Arco Gas Station/Convenience Storerude and hostile employees

S Aug 02, 2018

I live close to this location and up till last night would go to their store about every other day. I went in two nights ago, (sober if anyone was wondering) to buy some milk. I asked one of the employees If They Carried half gallon milk he looked at me and ignored me so I asked him again I said, "Sir, do you carry half gallon milk. He looked at me with a scowl and said, "Go look! No we dont have!" He is raising his voice at me at this point. I pay for the milk and leave. I stopped in last night and parked my bike against the wall by the store entrance door. The same employer was including garbages outside right next to me and against Cal and made some noises it looked at me. So I asked him is my bike in your way and he looked at me and turned away I said, "Sir, is my bike in your way or is it okay to be here he said it was fine and i said okay. I walked into the store and was looking for a particular soft drink I didn't see it so i asked the same guy as he walked by. He yelled at me threw his hands up in the air and threw the garbage bag in his hand up in the air turn towards me and give me a dirty look. By this point I was upset and starting to raise my voice but I asked him, "Why are you treating me so rudely? I'm here to spend money. I've never been disrespectful to you. Why are you doing it to me. He refused to answer it just kept giving me dirty looks I don't even know this person other than coming to a store and buying something once in awhile and seeing him there. Several people have told me they had problems there before with this employee but the owners don't care and they're [censored] towards the complaining customers as well when they say something to the owner. Taking my business elsewhere and so is my family. My aunt gets gas their and herhusband gets Gas there. It may not matter to the employees and manager, but I'm not that it matters to Fargo's corporate office when I'm going to be in touch with tomorrow unbelievable anger and yelling to the point I had to step back wondering what he was going to do next that's how loud that's how rude.

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