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May 06, 2021

American Swiss - 5ct ring

Last year 15 October 2020 my husband bought for me a 5ct ring from American Swiss at Waterfront in Bloemfontein for our anniversary. I chose this ring thinking that is quality and would last. Amount was R9999-00.

To my surprised just after 3 months the ring changed to bronze color. I didn't expect to see my ring in 3 months to be like that.

On 13 February 2021 I decided to take it back to American Swiss. I explained to them my problem. They booked it in and sent for check-up.

It seems as they polished and sent it back to me. I started to avoid sanitizing my left hand. To my surprised is still changed again to bronze color. I am now miserable . I can't put my ring, it is useless . Now American Swiss is selling poor quality goods at high prices.

Can you please assist. I want you to refund me my money and take your ring.

Desired outcome: Refund

American Swiss - Quality

I bought a watch on 28 Dec 2020, at Springs mall as you can check from the attached pictures, it did not last even a six months . It peeled off the colour and loose time. I requested a refund they gave me a gift voucher I'm not happy about that cause I'm tired up to buy under your chain store.



American Swiss - Fossil watch

2019/11/23 I bought a fossil watch. The watch would stop working at times, 2020/11/07 I had the battery replaced but it did not solve the problem. 2020/11/22 the store took the watch repairs, I got the call to collect my watch on 2021/03/24 which 4 months later. When I got home I realized the watch is still freezes and stop working. This is a very sad and disappointing experience I regret buying this watch. Very unhappy customer - Smilo Ngcongo [protected]

Desired outcome: I refuse to wait for months again to get my watch repaired. I want another watch or refund please.


American Swiss - Service and quailty VERY POOR

I have a complaint regarding your service and the quality of your products. Your staff has no respect for customers and don't assist at all I am talking about the American Swiss in Alberton City their service is actually disgusting on how they treat their customers and the "manager" is never there.
I had to take back my engagement ring back for the FOURTH time now as the diamonds keeps falling out. I am very unhappy with your service and the quality of your products I will never ever recommend American Swiss ever again. Please work on that in future absolutely no hope for American Swiss.

American Swiss - Poor customer service

I'm laying a complaint regarding the poor service I received 20 min ago at your store in Vaalmall. No form of assistance wa offered. minutes later a white couple entered the store and were promptly offered customer service with a greeting. This shattered me.I walked out of your store without my intended purchase and opted for the opposite jewellers.

Desired outcome: Racial disclassiffication Counselling to your employees.

I bought the ring 9th gold in September 2020 bt November It changed I took it to the mall they I will keep changing and they never help me till today and now I don’t wear it and it wedding ring it very bad

American Swiss - Ring purchase

I bought a ring to replace my lost wedding ring in June 2020. By August the colour had faded and the ring looked very bad. I took it to the mall of the South and they sent the ring for polishing and it was shiny when it came back for only 5 days after 5 days it become pale again. I took the ring of and did not know what to do, but on Friday the 22nd January I took it again to the mall of the South and the lady sent it back for repairs but she told me they will just polish it and I may get the same result again.

Im not happy with this ring because as soon as it fades its not wearable. I have dressing rings that I bought for R100 that looks better that this Ring that I bought for R3999.
The repair number is RE [protected]

Desired outcome: To get a credit or voucher and purchase another ring.

American Swiss - A31 samsung

Good Morning
I am hereby logging a complaint regarding the A31 Samsung phone I purchased at Stellenbosch Mall with an account, the phone is faulty not functioning on the touch screen I tried to return it back to American Swiss in Hazyview it's been a while now.
I am so disappointed with your services, the sad part is I purchased that phone for Mom as a Birthday gift.

Looking forward hearing from you.

TP Malele

American Swiss - Free gift

Hi. I would like to bring to your attention that I choce a Tempo watch as my purchase, 2 weeks before Christmas, I realized the next day that a pop up was next to the watch saying that customers will receive a free gift with every Tempo watch purchased. A week later I purchased another Tempo watch for my manager and then asked about the free gift, and brought to the gentleman's attention that I never received my gift the previous week. He said he will check for me, and came back saying that there's no free gift, sorry, it's out of stock. There were 2 sets of earphones in the window, but the store doesn't have any for me. I feel disappointed as I spent cash money on 3 gifts for Christmas, 2 Tempo watches and a bracelet. I told the shop attendant that it is false advertising. It was the branch in Eikestad Mall. Regards Samantha

Desired outcome: My 2 free gifts

American Swiss - Customer service

On 28 november 2020 I went to pick up my rings that went away for resizing. I was helped by one male guy cant remember his name, I asked him a question what happens to the part they take off, hi...

