery to an outside party, you unfortunately open yourself up to these types of incidents. Granted, they should have brought them for you, but you could always cancel the flower order and buy another batch for the party.

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  • Ma
    mark stevens57 Apr 21, 2011

    I ordered a boquet of roses and fresias on line from ASDA on friday 15th April to be delivered on saturday 16th April. I waited in all day for them to arrive but they didn't! to say i was disappointed would be an understatement as they were for a very special occasion! still no show on sunday so on monday i rang the helpline and they assured me they would be there that day, however they still didn't arrive ! they eventually arrived at some point during Tuesday! there was nobody here to receive them so they were left on the doorstep in the sun and upside down thus emptying any water that may have been in there ! when we opened them they were in a bit of a state to say the least, all the roses were virtually dead and the fresias were not far behind. I have purchased from you on line before without any problems.As this was a special occasion i would hope you will be able to offer a refund or maybe another boquet for the inconvenience we have endured. Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you A.S.A.P

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  • Ba
    Barry69 Feb 18, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can sympathise with Mark. On 5 February I ordered flowers for delivery on 15 February (so no last minute thing) our wedding anniversary assured by the statement in block capitals on their home page claiming next day delivery. As you will already have guessed they didn't turn up so I rang on 16 February to complain only to be told they don't guarantee next day delivery and that flowers should arrive within two working days by first class post. I was told they would arrive by today despite my protest that our anniversary was on Saturday not Tuesday making the delivery rather pointless. This seemed to be lost on them. Unfortunately, they still haven't arrived so I shall now be seeking a full refund and considering whether trading standards would be interested in the accuracy of their home page statement which I find misleading to say the least. There seems no point in ordering flowers from Asda who can't guarantee delivery so if you're considering flowers (and please do) then go elsewhere.

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out of date food

Why after many years of complaining does this store persist on putting out of date food on their shelves?? It is now a continuous battle to get this sorted, complaining does no good and I now find myself having to check everything twice over before I buy it. What is their problem? I have now decided to go elsewhere. Appalling customer service!!!

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Jul 07, 2010

    there ya go .. just stop shopping there. when you and everyone who gets tired of not being listened to stands up and quits spending money maybe then your voice will be heard. GOOD FOR YOU!

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e-voucher given to me by mistake

I was given an E-voucher on my online shopping and a member of staff said it was an error from head office and that they were sorry but they had to remove it. I told them that I will no longer shop online with them. They then said that in this case they will offer me £25 off my shopping and free delivery on the next two online shoppings. This never happened and I am disgusted that the Sales Assistant cannot even do that right. If she can't manage to correct that who is to say that the voucher wasn't meant for me.


my son was discrimanated against in asda store because he is in a wheelchair.my son went to this store to buy...


when parked in asda caerphilly with my disabled badge on display i recieved aparking charge notice, i just dont under stand why i recieved this notice. on returning to the store and asking for an explanation. the manager refused to come to the car to confirm the badge was on display
i have shoped at this store from the first day it opened because i can park close to the entrance as i am disabled.if i have to pay this fine thenmy family and myself will will go elswere to shop

ms m alexander

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i went to your asda store today at 16 39 i am disabled and when i got round the door exit i forgot i needed...

over reaction on id

my 26 year old daughter was buying groceries & cider from ASDA she was id'd by the check out person and was refused the cider because my 14 year old niece was with her.My daughter holds a personal alcohol retail licence issued by the local authority.The manager said that selling alcohol was at the check out persons discretion.This is beaurocracy gone mad adults with under 18's not being allowed to buy alcohol.My daughter works for a multi-national company and in the hospitality industry and she swears she will never go back into asdas and will be advising all her friends, co-workers and clients about her humiliating experience and advising them to shop at the rival stores where the staff use common sense.

Smaller print

Has ASDA plans to open an opticians in the near future. Because now when I shop at my favourite store the pricing labels have been reduced in size and on phoning ASDA HOUSE was told they are within legal size and more detail can be stored on them. S o it`s to hell with the customer who is older with poor eyesight and cant see what the product costs or will have to spend twice as long to do a shop. I pick up my mum on Sundays to do our weekly shop at ASDA and I will have problems, and she will be in more trouble to see this stupid new size because she is 90 with poor sight. If ASDA choose not to see reason in this matter and return to a larger size print then my mother and I will start shopping at TESCO.

pending payment

Put in order over the internet total 69.70, delivery came with few things missing which totaled to 65.56 instead, the 65.56 came out of my bank, but the 69.70 was also still in pending, they said i had to wait up to 10 days for it to be relised, but my bank said by law asdas merchant bank could fax the details back to my bank, so the money would become available again, apparentley this happens on a regular basis, ! they refused to do this, even after several complaints. so i have no money till next week. i will never use asda internet banking again.

