Amolatina.comwebsite fraud

R Sep 10, 2018

I have been communicating with women on amolatina for a very long time; I have also spent thousands in doing so. I have found that as soon I ask about exchanging information, the women lock up, and don't want too - "please, let's us the site..." the site is a complete scam, and the money we unsuspecting men are paying is ridiculous! So, let's get to the real reason for my complaint, and why I will involve the fbi. I thought i'd try the; "send a gift" option to one particular woman and spent a couple of hundred dollars doing so. I was told by doing so the lady would then have my contact information, and she could communicate outside of the site. A few days after the purchase the lady sent me an email (internal through the site), and said thank you so much, and that the orchid was beautiful - here's what angered me. She attached two photos, one with her and the orchid, and then a picture of her holding my contact information - guess what! The images were the same, and the orchid was photoshopped in, as was the paper with my contact information. When I asked the lady about it, she had no idea what I was talking about and said she never sent photos. I tried to download the images, but the site will not let you, so I did screenshots and then created a pdf file and made my complaint to amolatina. At first, the site was apologetic and told me they would get back to me... Well, it's going on two weeks and nothing. I found this forum and felt I needed to make this known. I mentioned reaching out to authorities, and so forth, I even asked for a refund. That said, I have a call with the fbi to discuss in great detail, and if anyone reading this can provide as I have, please, let's get busy and shut this site, and associated sites down. Amolatina is a scam... Period.

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