Arby's Restaurant Groupethics and integrity towards an employee

B Aug 05, 2018 Review updated:

My sister worked for the Arby's im beechmont and just walked out and quit tonight after a manager there named Lisa scrutinized my sister after finding out my sister is a lesbian. She told her that it is a huge sin and that my sister needs to change her ways and stop being gay. I am so disgusted with this managers behavior. She needs to be fired for her actions. I can not believe that Arby's would allow this kind of discrimination to occur in their establishment! I will be making any and everyone I know aware of how Arby's lets their managers treat their employees! I expect a call about what is going to be done immediately or I will be taking this to social media and every news station I can find!


  •   Aug 05, 2018

    Your sister needs to speak up and defend herself. Quitting hurts her, not the restaurant. She can file a discrimination lawsuit but she wasn’t fired. She needs a good attorney to sue and to put it in the media.

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