American Home Shieldfreezer and ice maker not working


I submitted a form on 09/18/17 that my freezer/ice maker was not working. It then said that Hammond services would be contacting me for a service repair.
They called the next afternoon and set up a time to come look at it. When they
walked in they opened the 2 drawers to my freezer and said they it seals were
not sealing correct and that was the reason my freezer was not staying cold. They then said just to be safe they are ordering an ice maker. The one I had would try to make the ice an would freeze the top thin layer but would not dump the ice due to it not being all the way froze. They never once pulled out my fridge and checked anything like the blower fan that is supposed to circulate the cold air so everything freezes. They said they would be back in a week. 1 Week later they returned with the new ice maker and said give it 24 hours to make ice and they the seals they received were the wrong ones so they would be back once the correct ones are received. I asked how the ice maker is supposed to make ice if the freezer is not cold and the reply I got was that should have nothing to do with it. LOL well we all know that it does and I don't have a appliance degree. Anyway 2 weeks passed and we hadn't heard anything so we called Hammond services said they ordered the wrong part again and this time they received a LG TV, mind you this is a freezer and not a to that was being repaired. I then hung up and called American home shield to ask them if they had anyone else who could come look at my freezer because I didn't think the other company had any idea what they were doing, they reply I got was I will cal them myself will you please hold. So the lady at Home Shield called Hammond services and then got back on the line with me and said that I was right they acted unprofessional and they ordered the part themselves from sears and was supposed to go through them so that is why a TV/Wrong part was sent. She then informed me that since Hammond services had already come to my house we had to stick it out its them and let them try
to fix the issue. I then asked even if the part that we are waiting for more than likely isn't the reason my freezer won't cool and she said yes. Well my husband was furious my this time and he called Hammond services and told them what he thinks is wrong and asked them to come pull out the freezer like they should have the 1st time and the reply was mg I didn't think of that and yes it could be the reason its not cooling. She was going to have the Tech
call us back and well that has been another 2 weeks and still never got a call back. So we are now into a month with no ice and no freezer and after a 45 min wait to get a hold of Home shield today they said the part should be here in 5 to 7 days. So now we get to get another part that I don't really think is the issue to why my freezer isn't working. I also told her they replaced an ice maker that still isn't making ice because its not cold in the freezer and that nothing was wrong with the other one because its doing the same thing as the new one. This is ridiculous that we are having to go though this for a service we pay for. I normally don't do reviews but I'm fed up with getting the run around and I feel like we are more qualified than the service techs home shield sends.

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