Arizona Jean Companyarizona men's mid-rise loose fit jeans, web id 5234425

S Jan 18, 2020

I have been purchasing Arizona Men's Mid-Rise Loose Fit Jeans, Web ID 5234425 from JC Penney for several years. Size 38x36, color dark tint. Today I discovered they are on clearance and being discontinued. This is extremely disappointing. I can see no reason to discontinue this jean. Most of your other jean models offer the color Dark Tint. Why would you discontinue the most popular color? You also manufactur the identical jeans (Arizona Men's Loose Fit Jeans, Web ID: 5234121) in colors Light Tint and Dark Rinse. Please add Dark Tint as an option.

Also, many of your jeans show as available when selecting the size and color on line, only to find out they are out of stock when you try to check out or call JCP. Please keep your stock up to date or improve the JCP website.

I was referred to this website after contacting JC Penney customer service.

Thank you.

Steve Mayernick

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