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I was there on Wednesday with my friend drinking on the bar section we were the last one to leave then I when to the bathroom and I was looking on my wallet to see how much money do I have to leave the tips but I was using the restroom and I put it on the toilet but when I finish using the toilet I forgot to grab my wallet and when I was home I call the manager to go and pick up my wallet but she told me it was nothing there then I go the next day and told her that I wanted to look on the cameras to see who was the last employee go go inside the bathrooms right after me and she told me she was not gonna do anything because she dont want to and I had my social security number card and my green-card to be legal in these countries and my rent money now i don't know what else to do because I try to call the corporation and tell them to do something because if nobody else was inside the restaurant only employees they need it to take it to the office and hold it for me not steal it and I want you guys to do something it was the Applebee's in 1041 admiral Callaghan LN Vallejo California the one right next to home depot. The manager was hella rude she don't even try to help me she don't even care about me telling her my situation my name is Jesus please call me back [protected]

Aug 09, 2019
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  •   Aug 09, 2019

    Well, Jesus, I’d call the police and report the theft. They can view the tapes and then proceed. Don’t be afraid of the police because you aren’t a legal citizen. Green card allows access to everything and you have the right to file a police report.

    I doubt you’ll get your money back but this is a good lesson for you. Don’t carry a lot of money on you and check for your wallet and phone and keys before leaving. I don’t use a wallet most of the time. I keep cash and a few cards in my pocket and don’t use a purse. Or I have a small leather credit card holder with a space for folded cash. Fits in my pockets for trips to the doctor, store and an iced coffee. I don’t carry all my cards at all times. Some are for use in certain stores like rewards cards.

    I’m sorry you were not paying attention to your wallet and left it behind. Life lessons are often expensive.

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