American Swiss Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] American Swiss / daniel klein watch

Apr 17, 2019

My fiance bought me a Daniel Klein Watch for my birthday which was on the 21st November 2018. I wore it for 1 week. It stopped working. Went into the store. They did something at the back and it started working. I wore it for the next week and it stopped working again. Took it back the...

American Swiss / ring

Mar 02, 2019

Good day the reason why im writting this complain last year 2018 January i bought my wedding ring it went for adjustment. It was perfect after 5 months i noticed there is a change in my ring its cracking and the shape is no longer round i went to the shop i told them they said myb i...

American Swiss / terrible service, bad quality of goods, intentional damage caused to jewelry items

Jan 17, 2019

Official Complaint with American Swiss Rustenburg, Waterfall Mall I, have recently invested money into the well-known company American Swiss. I spent money on a promise gift, and a Christmas gift. Since the beginning of my journey with this reputable company I've not had any pleasant or kind...

American Swiss / ring return

Jan 03, 2019

Please kindly redirect to the Line manager in charge, I purchased an engagement ring from AmericanSwiss store in Century City, but had to return it to the store as my wife to be preferred another choice, During the Process of return i have been to this store about 10 times without any...

American Swiss / jewelry

Nov 24, 2018

Good day, To whom it may concern. The reason for the letter is to confirm that I am disappointed and appalled by the service I have received at American Swiss Vangate Mall. I had two incidents at the branch with the manager, I went into the store and saw a pair of gold round earrings for...

American Swiss / ring that one stone fell out

Nov 20, 2018

My Mother is a pensioner and has saved up money to purchase herself a ring that she wanted. She purchased the ring in the American Swiss branch in Sasolburg between the 28th September '18 - 1st October '18 (She is not 100% sure of the exact date) in cash. Two weeks ago she found that one...

American Swiss / american swiss

Nov 19, 2018

Hi, To Whom It May Concern On the 13/11/2018 I went to American Swiss in Pretoria, The Grove Mall to buy a ring for my Anniversary which is on the 21/11/2018, The Sales lady helped me nicely, You had a special on Diamond Rings, so after seeing a few i chose 1, The Sales lady said its 9ct...

American Swiss / I took a wrist watch which was still under guarantee, upon return I was told to pay for the repair

Nov 18, 2018

I took my watch which suddenly stopped working, I first bought a new battery thinking it was flat and it still couldn't work. I then took it to American Swiss Empangeni on the 22nd of September2018. I was told that if it is factory fault they will fix it at no charge which I couldn't...

American Swiss / bad customer service

Nov 17, 2018

My watch was send for a repair. After the 2d time the watch camed back still not fix. Nothing was done. Was send in for the 3rd time - directy to Sam at Fossil by the store. This time with an extra complaint that the glass is scratched. The area manager at Mall of the North tried to help...

American Swiss / quality of the ring

Nov 05, 2018

I bought a set of wedding ring and a watch with bracelet in August 2018, I started using my jewellery on 02nd of September 2018 as I was celebrating my 20th Wedding anniversary. On the 26th of October 2018 I took the ring back to the shop at Eastrand Mall, because it was band and out of...

American Swiss / jewelry insurance claim

Oct 25, 2018

I recently submitted an insurance claim when my jewelry was stolen out of my car. When i initially took the insurance i was not anticipating that my jewelry will ever be stolen, I am disappointed with the service of the claim and the fact that i was never told that when i leave the...

American Swiss / resizing of ring

Oct 19, 2018

Good day, on the 12 oct 2018 i purchased a ring (item/description 22363836136) from american swiss in kuruman and on thr same day i asked them for resizing of the ring which they said if they make it urgent it will cost R200 which will take a week and for normal it will be R100 which will...

American Swiss / pricing you see is the price you pay

Oct 05, 2018

on the 5th October 2018 at 17h30 I went into your Pavilion store to purchase a pendant called a tree of life for my wife. the staff that helped was very helpful until I asked the price. on the board advertising the price was a price from R 299 to R699, but the item I took was suddenly at R 899...