  • Ca
    carriepo2 May 07, 2010

    Put in a order on the internet totaling to £193.33 there was a few things missing so it came to £174.72 they took the £174.72 out and the £193.33 is still pending! Have phoned my bank and they gave me a ref' no to give to asda but they say they can not do anything about it! So in total they have taking within a week off me £368.05!!! I will not recieve the pending money until next week and i have no money left now! The horrible thing is it is my son's 3rd birthday tomorrow and i have not got him a cake yet thinking i would have enough money to get it during the week!! I will not be shopping at asda online again! I have been shopping with them for a year now and this has never happened before. But i can not take the risk again of them taking that much money from me when i need to do a big shop!! From now on i will be going to tesco's!!!

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  • Fe
    Fentiger May 26, 2010

    The same happened to me this week. Also they dropped some yoghurt and it went all over the place. They said they would refund - still waiting. Sharon

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  • Ki
    KIMMI13679 Jun 02, 2010

    This has also just happened to me for the second and last time!! after 4 phone calls to various people and promises of calls back I am £70.74 down with 10 days to wait till I get it back (last time taking 2 weeks) I am absolutly mad what right do they have to take 2 amounts out of peoples accounts surely this is illegal DON'T USE ASDA HOME DELIVERY!!! Kim

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never buy potatoes from asda. i tryed nearly evere kind of potatoes and all of them are nothing else then water!!! forgot mash potatoes or fries.

  • Ma
    ManUnited581 Apr 14, 2010

    Strangely enough I live in Manchester and have recently tried a variety of potatoes from Asda. We also are finding the potatoes won't cook properly, turning out generally soggy but with lots of small hard lumps that don't cook, have tried chipping, boiling, roasting and mashing. Last night we bought the jacket potatoes and they were disgusting. Not buying spuds from Asda again this year.

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  • Fe
    fenwoman Jan 22, 2013

    you have to buy different varieties depending on what you want to do with them so, Maris piper for chipping. King Edwards for roasting and baking, Picasso, for boiling. However, the tiny smart price potatoes I bought the other day are what us country folks call 'pig potatoes'. No matter how long you boil them, they remain hard. The ones I did last night were 50% green and some even had bitumen stuck to them. They've been in a pot of home made soup, cooking away for the last 6 hours and are still as hard as pebbles. Asda veg and fruit is generally not nice. Tesco or Aldi do better veg. These smartprice ones are fit for pigs to eat and nothing else.

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I ordered and payed for a bouquet of flowers from Asda to be delivered to my mother in dudley on Saturday 13th march in time for mothers day from Asda on line
So Saturday comes flowers delivered what a joke 25 flowers 20 stalks all the heads broken off other five flowers turned upside down in box, box of chocs squashed and soaking wet also both box's soaking wet and falling apart, mother of 85 years in tears very upset thinks someone is playing a bad joke on her,
My sister who my mother lives with rings and tells me the news she has rung Asda who tells her they will refund money, so I ring them ask what they are going to do to put this matter right the reply was we will send out our investigation team to look into the matter and if needed will send a replacement flowers on Tuesday not good enough says I you mean to tell me that a company that is as big as your one does not have a back up plan to deal with these types of problems answer no asked if it was possible to send flowers from a Asda store to my mother again answer no,
I then said but are you not the same company yes came the answer but independent of asda stores because they operate on line ok say I what can we do to solve this matter and get my mother smiling again basic reply nothing
So now my answer to Asdas on line is stick all future flowers where the sun don't shine
I would not like anyones mother to go through what my mother had to on Saturday and as for satisfaction guaranteed what a joke
My name is Edwin Rudland

Thank you Ed

My order number with Asda for you to check that this e-mail is true is confirmation number [protected]

late/non delivery

I ordered a bike on the 17th feb for my partner to start work on the following monday(22nd), when we ordered it it clearly stated delivery within 2 days, which to you and i would mean the 19th, i have phoned twice and spoken to someone in broken english who were on both accations very unhelpful. Now because of there lack of customer support my partener may lose this job (after 18 months of looking), i can not begin to tell you how angry and let down i am. Not even an offer to refund our delivery charge or an appology.
If you need to contact me you can ring on the above number, please help to stop these people, it cant go on.
Many Thanks
Emma Rees

air pressure machine

i wish to complain about the air (tyres) machine at coatbridge Asda.

I spend between the store and petrol station approx.£4000 per year

at Asda coatbridge. On the occasions when I have required air for a

slow puncture on my tyre the machine very rarely is functional.

This is extremely annoying when on the few occasions i require this facility it does not seem to be working, which of course applies to many drivers who wish to use it. Whilst the check out girls are very apologetic I cannot understand why a multi million pound company cannot provide a simple service like air for our tyres

on line shopping

never shop on line with asda. i ordered shopping on line asda and they took two payments instead of one and left my bank in debt.got yhe money back ten days later.bank charged me for asda mistake.no good asda.

