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M Aug 02, 2018

I was seen at Kadlec Region ER on 395 N. in Kennewick WA. on Dec. 28th 2017.

Left ankle and foot injury. I was seen by an R.N. He brought in a portable x-ray unit. They took a couple of non- weight bearing x-rays of the foot. After about 45 minutes the Nurse came back to tell me the ankle was sprained and sent me on my way. No treatment for the ankle and it was visibly discolored and quite swollen. No wrap no crutch no ace bandage nothing.

I received follow up care on Ja. 8th 2018 at Tri Cities Ortho Clinic in Kennewick. They then took weight bearing x- rays and found a couple of broken bones in the top of my left foot. I was given an orthopedic boot and an appointment to return in 3 weeks. I then received an MRI of the foot, and another bone was found to be fractured and the tendons and ligaments were frayed.

Then one June 28th of 2018 I had a nuclear bone study done at Kadlec out -patient building at 945 Goethals, in Richland WA. At that time the radiologist that read the study gave a written report of a nuclear study I had done in July of 2013 for my shoulder, neck and ribs. I made three phone calls trying to get the correct report to go with the study of my feet and ankles. It finally came down to a face to face meeting with a manager of radiology on July 1st.

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    I am seeking compensation for pain & suffering.

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