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Arizona Public Service [APS] complaints 89

Arizona Public Service [APS] - inaction for a power outage

Despite numerous outage reports throughout the night, no repair crews were dispatched until 5 AM.
Power to the entire neighborhood was restored between 9 and 10pm except for seven houses.
I filled out power outage reports around 10pm, and again at 1:15am.
I called right after 5am and they told me no one had reported it until 5am, which is untrue. One neighbor had personally called at 1am to report it. And yet no repair crews were dispatched at 1am. Nor were they dispatched at my first outage report at 10pm. Over 9 hours without power that could have been fixed in fifteen minutes (which it was when they showed up around 6am).

To APS Public Relations,
I am highly disappointed and frankly disgusted with the APS plan for scheduled power outage, for routine maintenance on transmission lines in the Grant Park area of Phoenix AZ. This outage is planed on June 22 at 9:00 PM to the 23rd 6:00 AM. On June 22 the temperature high in Phoenix AZ is expected to be 111+ degrees. With that in mind at 9:00PM the temperature will only be a few degrees below 100 degrees. This is a total disregard for customer health and safety. I understand that maintenance must be done but question if putting customers health and safety is worth it. In contacting the APS maintenance department, I was told this maintenance is necessary so that ” avoid a longer outage”. I have lived in the Grant Park area of Phoenix AZ for 6 years and have experienced power outages of 2 hours. There has never been and 8 hour outage in Grant Park or Phoenix AZ (that was made public) less storm damage or major fire involving transmission lines. I feel that “to avoid a longer outage” is an untruth. The basic attitude was that, this is when the maintenance was planned (probably by an APS employee, sitting in their air conditioned cubicle) and you will just have to deal with it. APS is not a cable company as too I cannot switch providers. The last 6 months here in Phoenix AZ the temperatures have been very cool. Why could this maintenance have not been accomplished then? I would hope that APS would take another look at this planned outage and perhaps reschedule it.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - plan change without notice

My plan is changed to higher rate plan without prior notice, but when I talk to customer service they changed the plan what it suppose to match but they said that effect from next month billing cycle and not from current cycle and end-up paying higher rate for current month.. when ask them to change they said they don't have option to change and I asked them to route to supervisor and she also telling me the same and not doing the adjustment even failed by APS.. where to approach to get it resolved ?., thanks!

Arizona Public Service [APS] - policy on bill migration

Aps migrated me on to a new bill plan, when I saw that I called right away. I did the math and the plan aps choose for me will increase my bill at least 25%!!! I called to change my bill and was told I can't until the next bill cycle. That is completely unfair, aps moved me to this plan and now I must stay on it for a month even though I never chose it? Not only is aps raising rates but now they are also forcing people to stay on plans that will cost them even though better options are available and closer to my old plan! Shame on for moving me to plan that will cost me so much more, aps doesn't care about their customers at all, I am disgusted with these business practices. With all these changes aps should at least give customers the option to choose and plan and see if it works form them.. Which they say they do but then limit or remove those with other policy restrictions so in fact there is no real option to try these plans before being locked in for a year. Aps lied about the impact the increased rates and new bill structure (I did the math) and wont let people move off a plan they forced on them for a month... Who does that? I feel so boxed in and upset over aps business practices, its really gross how they are manipulating and deceiving customers.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - meter technician

Tech came to door and knocked briefly. When I answered the door he was already opening my gate to the back yard and my dog was out barking and growling at him. I quickly grabbed my dog from bitting...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - billing

After paying a $700 electric bill, after getting shut off (which is outrageous enough), I then deferred my next bill to the next billing cycle and included my email so that I would get an alert to when it was due. How about I got no email and the crappy company shut me off again without any notice! When I called to let them know that I had not received anything yet in the mail or email, except for the final door hanging to alert, all they said was, "oh we do have it on file, and it has been sent out." but when I asked the robot custormer service person to repeat the email address, she said it wrong!! Which happens every time! She then said, "well I said it wrong, but I am reading it correctly." this is the biggest monopoly I have ever witnessed, and because they are the only option in arizona, they think they can screw their customers and not give a damn! I have small children and a dog in my house, and they still turned off the electricity. They are heinous and have no morals. They truly are an evil entity that needs some real competition to make them ethical.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - unethical behaviour

Regarding the planned price hikes, if APS received approval to roll out a complex billing process, then it should also be required of them to provide billing statements that show electricity usage by hour. If they plan to bill by hour of usage then the expectations as a consumer, is I have the right to know how much electricity I am using per hour. Consumer's have rights and a shady plan to bill by hour and raise rates by 4.5% should come with detailed usage and easy to read billing processes. If they want to make the process more complicated, then it is on them to educate they people that are paying their salaries. Plus I would advocate that they offer free in-home electricity evaluations to help consumers make choices about their electricity usage by hour. How do we know what appliances are using what electricity at what time? Think about the consumer and not just how to justify raises for executives and employees.

