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R Nov 09, 2018
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Yesterday afternoon I had an issue with my break light staying on & took my car to Sandy plains car care plus & dropped off my 2014 Nissan Frontier to be repaired, stating I also needed an oil change & if they found any other maintenance issues to let me know. also I asked if they would disconnect my battery so it would not go dead . This morning I received a call saying my battery was dead & was checked as bad as well as needing a full tune up (just done by Goodyear a few months ago, battery just before that ) As I have had bad luck with Goodyears' track record I gave the go ahead. I was called early this afternoon & told the car was ready & asked "what's the damage " the gentleman replied I was just about to see what I could drop it down to (709.00 ) is what I thought I heard & laughed as I thought he was joking, & told him I would pick it up in a bit .when I picked up the truck it was even higher & I said I would have to see the write up on this one .the response was that's down from 779.00 . FOR A TUNE UP ??? I payed the bill got into the truck started it & the check engine light came on instantly 700.00 + & the check engine light is on WTH ? I decided to drive the car to see what a 700+ tune up did for the truck & got to about 20 miles an hour before it rattled my teeth almost out . I pulled into the Kroger across the street to check for loose lug nuts as that was my last adventure with Goodyear .Lugs were tight !! I drove the car about 4 miles to my house to see how bad it was, then returned the truck to the shop, asking did anyone test drive this ??? cause if so we have a problem with this most expensive tune up of my life. They took the truck in & started checking it out again . 1/12 hours later they say we don't know why the first cylinder is still misfiring .Was that the original problem you called me with I asked yes was the answer so I just payed for an unneeded & extremely expensive tune up .The gentleman stated I can tell you why we did all of that & I replied yes you can, But you can't justify having done it as it did not fix the original problem . Now at this point I am thinking fuel, fire, compression, timing that's what is needed for a motor to run. it drove in there so it had all of that then in at least 3 cylinders that narrows it down to 1 cylinder a compression test takes 1 minute to pull the plug & test if you see the plug is wet when it comes out it has fuel .if before you take the plug out you place a screwdriver in the plug wire & hold it close to the plug & start the car you will see a spark showing you it has fire . these are the only 3 things it could be as the timing was O.K. for the other cylinders . That took a qualified retired mechanic ( ME ) less than 1 minute & well under 700.00 to figure out . the car is still with your people I would like the qualified mechanic your sign said I was entitled to, to work on my vehicle from now on !I would like the quality work, parts & all other entitlements your sign offers as well, & keep the jack legs away from it . remember I came in for a break light switch ( which is down at the break pedal ) & it started up & drove in just fine !! Jack leg grease monkey can pick up the 700+ tune up !! that's my opinion at this point .

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