Amomapromised a refund, but I never received my money back


I made a reservation through Amoma, but 5 days before the trip my sister died. So I contacted Amoma, explained the situation and asked them to cancel my reservation. I asked for a refund, but they were very unhelpful and unprofessional and never provided any help. They said there will be issued a refund, but I never received my money back. Tried to contact them many times but still nothing. I am so disappointed. That was really terrible time for me and my family and these thieves made my life even worse!


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    Rayees Ahmed Jul 01, 2017

    I have booked a hotel through Amoma for one day in Madina. The payment was deducted from my credit card. I go confirmation from Amoma. I had also a chat with the customer services of Amoma one day before departure and they confirmed my booking. When arrived at hotel and show the confirmation letter, hotel management said, we do not have any reservation for you. Wrote an email to Amoma on same day but no reply received until today. It was very difficult time for me as I was with my family and all of were fasting. I roamed around in all hotels and could found only one room with very high price.
    There is no response from Amoma until today. They are big cheaters. They should be banned from doing any booking for customer and their management should be put into jail for cheating customers.
    My booking reference was 34112419.

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