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In just one week of employment with American Freight Furniture, (AFF), I saw furniture removed from the warehouse floor and wrapped and delivered to the customer, who had been promised furniture 'brand new in the wrapper'. I was also directed to overcharge a customer a price other than the one quoted; told by my manager that the customer 'would never notice'. Well, he did notice because I wordlessly pointed to the 10.00 overcharge on his receipt, and made eye contact with him as I pointed to the total so he would catch it. The manager apologized to the customer for the 'mistake' and refunded his money.

Both managers at the Lexington store swear and curse at employees. One of them habitually slams clipboards and throws fits like a three year old, as well as smokes in the warehouse. In fact, he asked me if I was a 'big mouth' because he didn't want me to report him for smoking. As a brand new employee, I made some computer errors, which is to be expected. Nothing I did was hard to fix; very minor stuff and the sales were not affected. He referred to my mistakes as '[censored] ups', and over the course of the week three different customers, one male and two females asked my why I allowed myself to be spoken to that way, and also said it was grossly unprofessional behavior and customers let alone employees should never have to hear it.

After day four when I had a fairly clear assessment of the dishonesty, lack of professionalism and complete lack of management ability on the part of both co-managers, I began to take some notes. I have the phone number of a customer who was shipped used merchandise when he paid for new. I am going to contact the State's Attorney Office, as well as the EEOC. AFF has ensured that it is difficult to find contact information for the corporate HQ, but I am sure the SA's office will have no difficulty. The BBB has multiple complaints and mine will be one more. It was sickening to listen to one of the managers go on about his planned sexual escapades. It was hard to believe any woman would even be interested in the wrinkled little mousy guy, but that is beside the point.

Please please please do not buy furniture from this company. The doors to all their stores should be closed permanently. I don't believe there is a way to prove that their furniture is overstocks, or 'unclaimed freight'. I was told much of it is made expressly for AFF.

Caveat emptor, people!


  • Ha
    HatandCap Jan 26, 2009

    I was looking to buy new furniture for my whole house from American Freight but reading all of the negative remarks. I will not give American Freight a dime of my money and I will spread the word!!!

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  • Kb
    KBoschy Feb 03, 2009

    I too was about to spend a bit of money at american frieght at the west broad st location in columbus ohio until i read all the bad stories about customers not getting what they paid for. I guess i will have to spend the extra cash and go to a company that i know will deliver the quality that they promise!!!

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  • As
    Ashley Bridges Feb 25, 2009

    Well I am fighting with the Bowling Green KY store...It would take to long to explain my problems with them...But I WILL find a way to get my refund or my furniture fixed...Especially since the guy threw it in the back of my truck causing it to have rips and scratches... I am glad to see all this information about American Freight..These types of places are ALWAYS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE...

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  • Su
    SUE MORRIS Mar 23, 2009

    On 12/26/08 I went into the American Freight Chattanooga TN Warehouse and was going to buy a 489.44 dollar sofa from them well they did have the one I wanted but told me I could do a DEPOSIT of $50.00 and they would have some but if I check back before 10 days that I could get my deposit back and on December 30, 2008 and the Person Named DANEIL Chaput told me the check would be mailed to me. So I left and I have called several times and went out there 2 time and still dont have my deposit and here it is March 23, 2009 and they tell me its in the mail. so my advise to anyone in the area dont trust this company they are THEIFTS.

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  • Ma
    Marianne Mar 25, 2009

    I purchased a dinette set from the Massillon store on March 16th by check. My set was not in stock. They told me it would be 3 weeks until I got my table and chairs. My check cleared my bank 2 days later on the 18th. On the 23red of March I was called and told my table and chairs were in and that we could pick them up. However, when we got to the store, I was told that I had to wait 10 business days to pick up my dinette set. Even though they have my money...they are holding my furniture which I own for what. I was not told of this policy when I made my purchase and there is nothing about it on the receipt. I will never buy another thing from them and I hope more people read these complaints. They do not guarantee anything and you better make sure it is in good shape before you leave the store!!!

