Arian Motor/ Mitsubishi Asxthere is no respect to costomers

D Mar 08, 2015

Here In Iran, Arian Motor company is a representative of Mitsobishi car productions. Unfortunately, they are cheating with the costumers. The final price is not the one that they have promised at first. It increases at least 5% at the end. There is no one to explain and even if you want to cancel the deal, they delay a month to pay back your money.

They promise to deliver the car after 3 months but after 5 months they are still making subterfuges and prolonging the delivery time. There is not any good service centers for Mitsobishi specially for ASX model.
I think the main reason that Mitsobishi is not successful to sell its prodoction like other companies (for example Hyundai) in Iran, is the awful costumer service of Arian motors.

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