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American Swiss - Customer service

This is the second time I have visited american swiss in modimolle limpopo province. And the salelady was very rude, firstly I had to call them four times to come and assist me. Then I had to ask...

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American Swiss - A ring

I am complaining about a ring purchased 3 months ago.. A stone is lost and when I went there at forest hill they telling me I bring the stone where on earth will I know where the stone got lost. I am so unhappy with the service because it's not like I did remove the stone I do not flipping know where n how it fell. I have other products from this store and I'm happy with them, but after this im so not gonna use your store again or recommend to anyone. Maybe I have to dig the drain and look for the stone for me to be helped because on this day I noticed the stone is lost I was at home the whole day I'm not happy at all.

American Swiss - Poor quality of ring purchased

I purchased a gents white gold wedding in February 2020 which was on special from R6999 to R4549. 6 months later the ring is badly discoloured and looks like a cheap imitation ring. I took it...

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American Swiss - Engagement ring and poor service

I am very disappointed with the service I got at Rivers store. I bought an engagement ring on the 5th of October 2019 and to my surprise the stone came off in March this year. I went to the branch to...

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Oct 19, 2020

American Swiss - Bad service

Good day
on the 23sept 2020 i went to american swiss three rivers in vereeniging, i wanted to find out about a personilized necklass for my daughters birthday that was on the 17th okt 2020, the lady named theni took all my details and said that they must first give me a quote and only then after i accept the quote they will make the necklass for me, since the day i was in the store she never come back to me with any answers regarding the quote or anything so i needed to make other arrangements for a present for my daughter at the end off the day, i really think there is alot off people these days that would do anything to have a work like she does but she was rude to us from the start we walked in the store you could see that she was not really intrested in helping us we were only a birden for her, i am very upset due to the fact that my daughter really wanted to have a personilized necklass and then someone like theni just does not care about customers satisfaction .

Oct 06, 2020

American Swiss - Ring

I bought a ring last week Tuesday at La-lucia mall in Durban (cash payments) and I was told if I need to insure it I must pay additional amount of R500.00 unfortunate I did not have it that time then the Indian lady who was helping me advise I only have 7days to ensure it, I then on Saturday since I could not raise that amount I needed to check my option if I could not buy ring at the cheaper amount I went to America swiss Durban smith street there were two consultant working that day the African mother helped me to compare we then conclude I still stick to my original ring I have 30days so I must not worry. the problem when I check Monday as I did not touch the plastic and box I realised the ring is not there, I run back to the shop to enquire did the lady put back the ring or forget to put I spoke to Jacque who said the lady advise she did not take it, now I need footage she advise I must pay R4500.00 I am a customer the is query why I must pay to check whether I left with the ring in the box or not. I will open the case as the shop is not willing to help me if the ring is in the store I will take this to media as the is no willingness to help me and the African lady even deny touching the ring

Aug 27, 2020

American Swiss - Faulty / damaged ring

I bought an Engagement Ring from American Swiss @ the Vangate Mall store last year on Lay-buy, I finished paid 22 Feb 2020 I was unsure about the ring size at this time and when I managed to get...

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American Swiss - Tempo watch

Good afternoon I am writing this letter to complain of the poor service I received from your company on 20 July 2020. My husband bought me a tempo watch to the value of R1999.00 last year...

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Jul 20, 2020

American Swiss - Poor customer service

I visit American Swiss branch in Heidelberg Mall yesterday during business hours. The sales assistant chases me out of the store and said she is busy moping the floor therefor the floor is wet, and I must wait outside until she was done. Needless to say I walked out and did not return. Is this how customers are treated at American Swiss stores? If so, I will never enter any American Swiss branch again.

Mar 10, 2020

American Swiss - As are unethical

After doing some research on diamonds, I see that:
A M colored I2 clarity diamond is worth R30K - Your RSP 85K, on promo R42K
A K colored SI2 clarity diamond is worth R78K - Your RSP 100K, on promo R65K
A L colored I1 clarity diamond is worth R53K - Your RSP R85K, on promo R55K

It's clear to me that American Swiss inflate RSP prices of the rings and then put them on promotion at the ACTUAL value of the diamond. That is quite unethical to say the least.


American Swiss - Wedding ring

I bought my ring on the 11 August 2019 and I got married in the 2nd November 2019. In December already one diamond was out and I took if back. Now I January the very same diamond came out. While...

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