American Swiss in King Williams Town / wedding bands

Sep 27, 2018

I had a lay bye of 2 rings at american swiss in king williams town. I am not happy with the quality of the male ring it looks like its been used for years it has scratches although I only took it yesterday and it hasn't been worn yet. The rings are big and I was told that I have to pay an...

American Swiss / lay-by

Sep 12, 2018

Hi i had a lay-by for 6 months with American Swiss. First installment was due on the first on January 2018 and last payment was supposed to be in June 2018. I won't lie i was late but was making payments for all the months. When i went in August 2018 to pay the last payment which was R688...

American Swiss / bad customer service

Aug 08, 2018

Got a watch as a gift brought from the Ballito branch Winx brand for R399 only wore it five days and it had started peeling went to the store with the watch end receipt to get an exchange for a watch of the same value not even for a refund or anything I was told that they couldn't proce...

American Swiss / non return of guess sunglasses which went for repairs & months ago

Aug 01, 2018

My name is Thando Pollet Kelefitlhetse Contact no:0026772916934 email:[email protected] Im so hurt as I write this; Late December 2018, I returned my guess sunglasses for repairs as they had a loose screw or something along those lines. I have now gone back and forth to the store...

American Swiss / ring and unprofessional staff.

Jul 29, 2018

I bought a wedding ring the 20th of january 2018 and got the ring back after soldering in feb 2018. In april I walk in back to the store only to find I lost a stone in the ring. With no hassle I was helped. In june 2018 I once again had to bring back the ring after another stone is missing. Huge...

American Swiss / ring bought at american swiss

Jul 22, 2018

I bought a engagement ring with 2 wedding bands at american swiss few months ago, today I wanted to combine the 3 rings as I am getting married in august, much to my dissapointment the lady said my rings are not from ammerican swiss even when I showed her the receipt of r 18000 with the...

American Swiss / engagement ring

Jul 19, 2018

Good day I am very disappointed with the ladies who work at American Swiss (Festival Mall, Kempton Park) . I bought a ring on the 24th of May and I send it for adjustment, they said to me it would take 3 weeks to get my ring back but up to now I haven't received it and it's been 2 months now...

American Swiss / layby account

Jun 19, 2018

Account number: 0011090001088210675 I keep on getting this account. I DO NOT OWE American Swiss any money! I bought a ring on layby and paid every month for it. The ring was kept at American Swiss until I have paid it in full. However the wedding was cancelled and American Swiss Eastgate...

American Swiss / gold necklace

Jun 15, 2018

Good Day I am very annoyed. I took my 9ct Gold chain to American Swiss Menlyn Pretoria to be repaired. I have asked the lady the price and she said that she will have to send it to the workshop first and then only will be able to give me the amount to pay. I booked it in and 3 days later I got...

American Swiss / the service and trading hours

Jun 14, 2018

Good day, I am working from 07:30 until 17:00 just outside of town, I have searched on the internet for what time the shop is closing on trading hours and found it show that the shop is only closing at 18:00, so I rushed after work into town but to my surprise I ended up in front of a...

American Swiss / silver bracelet

Jun 10, 2018

I am a very annoyed customer. My husband bought me a necklace and bracelet for Xmas. Necklace from The Glen and Bracelet from Rosebank. (The Glen had no stock). He was then send to Chresta mall to collect a box for this as Rosebank did not have stock! My bracelet c rings split open when I...

American Swiss / wedding ring

May 29, 2018

Hello... My name is boago from botswana. Sometimes last year around august I paid off my wedding ring at american swiss game city. Everything looked fine nd I was happy about it but supprissingly this year around february I noticed a small diamond from it was missing. My hysband took it to...

American Swiss / wedding ring incorrect display and poor customer service

May 23, 2018

Good evening, I went in to your American Swiss Canal walk late this afternoon. I saw a rose gold ring that I was interested in priced on mark down at R1625 on display. I then continued to call the sales consultant for assistance to try on the ring, aswel as confirming with her that thi...

American Swiss / ring purchase

May 21, 2018

My Then boyfriend now fiancé purchased an engagement ring from one of your stores, he was unsure of the size and was told he would be able to resize the ring once he proposed. The ring purchased was a P and I am a K size, now we are told that the ring can not be made smaller to the required...

