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What you going to read here, this the truth and all the truth, what I'm Experiencing on Monday 10/9/2017, one of my worst day in my life, and definitely worst Experience with AAA, and the Towing company, Remember every person that I spoke with, doing me and my wife, over 6 hours waiting to be towed, i mention to him/her what is the reason for my trip to Philadelphia, I live in north Jersey, and every few weeks I'm going to have a chemotherapy in Philadelphia, as I leave the clinic about 3:30 pm to route 95 North, about 10 minutes the engine light appear on, and the car start to slow down, and I stop soon I find a safe shoulder, within 15 minutes road service arrived, and He recommend me to go to the next exit and to find a
safe place, he stay behind me till I got to Wawa parking lot, at that point 5:07 pm I made first contact with AAA in north NJ, and the switch me to AAA Philadelphia area, after I give all the detail, I was told it will take 1 hour or less, I believe by 6:30 pm someone called me to give ETA, for few minutes driver will arrive, finally first tow track arrived, and Shawn the driver, find out The car going to be tow to queens NY, and he was a little nervous, and he mentioned to me that all the toll on my responsibility, I was agree with out tell me how much it's going to be, within few minutes he say to me I'm sorry I got a bad news, I can't pull down my flat back of the truck to pick up the car, you have to wait a few minutes to another tow truck, I said ok and even tip them $10. agin I wait wait and wait much longer then few minutes, finally second driver by name Miguel arrived, jump from he's truck and told me, your responsibility for the toll back and forth, and this going to cost you $200, 00, I ask them why so much, he told me because we are commercial, I said my friend even though it's too much, and he said let me call my boss, and the boss said this will be $200, and said again sorry it sound too much, at that point the driver put me on the phone with he's boss, and he said sir this going to cost you $200. by this moment he was totally surprised what he heard for me, I told him sir I'm as well for 30 years dealing with business on the road, and I know every single toll and price, it's true you commercial truck, but it still away to much, is respond was oh, so it will be $136. I said that's nice and big difference, but I have a feeling still not fair price, and he told me that's what it is, you pay or the driver leaving, and you wait much longer to get service, I told the driver ok I'll pay $136. Are you accepting Credit? and Miguel the driver said no, only cash, I told him I'm sorry I have no cash on me, he told me well I'm sorry, at that point I told him, I'm sorry I'm very disappointed from your service, and it been all ready to much, you guys late to arrive, first one got some problems with he's tow truck, with you I find out that your boss try to rip me off, and now you telling me you not accept credit, I told him I got enough and I'm going to contact and deal with AAA, now all ready 8:40 pm, I spoke with The supervisor Down, and explaining to her all what I was told by the boss and the driver, and she told me, let me call the tow company and I'll get back to you, down got back, and told me that I was told that toll going to cost me $136. And no one mention $200, and I refuse, which it was a BIG LIE, at that moment Down try so hard to help me out, I told her I'm so many hours in this lot, and I'm not feeling well after The treatment, and by the way all this time I did not let the car run, The heat and the humid was torturing, so I decide to tow the car about 6 miles from Wawa to a safe place, and find hotel, and the next day to deal with issues, Down was super supportive, and she told me I'm going to order you tow truck, and she told me it will be short wait, I ask her, are you going to deal with same tow company? She said yes, I told her Down I'm afraid the going to punish me, and make me wait longer, she told me I don't think so, any way after 1 hour I called to find out what's going on, and to get up date, Gerry pick the phone and give ETA about 30 min, in about 10:45 I called and Down was in shock that I'm still there, she ask me are you sure? It show long time you being tow, as I'm with her on the phone, finely the third driver Tom arrived, And now all ready 11:00 pm, The car was drop by 12:00 Am, not before we gave so much food to Tom the driver, that we supposed to meet with friend to have a dinner and $20. tip as well, 1:00 am we and my wife very exhausted already, we just find hotel, and guess what, to day Tuesday 10/10/17 I feel so bad with bad fever, now Tuesday 1:30 pm and I'm totally surprised and shuck, that no one from AAA try to contact me to apology, or to ask us how Do we feel, or to get any updates, so I called Tuesday 10/10/10 around 3:30 pm to ask about The supervisor Dawn, and I was told she is gone for today, but I'll be more then happy to send her a message to contact you immediately, now Thursday 10/12/17 7;00 pm, still no one made any contact, just to let you know this not going to end here, I willing to have a lawyer to go forward, thx Moshe pele [protected]. Email, [protected]@hot

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