Wrongful charges

ASDA operate with the fast payment system, which means electronic payments paid by your bank are received within 2-4 hours. ASDA fail to apply those received funds with the correct value date. A value date in banking terms is the date that funds are actually available to them - so by failing to apply the correct value to the funds the Bank (now Santana) sit on the money and enjoy the interest it earns.

I paid my bill in full, as I always do by this method for the due date of 3/1/10 .Asda claims they did not receive the money until 4/1/10 and charged a late payment fee and interest. I argued the point, particularly as this was not the first time it had occured and they agreed to refund the late payment fee but have failed to recredit the interest. By failing to do this the account has a small balance remaining. I told them at the time of complaint I would pay the amount due, which was just a fuel purchase, they had to clear the remainder and I would close the account. They haven't.

There have been 6 email exchanges, whereby they have lied about the payment receipt date and tried to claim they are not part of the fast payment scheme. My bank has confirmed again that they are and previous bill payments show the immediate receipt!!

ASDA lie - ASDA charge unlawful interest - ASDA do not have staff trained in customer service or knowledge of the payment system. I am now going to the ombudsman - meanwhile ASDA are charging interest on the interest... Watch out!!

  • Mu
    Muse Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the last 3 months I have been charged with a late payment charge on my bill when I have a direct debit set up when I contact them they have told me my bank has canceled the direct debit then asda have set up a new system and the are having problems Then I read on the net many other people are having problems can one bring any pressure on ASDA to sort things out .

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  • Ma
    Mark Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1. My wife paid my Credit Card Bill ASDA on October 4th, 2010 for £1021.82 with reference number 020164. Bank account is debited.
    2. I get a shocker of my life in the next statement generated on 9th October, 2010. It states the card outstanding is not settled.
    3. I call up your customer service number on 16th October, 2010 at 9.20 AM. Your agent takes all the debit card details and reference number. He states that the money is incorrectly posted and would be rectified in 48 hours.
    4. I again call on 20th October, 2010. This time agent says it will take 5-7 days and it is still in progress.
    5. I again call on 22nd October, 2010. This time agent says it will take 7 working days and the rectification process is being done.
    6. Meanwhile, the card is stopped and all my direct debits were refused. This ensured that I lose the life insurance cover, TV channels got disconnected, phone credit can’t be recharged. All hassles and we had to call each of them to change the card. ASDA stores tell me the card is declined with few people in queue.
    7. This has caused immense mental trauma and harassment to me and family. I am self respecting person without any defaults on any payment in my entire life. Due to somebody mistake at your end, I am suffering even after paying the money.
    8. Even today (29th October, 2010), I checked the Online status. There are no corrective actions done. I have kept a print screen to prove the corrective till not done.
    9. Meanwhile I keep on getting outstanding amount recovery reminders while you have already pocketed the money.
    10. I have been spending over £1000 almost every month and pay every time by due dates. I have now got my reward for being a loyal customer to you and ASDA.
    11. If this ordeal doesn’t end, then I would be forced to go through legal route and clear my name.

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que jumping

Asda has the worsed complaints service, and the staff are not helpfull at all. The last time I was there, I...

fuel pump extras

another part od rip off britains motorists go to asda fill up in the quick lanes were you pay by card and...

absolute plonkers

This is a copy of the Email I have attempted to send to ASDA (I say attempted as it has too many...

incompetent management

im a colleague at this store and fairly recently we had a new counters manager arrive on our department since...

Unfair treatment from staff

Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain that my trust-worthy friend, Leon Ogden who always visits your supermarket three times a week on a morning has been subject to unfair treatment and accused of doing something by a member of your staff that he hasnt done.
I am disgusted to hear that he has now been 'banned' from your shop because of this, even though he did not touch the reduced trolley and because he is a truthful person I believe he did not touch it when asked not to.
The lady who this was, treat Mr. Ogden with disrespect and spoke to him like no staff should speak to a customer and she stated she was security. This lady was watching Mr. Ogden and I feel she should have been getting on with her job or following customers who are shop-lifters or by other hazardous means, which Mr. Ogden certainly is not.
I would like this matter to be dealt with as Mr. Ogden is a helpful person to myself and many others and he should not have been treat in this way for one moment.
I will leave my e-mail address so you can reply to this letter with the outcome of this matter.
My e-mail address is [protected]@yahoo.com.
Many thanks and respectfully I hope this matter will be dealt with and sorted out.
Thanks, from Miss. Bond.

  • Ja
    james yousaf Jul 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    leon ogdon is a honest person who wouldnt hurt a fly he shops of older people with reduce goods all have the reduce labels on them i think he shoul be allowed back in to asda store to shop again

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