American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]refusal to cover items covered under home warranty

S Aug 02, 2018

On 7/10/18, in the midst of a heatwave, our air conditioner began to malfunction. We entered a service request to AHS that day. On 7/11/18, the company sent Scott from Glenair to service the HVAC. After a review, he found that the circuit breakers to the HVAC would intermittently trip, after which he deemed this an "electrical" issue and referred the case to an electrician.

On 7/17/18, City First Electric sent an electrician and he could not reproduce the issue. They referred the case back as an HVAC issue.

In the meantime we continued to experience spotty air conditioning with intermittent poor functioning of the HVAC unit and poor cooling. We have also been in the process of undertaking extensive renovations of our house. During that process we discovered that the air conditioning ducting apparently had some wires installed on the inside of the duct, something of which we were previously unaware. An immense amount of dust, dirt, and debris over probably decades were encrusted onto the wires, resulting in an obstruction of the air duct and explaining some of the problems that we were experiencing.

On 8/2/18, Scott from Glenair again came out. We explained the issue to him, whereupon he (erroneously) said that wires on the inside of the duct weren't a problem. He refused to address the issue and essentially said that American Home Shield would not cover this problem.

This is completely unacceptable. American Home Shield has been paid good money for our home warranty and also with co-pays for service calls. The only acceptable outcome to this problem is for AHS to forward us appropriate funds for us to arrange to fix the problem. Right now we have non-functional, obstructed air conditioning ducting and our home warranty company is refusing to properly address this issue.

American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]

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