American Swiss / mens guess watch

May 18, 2018

I bought the above in sep as a birthday gift for my husband. Spend R3499 on it. The watch stopped working in Mar and I send it in for repairs. Now they phoning me with a quote of R495 for the replacement of a battery. Seriously...what makes this battery so special? This watch is still...

American Swiss / tempo watch

May 06, 2018

We dropped our watch at Phalaborwa for a new battery on 27/03/2018 and recieved an sms 05/05/2018 to come fetch our watch and today and when we went to fetch it the behind piece is missing. We then heard we had to pay R195. We have had to wait so long and the watch is still not ready to...

American Swiss / ring with birthstone

Apr 30, 2018

Place purchase: American Swiss. Mosselbay Mall Louis Fourie Road Date of purchase: 29 January 2018 Amount R499.00 Resizing R180.00 Collect after resizing 9 February 2018 On the 25 April 2018 I return to American Swiss because my birthday stone fell out, I realised one of the grips that...

American Swiss / 9ct diamond ring

Mar 28, 2018

The ring was purchased in February 2014, band and ring consisting of many diamonds. In 2015 1 diamond fell out, 2016 another diamond fell out. In August 2016 I took the ring in to American Swiss Cresta to have the both diamonds replaced and also asked them to have the claw setting of each...

American Swiss / poor service empty promises and just want a sale at the clearwater branch

Mar 27, 2018

in about September last year my husband and myself layby our rings at the clear water branch .. The branch Manager a female has taken your sizes and she has "promised us that when we collect the will be resised and will fit us. We have collected our rings as we got married in March and...

American Swiss / minx watch

Mar 25, 2018

Hi, I purchased a minx watch at american swiss long beach mall for my wife on the 10.03.2018. The following morning my wife noticed the watch was behind and not keeping time, after setting it again its was fine for a few days until the 23.03.2018 when the same thing happened. We then...

American Swiss / ring

Mar 15, 2018

I am absolutely disappointed in the service I am receiving from American Swiss at the Greenstone Mall. I left my ring for resizing about 4 weeks ago, I have been to the store 4 times now only to be told it has not yet arrived should arrive within the next few days that was 4 weeks ago, I...

American Swiss, Springbok, Northern Cape, 8240 / repair of 2 gold necklace clasps and 1 arm bracelet clasp

Mar 13, 2018

I would like to lodge a very serious complaint regarding excessive overcharge of repairing 2 very fine golden neclace chain clasps and one arm bracelet clasp at the American Swiss outlet in Springbok, Northern Cape branche. I handed the items in and requested the sales lady to supply and...

American Swiss / ring

Feb 27, 2018

I bought a ring in december about the 26th and made it a bit bigger on the 14tg of january, I got it back on the 21st of january. Hardly about a month later is started cracking and bending at the point where it was made bigger. When I took it back they told me that is was not a...

American Swiss / repairs - damaged my watch

Feb 19, 2018

I handed in my watch at American Swiss Forest Hill on 20 January 2018. Repair Job No: JC0112960001744. My watch had a damp issue. Once I put it on the glass part will steam up. I went to Forest Hill Saturday 17 February 2018 to fetch my watch as it was repaired. Once they opened my watch...

American Swiss / standard of goods and service

Feb 16, 2018

Dear Sirs/Madam, My name is Tian, my girlfriend bought me a Fossil watch from American Swiss Greenstone shopping centre Johannesburg South Africa. 1. The watch firt sold had scratchers on it. 2. The waiting period for a replacement was ridiculous and my girlfriend as the client had to inform...

American Swiss / repair of ring.

Feb 12, 2018

I took my wedding ring to American Swiss ermelo mpumalanga for repair and melting together on the 9th of January 2018. When i went there to find out if it's done yet a month later they said no it's still as the repair shop. Today on the 12th of February the phoned me to give the amount it...

American Swiss / about a chain to be expected

Jan 23, 2018

I bought a fusion gold men in December it is to small so I went to the Carletonville shop on the 6 of this month to request so they said I need to buy the matching bracelet and then extended the chain like that they didn't have a matching bracelet in store so I request to find me one and...