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  • Bi
    biffany143 May 15, 2009

    My stories cannot compare to most. But, my bed had broken and I was in desprate need of a new one asap. So I looked on Craigslist and found one of there MANY listings. I called and made sure that they had the KING SIZE MATTRESS AND BOX SPRINGS that was advertised on Craigslist for $179 in stock. They told me "yes mamn we sure do" - excitedly I got in my car and drove the 45 min drive to CHATTANOOGA, TN and when I got there they told me they did not have one in stock and showed me a model of a twin size bed. No KING SIZE MATTRESS was to be seen in the warehouse. I told the sales associate that I had just called and someone had told me that in fact there was a mattress in stock, he took the name, and then came back and told me he was sorry it must have been an error. Needless to say I walked out angry b/c for someone who has to drive 45 min - and ERROR was NOT good enough for me. I have and will not ever refer them to someone nor will I ever spend my money in that place.

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  • Ki
    Kiwi Jun 03, 2009

    They have been in business 16years and have a B rating with the BBB higher than Ashley and Bassett
    they have a 99.9 % customer satisfaction rate the company has over 40 locations.

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  • Rb
    rb gregory Jul 18, 2009

    Columbus Oh, Morse Rd store - We bought a reclining sofa from American Freight. Upon delivery, one side of sofa would not recline. We called immediately and they said they would return by EOD with another sofa. No return. Next day they said they would be out in the morning. We waited all day, called 5 minutes before closing and got the response, "if you are to get a delivery, you will get it". At 10:00 PM still no sofa. At that point we put a payment dispute on our credit card. Next Morning we went to the store, requested to speak to a manager and told them to come get the furniture and give a refund. We were told that we WOULD NOT get our money back. We are just starting our dispute and will continue till the furniture is gone and our money is refunded.
    My advice...DO NOT EVEN WALK IN THE FRONT DOOR OF THIS PLACE. Just in the last 12 months they have had over 200 complaints with the BBB and in the last 3 years 552 (as of 7/18/09) and you can add ours to that list. RB Gregory

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  • Wa
    warn everyone Jul 24, 2009

    Don't ever buy anything from AMERICAN FREIGHT! After several attempts to exchange a defective mattress just to get the run around from this company in Lexington, KY, we took it back and asked for a refund or we would dispute the transaction on our credit card. They refused to help us. As we left the store, all chaos broke loose when the manager (Daniel) and another employee tried to throw the mattress back onto our truck. Then they ran and locked both gates to the fence surrounding their store so we could not leave. After I called 911, they opened the gates. We waited outside for the police to arrive. Unbelievable. What a crazy messed up company!

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  • Co
    conscious consumer Sep 11, 2009

    I can tell by American Freight's TV commercial that they are not a store I would even step my foot into. I find it really hard to believe that there is that much "unclaimed freight" available. I went to their website to send a simple complaint about their annoying "Billy Mayes type" commercial but found that they had no "contact us" link. To me that is a big red flag. I did see all the locations they have in the eastern US though. Who are they kidding? With all those locations...all that "unclaimed freight"...No way! This stinks scam to me.

    from...a suspicious comsumer who will never be a customer of theirs.

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  • La
    LainaH Dec 13, 2009

    I think every single complaint on this site was written by the same person with lousy spelling and poor grammar and sentence structure. I have dealt with American Freight for my last three major purchases, as have many friends and family, and nobody has EVER had an issue with the store in North Tonawanda, NY. I would continue to do business with this company and actually plan to in the very near future. The sales staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and very accommodating.

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  • Am
    AMERCIAN FREIGHT Jul 13, 2010


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  • Jt
    JTFD59 Aug 28, 2010

    Well I have bought some furniture from the Chattanooga store on 2 different occasions and this last one will probably be my last. The first time was about 8 months ago with my fiancee and we bought a sectional couch and another matching couch. We paid the 80 dollar fee for delivery and everything showed up a few hours later and the guys sets everything up. The delivery guys even moved the our old couch that was in the living room in to the bedroom for us. They over heard the fiancee saying she wanted it in bedroom and they told us to lead the way.

    So here it is 8 months down the road, I'm deployed overseas and I'm talking to my lady on phone. She says she wants a new kitchen table. I don't blame her, the one we have was given to me by my Aunt when we bought the house and it looks like something out of the early 80s. So I send her to American Freight to pick something out. She ends up buying this large granite top kitchen table that she swear can sit about 8 people. (I have a lot friends that come over to watch college football.) She said the same guy that helped us last time, helped her this time as well. He actually remember her, and they probably chatted for 45 minutes about, how much our little has grown, me being deployed, her job and her last semester of medical school. He told it would be the same deal as last time, they could deliver the table to day and have it set up for her or later on in the week. So she set up it to have the table and chairs delivered on Friday afternoon because she got moved to nights for work. Delivery guys show up on Friday around time that was agreed upon. They come in and ask her where she wants the table to be set up at. Show them the dinning room, and they said they had everything set up in a few minutes. So she said she feeding little one, and see them bring in boxes for the tables and one of the movers said he be right back her had to get something out of truck. She said by time she turned around she looked at the front door which was standing wide open, to see the delivery truck pulling off. So there she stands in the front door with the little one in her arms as delivery guys drive off, looking back up at the house.

