American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]service

B Aug 06, 2018

At the beginning of July 2018 I submitted a request for service to repair an electrical issue. A service contractor finally came on July 12. He checked out the issue and said he could not repair it; that he would file his report to AHS (that "wires needed to be pulled"). While it did not take long to be charged my service fee ($125) I had no follow up. I then contacted them no too long via phone to be told that the volume was very heavy at the present time so I gave them the benefit of the doubt; I then contacted them via website chat on July 28. I explained the scenario and my frustration and was told the "Contractor Resolution" department WOULD resolve it. Client #224400752It is now August 6 and I called and spoke to an customer service associate - retelling the whole situation. At about the 20-22 minute mark of my call she finally put me on hold to speak to the resolution department. After 15 more minutes on hold she returned to tell me they were not available. She then said I would speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold again---waiting to speak to a supervisor. I hung up after at least another 15 minutes. I was on the phone for 55 minutes with no results, resolution, or hope that this will be resolved by AHS. I would hope there would be some compensation for this unacceptable, unprofessional, unbelievable, customer service. I feel like I'm in AHS purgatory because the fixture isn't fixed and have to wait a yet to be determined amount of time for their response - of which I will be told either it's not covered or I will be paying another $125 for nothing. I will have to have a compelling reason to keep remain with them.

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