Unethical, criminal and cover ups is the three terms used to describe this monopoly. Aps has some how charging about 40% more this year compared to last year when I had two more people living here or double the occupency. How is that even possible when less power to run the dishwasher, washing machine, showers ect. As for the transition into the new ripoff sceme or "new plan and aps app campain" they shut off my power in August ( a month later we got the new plan info on our bills) because they were changing over the system. They made up some unbelievable and flawed lie to why and offered no apology or reimbursement for my time on the phone or my melted freezer foods.
Oh and to top it all off they took away all the pay kiosks and physical addresses to pay, without any notification, explanation or alternative. "Simply check the app for locations "was the only thing I could find. I kept up my search as it was the deadline to pay, (as I have always paid that day at a kiosk) and no options in site. I called, 1 hour wait time and customer service close time. I found, on some online discussion, to pay at walmart, and if course there is a fee. Wow
Just wow.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - surprise deposit required

I have been an APS customer for over 26 years and have owned my current resident for 20 years . My latest bill has an additional $313 dollars on it for a deposit. I have never had a shut off notice. I have been late paying because when I don't have my bill I don't know the amount so I bill pay them more than I think it will be so there is carry over. if the next bill I get is under 20$ or so I wait for the next bill. so late, , yes but the amount is minimal. So I called customer service and the only thing they offered was for me to make payments, and was told the credit department was the only one that could wave it. So I was transferred. I have excellent credit. Tara said there was nothing she could do about it and the amount was 2x my average bill. I am very angry. They hike up the rates then require a deposit? worst customer service ever, not to mention it took 45 mins to talk to someone.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - changing our account number and where is the discount that trump gave us?

I would like to know why are account number was changed 5 months ago. I also would like to know why we are not getting a credit on our account when others are getting this from trump. I understand...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - aps billing

Aps has shut down our electricity with out any warnings, we have made our payments but they have told us that there was a $200 deposit for paying late for which we did not know. Its not fair to come...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - power line modification creating unwanted noise


I've submitted this complaint on 1/4/18 at 3:11pm to [protected] and spoke with Whitney, and no action to date.

I live at 1422 E Desert Cove Ave, Phx AZ 85020 and noticed that APS services did something to the power lines off of power pole 16651 3 D, (added 3 brackets to line) located across the street from my driveway, (on Santa Fe condo appt south side by entrance). The service generates a very loud consistent buzz with very short pauses of silence.

I understand that progress is necessary and this is probably one of those situations, however the modification has cause significant environment pollution.

Pleading to please address the problem.
Melissa G Martinez

Arizona Public Service [APS] - power

In the last few weeks we have been without power 3 times. Last night it was out for 5 hours, last Wednesday it was out 9 1/2 hours and a few days before that it was out 4 hours. It seems like it is always in a small area that goes out each time. Each time we called and could not get any reasonable explanation as to the problem or when it would be resolved. All of the power outage was at night or weekend which makes me wonder about overtime issues. So with all the hours power is out we wonder about how safe our food is and we are paying for other services (i.e. satellite tv) that we can't use.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - bill

I set up a payment arrange to have my payment of $219.25 added to my next bill. When the new statement came out it was $1, 104.00. Not only was the $219.25 added, but the regular charge plus a $574...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - power outages

In The past week we have lost power three times for several hours each event. The first time was Jan 1. Power was out for 9.5 hours. We were initially part of a 4800 home outage. At 6.5 hours in, everyone was back online except the last 503 homes. I was one of those. That took an ADDITIONAL SIX HOURS to bring back up. A few days later those same 503 homes were out of power AGAIN for a few hours. Last night several of that same group was out AGAIN from 6pm until 10:30 pm. (The online outage map said 93 homes, but didn't even include our street so I am not convinced of the reliability of that #)

I have spent an additional $40 this week on batteries, battery powered lanterns, and battery chargers for my phone . You might argue those were convenience items. I don't think keeping emergency power for lighting to prevent falls, and cell phone chargers for security, since our other security systems are out and homes dark, inviting criminals in, a "convenience". In fact it was a hassle and INconvenient expense. Some of my neighbors use breathing machines when they sleep. They had no choice but to wait until power was restored to even go to bed. These power outages keep happening after hours and on holidays. I'm beginning to wonder if your emergency teams are sabbotaging thing for extra OT income.

I sincerely hope you are monitoring repeat outages and making plans for a PERMANENT resolution out here.