    She said she tried calling the store but they were already closed and she was running late to work. So the next this morning she called and told who ever answer the phone what happen and that she would like to speak to a manger. She was put on hold for 35 minutes while they went to retrieve the manger who was supposedly somewhere in the back. Finally a person, who she thinks was the same person trying change their voices picks up the phone tell her the mangers already left for the weekend, she should call back on Monday.

    First off what kind of manger shows up just for the store to open and leaves 5 minutes after the doors are unlocked? Not to mention the fact the delivery guys just walking out on mother and her child, leaving the front door wide [censor] open! I think I'm more pissed off about that then the table not being put together! Either way I don't see this turning out to well, after checking all these websites people have listed and reading the complaints. I'm also pretty sure when I get back state side next month and I see this kitchen table sitting in the boxes, I'm not going to be a happy returning soldier when I walk into that stores front doors.

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  • Pi
    pissedoffmominlex Feb 02, 2011

    Well I will never do business with them again. After spending a considerable amount of money on a bedroom suite for my little princess the leg on the dresser was broken( they delivered it to my house). When I called twenty minutes after they delivered it, I was told it was my problem. I of course went to the store located in Lexington, Ky. Only to be yelled at by a fat white -haired man whom threatened me with physical violence. Did I mention I was obviously pregnant at the time? I disputed the charge on my credit card, hired a friend and his buddy to return the dresser to their store dock after hours. My credit card company knowing my history did not hesitate to give me my money back. Never do business with these people. They are uneducated, loud, disgusting apes. I also believe they employ known pedifiles. Too creepy!!!

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  • Te
    telyda Feb 05, 2011

    On January 15th we bought a bedroom set as well as mattress set and mattress cover. We received everything except for the mattress cover and was promised it would be shipped to us the following week since they were out of stock. Today is February 4th and still no mattress cover. Called last Saturday and was told by Joe they just received them and it would be shipped to me on Monday morning. Called back on Thursday and talked with Stan and was told it was shipped but he would check with Joe and give me a call back. My husband called back and talked with Stan and was told it was shipped today but couldn't explain why he hadn't call us back. I doubt we will ever see this cover. Would not buy or recomment this store to anyone else.

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  • Te
    TEE98 Feb 07, 2011

    I purchased several items including a bedroom grouping and a living room grouping for my elderly brother in law so we could relocate him to Indiana from Michigan. He is developmentally slow so I take care of a lot of things for him as does my husband. As this SHAM of a company offered same day delivery, I went there mostly for that reason. They FAILED to show up that same day. Gave me all sorts of Bull***t excuses and so I said, look, it's getting dark, I've waited for hours, let's just do this tomorrow. The person I spoke with apologized and assured me we would be one of the FIRST deliveries the next day just after 12noon. Wow, guess what? I called at 3pm and was told they were leaving soon. Then they put me on hold and supposedly the "driver" came on the phone and told me he was just leaving and would see me around 4pm. Guess what??!! I called the store again at 4:40pm. I was told they were on their way and should be there soon. I called again at 4:55pm because they close at 5pm. Guess what!! They told me the merchandise was just loaded and they would be leaving soon. I said, well, you have until 6pm to get here otherwise, I am going home. I waited, and got a call at 5:45pm from the driver who said he was on his way. I said really? Where are you. He said on his way. I that's not what I asked you. Where are you? What road? After a long pause, he said, well we are getting ready to leave. I said, well, hope you can be here in 15 minutes because after that, there will not be anyone here. It is at least a 40 minute drive in good weather from their "store" to the empty rental house we were hoping to move my brother in law into. I called at 6pm and told them, it was 6pm, and I was leaving. The sales person called back and left a voicemail message asking me to please be there. Yada Yada. Same BS from the day before. She called 5 times in 20 minutes and the messages got threatening. She said the drivers were at the house, and they were leaving the furniture on the porch. It wouldn't fit on the porch anyway, and that they were taking pictures to prove I got the merchandise. There is 3 ft of snow in the yard and it was sleeting. I have no idea yet if they left anything or not, but I'd say that dumping the stuff in the yard or on the porch, unprotected from the weather would probably not prove I got possession. They also said that they were recording the phone call, and it would be kept. LOL! I guess they can record their one way conversation with my voice mail box. Not sure what it proves though. My phone finally went dead so I can't wait to hear all the other nasty, threatening messages. Bottom line: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY FROM THESE LIARS AND SCAM ARTISTS.

