Arbysdid not get what I ordered

N Sep 02, 2018

Ordered food got home didn't have it all. Thought I would call instead of driving the hole way back there..I called 16 times got nothing but a answering service. The only recipe I was given was my credit card recipe. Witch was why I wanted to call instead of drive incase they just didn't here my order correctly. Then no big deal but when you call 16 time and don't get an answer that's just a little this point I think I'm more upset about not having someone answer the phone as I am them forgetting or not hearing my order correctly. Since when did fast food get an answering service and stopped answering the phone ? When a customer gets home and realizes that there order is not correct.. I'm going to almost guarantee nobody wants an answering service we want to speak to a person so that we can sort the problems out in a timely manner as a post to someone calling us back..because by then the image of my face/order they no longer will remember...

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