Thanks for listening
Jil Spangenberg
13530 E 49th LN
Yuma, AZ 85367

Arizona Public Service [APS] - planned electric outage

APS had a planned outage for Thursday December 7th between 10am and 1pm, but instead the power has been out for over 6 hours and they continue to push back the restoration time. I have a fridge full of food that has gone bad and children that need to eat. I am holding aps fully responsible for the compensation of my groceries. This is beyond ridiculous!

Arizona Public Service [APS] - deliberately slowing the process of permission to operate solar panels

We had solar panels installed and we needed to go through a process of approvals and inspections in order to finally receive approval from APS to operate the panels and start returning excess power generated into the electrical power grid, for credit toward our APS charges for monthly power consumption.

See the screenshots showing our request to expedite the process and the APS response. APS is taking longer than any other entity to give us Permission To Operate and install the meter necessary to obtain the PTO. When I requested to have the process expedited, APS replied with what reads to me like a statement saying they are running 13 days (NOT business days) behind and there is nothing they will do to expedite. That reply reads to me like they were saying we would receive PTO in about 13 days. It did not mention that there would be an additional waiting period after the 13 days.

Today, 15 days after they received notification of all other inspections and approvals, we received an email from APS saying it could be as much as 15 - 20 BUSINESS DAYS MORE, before they are able to install the meter and issue the PTO.

Considering the fact that our use of solar power will actually benefit APS, returning FREE excess power back into the electrical grid, one would think APS should make an effort to install the meter and issue the PTO. Since they have not done this, I assume the delay is deliberate. It is most certainly inexcusable and unacceptable!

APS should be REQUIRED to expedite ALL inspections and PTO requests from solar installers ASAP, in order to promote the use of sustainable energy, rather than the dirty energy APS produces in large measure. APS is deliberately stifling competition from solar companies in an effort to protect their own monopoly. They talk a good game, but the reality does not match their hype.

As you can see in one of the attachments, APS has been aware of this particular solar installation since Aug. 21st, and in another attachment, they were notified of the local authority approval (the last one before APS needs to install the meter and issue PTO) since Oct. 18th. And yet it is going to take them approximately another month approximately to finally get around to issuing the PTO. PITIFUL, RIDICULOUS, INCOMPETENT!

Arizona Public Service [APS] - customer service

10/20 I made an online payment for my electric bill that was then returned due to insufficient funds. 10/27 attempted to make a payment online and received an email from APS stating that I could no longer make a payment online that I had to go to the Kiosk to make the payment in person. 10/31 I received an attempt from APS stating that a payment was coming out of my account, however, I don't have enough funds in there to make the payment and per the email I received from your company I needed to make the payment in person which I was going to do on 11/3 and the payment still be on time. I called to explain what information I received from APS and the person who helped me pretty much said that it was to bad that it happened but will be getting another fee of $15 after YOU APS told me I can pay the bill online. I swear I hate dealing with you guys, worst electric company. I need to move back into an SRP location as I have never had problems with them. Ridiculous. On top of that your telling me at 2 bedroom apartment is running me $300-$600 you must be out of your mind!

Arizona Public Service [APS] - aps charge me over bill

Hi sirs, This is Hafid Smaisem, my aps account is [protected]. I payed the bill of September 2017 before due date but I received an email inform me the the amount returned to my account and you...

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Arizona Public Service [APS] - overcharged utility bill

I have been systematically reducing my usage, and the temperatures outside have gone down, yet I now received a bill that is three times the usual amount and states my usage went up dramatically. I live in a 500 square foot apartment, haven't changed one thing except to turn UP the thermostat to save power. Either the meter is defective, or nobody is actually reading the meter and APS is "estimating" usage again in order to charge people more money. This happened to me in the past and they didn't actually read my meter, so they had to replace it and refund the overcharged amount. I'm really sick of this, and am on a very tight low-income budget. This has to stop. It is NOT okay to start arbitrarily charging people more money for less service and power.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - customer service

Because APS got a returned mail notice from us, we never got a statement, and there was no courtesy call to let us know that was the situation. My fiance and I have lived in our apartment for 6 months and for some reason the customer service team just can't get that right. Didn't get a statement in the mail having busy lives we lost track of what we owe and then all of a sudden shut off to the correct address? My fiance has spoken with 3 different people trying to pay our bill, after being disconnected twice and no one had the decency to call him right back. APS has by far the worst customer service out of any company that I've ever had to negotiate with.

Arizona Public Service [APS] - conduit and their handling of the e3 program

The third party company Conduit shows a complete lack of respect for people calling in regarding energy support process. They are condescending, refuse to transfer to a manager, and will flat out lie and transfer back to APS. They create more hoops than necessary and are disrespectful. APS absolutely needs to reconsider this business relationship because this reflects poorly on the organization as a whole. This is creating a drain of resources for APS, and a liability.

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