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  • Wo
    wowww in mi Mar 03, 2011

    my daughter got her apartment with a newborn baby on the way she needs to save money so she went to american freight wowwwwwwww
    i can not believe what they did they deliver her 3piece end table set and bedroom set she purchase mattress sets also but let me tell u this the mattress sets the salemans showed her in the store they did not deliver and when she call to see about getting the mattress that they showed her they said they dont do exchanges or refunds wowwwwwww
    i can not believe a place that has so many customers would do this and
    then when i look over her receipt there know price for the mattress sets
    or the end table sets i am just in disbelief of this type of buisness

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  • Li
    Lisa Kendrick Apr 10, 2011

    Hi, well i see that i'm not the only one who got tricked by american freight. Here's my story from their store in riverdale, ga. I went there to purchase a soda and loveseat on February 28, 2011. I didnt see anything that day, but their told they just got some new furniture in and they were unloading the truck, come back the next day, I did. I found something that i wanted on the show room floor, but they didn't have it in stock, maybe in two weeks they said, so i paid with my visa card, i called 2 wks later -nothing, 2 more weeks nothing, one sales person said he called another store but no one had it yet. So i waited another week called again, explained my situation to the manager again he put me on hold for about 10 minutes came back on the phone and said they just got it in. I said ok i'll be in tomorrow. On April 9th picked up my soda and loveseat. I get home unwrapped it and realized that this was the showroom display (the legs looked worn, a nick was on the side and a spot was on the cushion. Of course i called and the manager kept his story about it came from another store and will give me $20. 00 back on my card for the spot on the cushion. I do not know who to contact this to because i live a long way from the store and i cant afford to bring the sofas back. But something could be done, they can't keep doing this to people. My name is Lisa @ 770-899-8263.

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  • Sa
    samsgal040503 May 17, 2011

    Well, THANK THE LORD for this thread, folks! We are residents of Knoxville, TN and have visited their location here once, about 3 months ago. We (THANKFULLY) did not purchase anything at that time. I recently saw a tv commercial about a shipment of mattress and boxspring sets and called to inquire about pricing. While on the phone, I decided to google them to see if they had a website. I was able to see the pieces on that site, and the prices. After a little research, and the help of you fine folks, I can now make an educated decision to stay away form American Freight Furniture! Thanks again to everyone who submitted to this thread... and I'm sorry you had such an a bad experience :(

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  • Li
    Lisa Bowman Jul 29, 2011

    I purchased a sofa, loveseat, and recliner, along with extended warranty plans, from the American Freight in Lexington, Kentucky. Four months after the date of pick up, the frames of both the loveseat and sofa broke. I called the furniture manufacturer and they told me it was warrantied and to simply call American Freight and return the damaged units for replacement. The store 'manager, ' Angie, gave me an attitude from the get go. I fought to move the furniture out of the house and haul it the 40+ miles from my home to the store location. Upon arrival, Angie said the frame warranty would be void due to scuff marks (unseen to me) on the leather. That was the first mention to me that any scufs would void anything. If there were any marks, they would have been from the removal and hauling. She also said there was a spill, which was a spot smaller than a thumbtack, which I cleaned away with my fingertip as she watched. I asked for warranty paperwork, which I had not received upon purchase, to no avail. The manager was rude, condescending, and certanly not concerned with satisfying me as a customer so I called their coorporate office but they would not return my call. I reported them to the BBB and left the $1200 worth of junk they had sold sitting in the loading dock door. Hind sight is 20/20...I wish I had researched this company more prior to my purchase :(

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  • An
    angie americanfreight Aug 27, 2011

    in referance to lisa bowman. I do not remember things going this way. I apoligize that you feel this way Mrs. Bowman and when we replaced your set the same day that you brought it back did you not shake my hand and thank me as we were talking to my corperate office together on the telephone? It seems that it is unfair that you can post false things here and there has been no response back to you! we love every one of our customers at american freight and per your manufactures warranty your merchandis was replaced. I will not comment on your attitude or anything personal . I will just say that I still love you because you are my customer and I hope your second set that was replaced for you by your manufacterer makes you happier than the first.

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