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I called AAA at 3:45 P.m. on Sunday, October 20 for a tire change at my home address. AAA stated that someone will be out to my home in an hour. After two hours of waiting I contacted AAA who then stated that someone came to the call box but there was no answer. It was discovered that they did not call the number I gave them. They stated they would send someone out again and they would arrive at approximately 6:30 pm…NO SHOW! I called again they said 8:20…NO SHOW! Called again, they said 9:05…NO SHOW! Called again, they said 9:50, They finally arrived. When asked why such an inaccurate time frame, they answered "its technology". I stated that in the age of information and technology, a 6 HR DELAY is not a technological deficit but systemic incompetence. I have been a loyal customer for many many years and rarely use the service. To experience this type of poor service is disheartening and is making me re-think my supporting a company with such a lackadaisical attitude towards its paying customer dishing out thousands of dollars. Additionally, the dispatcher did not take the time to call the correct number …1, and 2.…the dispatcher did not take the time to call the so call alternate number in the system. I am going to post my experience to the BBB and AAA social media.

I can be reached at [protected]. I would like to know from corporate how such poor service is allowed.

Thank you

Oct 20, 2019
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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    Hey Missy, the person who came to your house to fix your tire is one of your neighbors. The person who answered the phone and scheduled the appointment is at a call center. Asking the person who drove out multiple times to change your tire why something at the call center doesn't work is pointless. Glad to hear that your tire got changed!

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