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L Mar 03, 2018 Review updated:

My experience at this location was horrible. It started off with me going to the rest room as we waited for a table. There were 3 stalls in the bathroom only 2 stalls had tissue an only 2 stalls doors worked. They had a tissue roll on the counter for customers to grab. That was strike one
Strike two was when I ordered a drink from the bar. My waiter was great he did the best he could and he mentioned that he was fresh out of training. Ok I ordered an apple martini and my husband ordered a bahama mama
The waiter brought my husband's drink first, it was great, however I was asked several questions before I declined my order. First I was asked did I want vodka or gin? I Said vodka, then the waiter came back and asked what kind of vodka I wanted? I Said I don't know whatever they use to make martinis; at that point I knew the bartender didn't know what she was doing. Michael (the waite) brought me my drink it was clear. I tasted it and it was all vodka. I sent it back and stated it wasn't even green. Michael offered to put an apple in it lol, I Said no thanks and ordered myself a bahama mama. Strike two an a half.
My husband ordered a long island when the food came out. When it arrived we tasted it an it was nothing but mixers, no alcohol. I'm no expert but Long islands has at least 5 different liquors in it and he didn't taste an oz.
At this point you would think a supervisor or manager would have come to the table.
Strike 3 was when the food came out. The Waiter brought my husbands food out and my sister in law; by the time I got my food they were just finishing up. My husband wanted to stop eating so we could eat together. The food was ok. I must say I loved apple bees but this night was horrible. Lastly when I tried to rate my services and make a comment, midway through the process the little kiosk randomly shut down. I was livid. I felt so bad for the waiter because he was very apologetic but the overall experience was bad and we decided not to give a tip. Our bill totalled up to $87 and I must say it was a waist of money.


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