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Laser Spine Institute Complaints & Reviews

Laser Spine Institute / Surgery

Samtay on Apr 19, 2016
I went to a lecture sponsored by LSI held at a Marriot Hotel. In pain, all I heard was the hopeful. I was "interviewed" later and they called me. I was told in the "interview" at the hotel that Aetna covers this surgery (disc surgery for lower back). Not true. Price of the surgery was $30...

Laser Spine Institute / Patients are "numbers", pt safety, poor management

Reviewer98133 on Mar 4, 2016
I was also bedazzled by the whole orientation and told how happy everyone is in Tampa, indoctrinated with their CHOICE values (we even had to listen to someones made up song about them) and how it's so great to help all of our patients. Then reality hit. Get as many pts in a...

Laser Spine Institute / Scam

Reviewer35393 on Feb 16, 2016
I talked to their salesman, they told me I would be getting my father's old surgery, in the hospital. Like their surgery was all new. First told me it would be $13, 000. Then called me back and told me it would be $18, 500 to have the surgery done in oklahoma city, probably because of the...

Laser Spine Institute / Malpractice. They Disabled me and I need an attorney

Chadww on Dec 14, 2015
The Laser spine institute in Scottsdale Arizona ripped my spinal cord open and didn't even follow the minimum medical standard of care to fix it. Even after I saw the photo of the one stitch they put in it and I told it would not hold. Then went back the next day and had used 4 weeks worth...

Laser Spine Institute / FRAUD!!!!! Will not give me my deposit back even though there was no contract and they did NOT provide any service.

living4dfuture on Dec 11, 2015
I had heard about LSI on a commercial a few months ago, I am 45 years old and have severe degenerative arthritis. I have been looking for relief and, from their commercials, their product appealed to me. They promised a minimally invasive procedure with little down time. I spoke to a sale...

Laser Spine Institute / FRAUD

BobS9909 on Dec 30, 2014
What a scam!.. Called for my "free MRI review" to see what they offered and if they can help my long term issue with my cervical spine. There are no direct numbers to their centers, instead you are given a "care specialist" in a call center. They take your info and insurance information...

Laser Spine Institute / neglect

Gloria Doherty on Nov 22, 2014
I went to laser spine institute in Pennsylvania in 2013 had surgery they say get up and walk right away only a bandaid would be needed I had a massive bandage took me 13 weeks to just start to feel better it called them from time to time to say it still hurts ect they kept saying give it...

Laser Spine Institute / Went overboard on taking care of my wife

Mont Peters on Nov 20, 2014
I live in Montana, and was watching the news one night and saw a commercial about Laser Spine Institute, my wife has been having back problems for four years. When I saw this commercial I picked up the phone and gave them a call. They had some one call back the next day and took our...

Laser Spine Institute / Horrible Crooks

Raerae1998 on Oct 11, 2014
I really want everyone, especially the laser spine inst, to know how disgusting it is to take advantage of a women in so much pain. She is completely bend in half, she can't stand up straight. When a friend of hers told her about the LSI in Arizona, she was looking for a miracle...

Laser Spine Institute / Failed Surgery

Khg543 on Apr 8, 2013
Past patient and employee. I do "NOT" recommend. Only of you're extremely knowledgable about your condition/options/and LSI. Do your homework. I thought I did. I'm in more pain after the surgery than before. Was a candidate for a minimally invasive fusion if regenedisc...

Laser Spine Institute / Treatment not effective

Diane Zimberoff on Mar 21, 2013
I went there for advanced lumbar spondylosis. They said it would be $18, 000 cash. They did the first surgery and then immediately, the same day said i needed another surgery and they would give us a discount so instead of another $18, 000 they would "be so kind" as to only charge $12...

Laser Spine Institute / Damage and cronic pain

Peter A1 on Jan 25, 2013
Within 2 months I had Chronic pain and numbness, They said to wait a year or 2 and it should go away . Yeah right I am worse than ever Numbness down both legs, feet and toes, Caused from damaged nerves from surgery. I can hardly walk now at times and the pain is at its worst ever . I ended up...

Laser Spine Institute / No Complaint

MBREW88 on Jan 24, 2013
I just had my surgery on December 21st 2012. I have had pain from an 8mm herniation on L5-S1 for 3 years. My herniation was protruding into my spinal canal. I was on the verge of paralysis.. I did my research, i saw the complaints, I saw A LOT. But in the end I weighed the pros and cons. I...

Laser Spine Institute / Follow up

sbevil on Nov 17, 2012
First and foremost anyone that leaves negative comments about any company or medical facility should be prepared for some back talk! First the negative is not applied to everyone, so you that are posting these opinions of LSI, really should do your homework just a little better. I totally...

Laser Spine Institute / Lied about lawsuits

milfan on Nov 5, 2012
I attended one of their seminars and was given the impression they'd never been sued. However, they are named in lawsuits all over the Internet. There's an entire article in a major magazine dedicated to their lawsuits. They also gave the impression that one surgery could fix...

Laser Spine Institute / poor results

wilie on Jul 24, 2012
Had their so called operation Nov 07. Worst experience of my life. They lied about what my ins would reimburse and cost me 26k out of pocket. The operation was a complete failure. Seemed to help for a while until their steriods and pain medicine wore off. Found a law firm that is willing...

Laser Spine Institute / Great Company

wilie on Jun 30, 2012
I think you must be a shill for LSI. I had their so called operation Nov 07. What a nightmare. Took 30k out of my retirement and told them that I could not afford to lose it. They then told me not to worry my ins would pay everything. After over two years of fighting with ins received only...

Laser Spine Institute / Back Surgery

J Gaul on May 26, 2012
I originally had surgery for spinal stenosis in 2009. After surgery I experienced more pain than before. It took a year of complaining before anyone listened. Finally, in 2010 I had surgery again The results were no better. In 2011 I had conventional back surgery and asked the surgeon to...

Laser Spine Institute / Insurance Billing, and no relief from pain

Dan Stomm on Jan 20, 2012
I've been a back pain sufferer for over 25 years with increased pain in the legs. I had tried everything from hot pools to accupuncture, Physical Therepy to pain pills.Nothing worked. Then I talked to the folks at the Laser Spine Institute in Arizona. My hopes soared and visions of...

Laser Spine Institute / Misrepresentation

drswan92069 on Jun 23, 2011
I went to the Phoenix facility in hopes of some relief by thermal ablasion. I checked in on Monday as directed. They waited until the morning of my procedure (Thur) to perform a nerve block, not the two days prior as they should have. They did a block at L4, that was in-sufficient for the...

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